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  1. I am also receiving Norton warning of a malicious website. I am assuming it is an ad. Something like pkinsweb…. Pretty scary.
  2. I cancelled DSC about the same time and have not received a refund yet.
  3. I have two cruises booked. One in April booked over a year ago and one for March that I booked last week. For the March cruise, the $50 credit AND the latitudes discount are both applied to the selected excursion. An excursion priced at $95 pp is listed as $45 for the first person and $95 for the second person. In the shopping cart, the price is revised to $40.50 for the first person and $85.50 for the second person. But on the April cruise, only the latitudes discount is applied.
  4. Thanks for the heads up! My rez is paid...they better have my reservation!
  5. Yes, your Bank of America account. 😀
  6. Open your account. Go to Redeem tab, then Redeem WorldPoints, Choose Your Rewards, Cash, Request a one-time Redemption - drop down menu item -- select statement credit.
  7. I don't think you can do #2 and #4 at the same time. Plus if you are using 20% discount the admin fee is exempted from the discount and added back in. So your calculation might be a bit off. Hope you come back and let us know what CAS was able to do for you.
  8. I think the only downside of the Family Suite w/Balcony is that the deck above looks right down on the balcony. I am thinking of bidding on this cabin from a Family Suite (no Balcony) but can't decide if it will bother me that people can look down on me! T
  9. Hope this helps. Big blue/grey bldg. on the right is the luggage drop off. You can also drive up and drop off luggage with porters standing on the sidewalk.
  10. On Joy NYE cruise I made my comedy reservations at the screens by the elevators. I was on deck 14 or 15.
  11. Maybe this https://www.highdesertshuttle.com/ Also I am on Joy in a few weeks. It goes out of San Pedro not Long Beach.
  12. On Facebook, a member of the "friendly" Joy group has posted dailies. Look under the photos section. You will have to join to look at the pictures.
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