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  1. I am not trying to overstep but I think your relative might be lying to you about how much they are spending... I bring about $3,000 a cruise and I only get offers for Oceanview/balcony rooms.. I feel like to get junior suite offers you must be spending a lot.. Now I see you said she plays slots.. I play table games which gives less points so maybe she does rack up those points.. BUT I still cant imagine getting enough points only spending $50 a day.. I put in about $100 in a slot and get like 160-200 points for a free junior suite I believe you need 8,000 points it just doesn't make sense to me she could only spend $50 but again I am not trying to overstep. If she really is only spending $50 that's fantastic and I wish I could have their luck!! I do hope however your family member is not in trouble..
  2. That makes sense.. There wouldn't be room for her in Terminal A since Navigator and Symphony have to leave from there on the 22 and 23rd..
  3. I wonder why its going first to Ft. Lauderdale.. its scheduled to leave Miami on the 24th..
  4. I play mostly table games but also some slots.. I ask the Host everyday how many points I earned at the table the day before.. Its no bother. Its their job to assist with these matters and they are happy to help.
  5. You can not do this at all unfortunately. If you are not there at the time of boarding they will charge your family members the fare for the entire cruise. You have to be there to get the free cruise.. Your the one who gambles which is why you get the free cruise because they assume you will gamble again which will offset the cost of giving a free cruise...
  6. Its funny you say that because I have had the pleasure of speaking to one of the VP's who runs all the bars fleet wide.. He is very approachable and interested in guest feedback.. I made my complaints about the food known to him.. He then explained to me Royal's basic philosophy. Apparently Royal feels like they need to keep the base price for a cruise as low as possible which is why the quality of "free" food has gone down.. He said this is why they offer paid options for people who would like better quality food.. I then asked why couldn't they just raise the base cost of the cruise enough to make the "free" food better.. He said they could but its not Royal's model they try to first get everyone on the ship and then give people choices.. We happened to be on the new Coco Cay at the time of that conversation and I had just eaten at the new snack shack.. I said to him the food there is fantastic and free why can't the windjammer taste like this.. He said there really is no good reason and it should.. But yeah until the quality of food in MDR and windjammer change I will keep buying the package... Why don't I just move cruise lines.. For 2 reasons. One I like all the entertainment and shows Royal offers and the second reason is I get most of my cruises comped from the casino so Im happy.
  7. I 100% agree with you.. I have been on 52 Royal Caribbean cruises and I think the MDR is terrible.. I buy the Unlimited dining plan for every cruise and boy am I happy I do.. Like you said the food is so much better and I have a much better time.. I say go for it. you already know you like the restaurants so do it and be happy.
  8. Yes it does depend on how much you wager but also how much you spend.. There were times I wagered between $25 and $50 a hand at blackjack but because I lost $3000 for the week the Casino host bumped up my certificate at the end of the cruise. So basically they use many factors.. All I am trying to say is the casual gambler is not going to get a comped cruise.. I get many comped cruises intact thats all I go on and I go on like 7-8 per year..
  9. Yeah unless you spend about at least $2,000 -$3,000 on a 7 night cruise your discount from Casino Royale won't be that great.. I don't know why they even bother sending those offers you got to people.. It just gives false hope.. The "casino rates" are basically nothing.. You need to reach Prime to get any good discounts.. at that level they start sending full comped cruises and discounts of between $500-$1000 off cruises.. I wish Club Royale was more transparent but they seem to try to play these silly games offering low level gamblers "casino Rates" and I realize that to some people spending $400 in the casino is a lot but its really not in the gambling world. Anyway just my opinion on the situation..
  10. Yeah I know someone on a Thanksgiving sailing that also got the package.. Also like you I have a 3 night, a 4 night, and a 7 night booked and were able to get packages for all cruises.. So I really have no idea why this person is having trouble purchasing the package.. Also I don't know why her friends told her they don't sell it on Harmony sailings because they absolutely do..
  11. your right it is. I reached out to my specific Rep from Royal and thats where I got my info.. Not surprised they are telling multiple things to different people.
  12. Well I hate to give you the bad news but Harmony is one ship that doesn't have Bar type food yet.. Playmakers would be where you would get this and currently only boats that have this are Mariner, Navigator, Independence, Symphony, and then starting in November after Oasis dry dock Oasis will also have this.. I think Harmony will probably get it when it goes into dry dock but thats not until 2021 or 2022.
  13. ok I did some research and I think I figured out your problem.. I am a TA so I did some digging. They aren't currently offering it on all sailings over 9 nights so I think thats your problem.. But on Harmony for regular 7 night sailings they are absolutely offering it.. I currently have a client booked on Harmony and I helped them buy the package yesterday so your friends have been misinformed.. Plus I belong to many blog sites and I have seen people do a live report from Harmony and Symphony who bought the package and really enjoyed it. Im thinking if you want to go on Harmony and try it out thats actually a really good place to try it out because Oasis class ships have the most restaurant options. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  14. As usual you were given false info. It is not only available on 7 night sailings. It is supposed to be available on all ships and sailings Except for Major Holiday sailings like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.. Now the funny part about that is people have reported finding it on the cruise planner for Christmas and New Years.. I am going on a 3 night Navigator and bought the package.. I also have a 4 night planned and a 5 night planned and bought the package.. There basically as usual with RCL seems to be no Rule. It is supposed to be available for every sailing except for Holiday sailings and yet it has shown up on a holiday sailing so I am curious.. What do you have booked that its not shown up for? Is it a holiday? If not it should be available unless they somehow already sold too many packages for your sailing and they took it away..
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