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  1. Last time we cruised, it was available for an upcharge in Bayamo on The Escape. I paid for it and thought it was pretty good, but I don't cruise for lobster. It was our last night of specialty dining and we had a little OBC to burn. It was a nice treat.
  2. We only do longer sailings, and there is always one night that my husband wants wings and beer for dinner, so O'Sheehans delivers. It's usually a big port day when we don't want a long drawn out meal. What we don't do is the Garden Cafe for dinner. That just seems more like a cafeteria to us, so we save that just for breakfast on port days and mid afternoon snacks on sea days. Freestyle = choice, and that's why we cruise NCL.
  3. Because I know that @FreestyleNoviceputs a lot of effort into their threads, I'm just going to throw this out there: We have quite a few vaccine threads on CC right now. Please stay focused on ship movements here.
  4. The Gem is on the move and headed to boston for her drydock. If anyone has updates, please share in a new thread. I got you, @FreestyleNovice
  5. Hello, I also need help with cabin rreviews, specifically midship on The Gem Decks 8 and 9. Your link seems to be broken: https://www.cruisecritic.com/norwegian-gem-deck-plans/dp/mid-ship-inside-ib/cc/ Thanks for your help!
  6. I wanted to book for next year as soon as my FCC came back to me, so my TA called NCL and was able to get the 10% applied. I haven't gotten my full refund yet, but all I really needed was the FCC and 10%. Combined with the 15% off for Latitudes right now, my cruise next year is not as bad as I thought it would be.
  7. Just saw your review and wanted to chime in and say thank you. However, I am so sorry to hear about your famiy's loss. I know that you are all so close, and losing a baby is heartbreaking. Sending virtual hugs ❤️
  8. Always the plan. Gem was supposed to do runs out of Boston this fall, then drydock in Boston until the 11/20 cruise. Up until last December, the drydock was going to go until 11/30, but they cut out 10 days to add another sailing. I've been following the Gem this whole time because I was originally on the 11/30 and had to cancel due to life changes. Once the new one was added, I jumped on it. The Gem is absolutely due for drydock (last one was fall 2015), so no reason to believe that's getting cancelled. Just not sure how the cool layup fits in. I guess we just wait and see.
  9. @chengkp75 The Gem is already drydocking, then set to sail November 20th - my cruise. Does the fact that it's doing the drydock after this so-called cool layup right now give me some hope? I have not been following CC here for quite awhile, and this whole Cool Layup thing confuses me.
  10. It looks like your cruise was supposed to be the last one out of NYC before moving to Boston. I wonder if they are just moving it to Boston earlier? Do we know if other sailings on The Gem this spring have been canceled? https://www.cruisemapper.com/ships/Norwegian-Gem-573?tab=itinerary#itinerary My second thought is that maybe they are holding off on a longer dry dock until spring. Originally it was supposed to be this fall in Boston after The Gem finished there and before it moved to NYC. Then they added my sailing (Nov 20) late last fall, and whatever that dry dock w
  11. False. Since early 2019, The Gem was scheduled to go out on Nov. 30th for 12 nights. I was booked on that, then I canceled and moved to Nov. 20th for the 10 day when I had some life changes. That one was added in late December I believe. That was when NCL shortened the drydock.
  12. Where is this information? No one knows yet if the chart that's circulating is accurate. How do you know it's going to be in Boston until December 12th?
  13. I messaged NCL on FB directly and sent the screenshot, asking point blank if it was legit. I received a standard response thast didn't actually answer my question. I am booked for The Gem in November. Doesn't look promising 😪
  14. Cayman Safari Adventures! So many things included - caves, botantical gardens, historical site, lunch, Shoe Tree, blow holes, etc.
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