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  1. @Sthrngary Doesn't Crystal have a Sail Safe policy like NCL? That is one thing that sealed the deal when we decided to cruise in August. We'll test at home before cruising so hopefully we won't get to the port surprised. Either way, we can get ouf money back. I admit that I don't follow other lines as close, but your story makes me thankful to have NCL...and insurance too of course 😊 I am so sorry about your wife. It is heartbreaking to hear of so nsny vaccinated people getting Covid. We try to be as safe as possible, but it's really out of our hands. I understand your frustration
  2. I think it was around $28/person and included lunch, but that was 2018. It may have changed since then. You could use a dining credit I believe too.
  3. I saw in on The Escape and thought that it was funny and well done. The cast was great, the wines were good, and the story was fun too. I recommend it 👍
  4. I commented on a thread a couple weeks ago that perhaps NCL won't deny boarding but instead escourt those without cards to their rooms and make them quarantine the entire cruise. I still say this is their way around the law. It would stink for those passengers, but NCL could inform everyone ahead of time of this decision.
  5. I do not have experience with Alsska, but I have sailed three times between Thanksgiving and Christmas when discounts run deep. There are very few kids on board, and each time we sailed half empty. Never cancelled despite the small numbers.
  6. I have an inside on The Gem next month, and my original booking on The Gem in November was also an inside. I'm guessing, like others have said, that insides just fill up the quickest with whatever capacity restrictions NCL is putting in place. There's another thread about that, but no one seems to know what percentage will be on the first sailings.
  7. I went from 43 to 69 excursions for The Gem next month. I just noticed this morning. Before there was nothing for Costa Maya and Cozumel. I now have lots for Cozumel...but still just four for Costa Maya. I tend to book privately, but with the excursion credit and platinum discount, I do want to weigh my options. It's cutting it close for making plans, that's all I know.
  8. I'm on The Gem in August and nothing is available for Cozumel or Costa Maya yet. Maybe they're waiting to see what tour operators are still open after all this time, but it does seem odd. I usually look for private or smaller tours, but with the Latitudes and Free at Sea Discount, I would definitely like to compare.
  9. This! 💯 I really wanted Eastern Caribbean myself, and the idea of doing the Caribbean during hurricane season is a bit scary too (we used to do late fall but life has changed so much the past two years). After not being able to cruise for so long and working in mental health through a pandemic, I just need the week to unplug. So I'm currently digging for new ideas since our last two cruises also happened to be Western Caribbean. Luckily there's always more to do, and the ship on the ocean is really all that matters anyway to me.
  10. I wonder if NCL would do something much more extreme than Royal. Like...Unless you are vaccinated, you are brought to your stateroom wearing a mask upon boarding and you're quarantined the entire cruise. Meals brought in but you can't leave your room. Then it's still 100% vaccinated for everyone but not technically violating the FL law. I know that is completely crazy, but you just never know. Would anyone board just to stay in their room the entire time???
  11. For good it seems. We will all miss the reviews 😥
  12. Something happened and CC ended Sid and our beloved Tribe 😥 I cannot comment further, because I don't want to get in trouble. But it's been a day, and we are all missing him. Happy to see this one bumped up today 😊
  13. I had Los Lobos on The Dawn, and it was the grestest meal I have ever had at sea. I look forward to the day when I get to sail on a ship with it again. Incredible appetizers, mains, and desserts. The only time in my entire life when I ever left a restaurant with a food coma. Seriously do not miss this!
  14. No, FL is not. While many states are going down in cases, FL went from 696/day last week to 1636/day this week (https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/09/01/816707182/map-tracking-the-spread-of-the-coronavirus-in-the-u-s#res818547056) Vaccine wise, FL is also much lower than many other states. Not as bad as some otgersein the south, but definitely not on the higher end either.
  15. Going back the original topic here... I've been trying to figure out how NCL can manage these new Gem cruises in August since I am planning to sail on one myself. Is it possible for them to say that they will collect your vaccine cards once the ship hits international waters? Then anyone who doesn't show proof must quarantine in their cabins the rest of the cruise? Still taking a small chance with a few hours on board prior, but who would take that cruise unvaccinated? I don't know if this would fly, but just a thought.
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