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  1. I actually won this contest last year when they ran it, and I am entering again. It paid for my entire cruise, the gratuities on the free at sea beverage package, and a meal package. We stayed in an inside room for 14 incredible days on The Escape. We paid for excursions and prepaid gratuities out if pocket. It did help that we already planned to cruise, but having that $3000 meant that we could afford incredible excursions. Please don't knock this contest down, but hey, I am happy to keep entering and trying to win again!
  2. Thanks for the update. Thinking of you! Side note: They cancel school because of heat? Man, I grew up near Syracuse, NY, and we needed at least 3 feet of snow for a cancellation in winter and not once had a heat day. Lucky kids these days...
  3. Thanks for the info, Chengkp75! This happened to me in the halls of the Dawn a few years ago, and my bathroom also flooded a couple times. We were told that someone must have been trying to flush the wrong things. One morning I woke up and had to run to the O'Sheehan's bathroom in my pajamas thanks to a flood! Eventually it got fixed, and the staff was VERY apologetic. They dropped off wine and cheese one day, chocolate covered strawberries another, free bug repellent, those Andes mints that have disappeared....They really felt bad. But the situation was not great. They kept trying to spray the halls with air fresheners that just welled up my eyes. We still had a great cruise, but I will not forget what happened 😕
  4. Eat at Los Lobos! It was amazing. And the Sing Along With the Crew and Crew Talent Show were also great.
  5. I was on the Dawn for Halloween in 2016. Now this was a 2-week cruise out of Boston and a slightly older demographic. The ship did have some decorations up, and many people dressed up, but it was fine to not dress up too. I definitely saw a mix of both. If I remember correctly, I think my roll call had a Halloween costumed bar crawl, but the husband and I did not participate. So you could definitely plan something if you want. I remember they also had a haunted thing, but it was just for the teens in Entourage. I was bummed and would have loved to have gone to that. There were maybe 50 kids under the age of 18 anyway. On bigger ships, and perhaps with a younger crowd, I would guess that Halloween is a much bigger deal.
  6. Unless you have the excursion credit as a perk, I recommend NOT booking with NCL. the tour groups tend to be huge and over-priced. Look up other excursions and compare. Many companies also guarantee to get you back to the port. I very rarely book with NCL directly (I did for Harvest Caye just because of the long ferry ride), and I have had incredible experiences. Pro tip: Book a tour that comes back with an hour or two of a buffer before you have to leave if you are nervous at all about missing the ship. You can breathe a little more and still have some time to shop in port and enjoy the area.
  7. I am so sorry to hear that you are not getting better 😥 I am thinking of your family and only wishing you the best. Despite the long bus ride, I hope that Sakari is enjoying art school. It really is an incredible accomplishment, and I look forward to seeing her drawings again when you travel...because I know that you will get better and travel again. This whole community is here to support you!
  8. I have to say that many of these comments are quite harsh. I automatically have funds from my paychecks going into retirement and savings, then I have a cruise savings where I put money into every paycheck. Once every two years I can afford an inside room of a lovely ship, and these trips are so important for my mental wellbeing. I am not rich by any means, but I live frugally so I can afford a vacation. The biggest difference between myself and the OP is that I look at my bank account online almost every day, and that's really the lesson here. If you're like me and don't keep a lot in your checking, you could easy overdraw the account. I'm also one of those unfortunate people that has free credit monitoring from the government because my identity was compromised a few years ago during the big security breach. Things like this can happen to anyone, so we should all check our finanaces regularly. I hope the OP figured this out, and I hope they have a great vacation and write a review to share with us. Us non-rich people deserve the chance to take a vacation too. It just requires a bit more planning.
  9. Never seen them discounted, but I do receive them from family as gifts sometimes. They do decrease in value over time, so keep that in mind. I signed up for alerts on the Granny Giftcards site years ago and have never once received an email telling me that NCL cards are available. It's worth a try, but don't count on it 🙁
  10. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about your injury! I am thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery ♥️
  11. How cool! I have only been cruising NCL since 2011, and I may actually remember this now that I saw the video. However, perhaps I'm in the minority. Due to my nostalgia for the new song, I prefer that one. I totally get how more experienced cruisers miss their old song, though.
  12. I am addicted too. I save my pennies for one cruise every two years ago. It is a long wait, worth it of course, but a long wait. Luckily, I do have some pull with the DH and we look for longer voyages. I bargain hunt and it works out pretty well.
  13. Last fall we had the classic "You are Norwegian now" song on The Escape. Is this a recent change? I love that song and the flooding of the stage when all the crew come up. Please say it's not so 😥
  14. When you get the "free" beverage package, you pay upfront 20%, which is just about $20/day per person. You can also upgrade that package for an additional charge. All drinks up to $15 are included. Anything over you pay the difference (and the difference's 20%) at the end of your cruise,
  15. I thought I'd seen them all, but I have never seen a turkey! Especially one this cute. I only hope I can get one someday. I don't care what anyone says about towel animals. They make my cruises unique and special, and I will continue giving extra tips and asking for them each time. This little guy is adorable!
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