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  1. Last year we were on the Breakaway during the NFL playoffs, the games were shown on the big screens at Spice H2O and in the Atrium. Unfortunately it was raining so a lot of people in the atrium.
  2. I just called to see if we were eligible for the extra credit. The lady I talked to said since we were booked through a land based casino offer and upgraded from inside to balcony we weren’t eligible. If we had gone from oceanview we would have been. That's ok we still have the 4 perks and in 151 days we will be cruising.
  3. For our cruise last Jan that happened to me a lot, one day it wouldn’t be there then the next it was. And it was different on my IPad vs my IPhone, the way I could view my bids and the range they were in. Good luck!
  4. Our cruise last Jan we booked under a land based casino offer. We bid on upgrades and moved from inside to aft balcony.
  5. We are going on the Breakaway again in Feb, this time we have booked a large balcony cabin. The 1st time we had an inside and bid on balcony and received the aft. First time in a balcony cabin, got spoiled!
  6. Sorry I didn’t see that someone posted it was Breakaway Plus class.
  7. This is an Aft balcony cabin #12306 on the Breakaway. It is next to a Haven cabin and it has the bed next to the balcony door. I loved the aft balcony.
  8. We are on the Breakaway in Feb out of Port Canaveral, received email today say that due to berthing issues instead of St Thomas we will be going to San Juan. One couple going with is not happy with the change. Any thoughts on San Juan vs St Thomas?
  9. Both emails I have received recently from Caesar’s one Laughlin the other for Vegas to pick up cruise vouchers said Norwegian with a link to the site with cruises listed. Hope it stays with NCL.
  10. So glad to see this thread, I have always been under the impression you have to pick up the voucher in person. We have used 2 vouchers in the past. We have recently received emails about picking up new ones in Laughlin and Las Vegas but since we are about 1400 miles away we won’t make the trip to pick one up. Was hoping they would have another distribution this fall in Council Bluffs which is only about 80 miles. But now I’ll call the number listed above to see if we can book our cruise sooner.
  11. For our cruise last January we received to offer to bid at 72 days, same with other people on our roll call.
  12. You also don’t have to eat at different specialty restaurants, we ate at Cagney’s twice because I am a picky eater.
  13. Probably a good chance they will be showing it on the big screen out at Spice H2O as well as on the big screen in the atrium. In Jan we planned on watching the NFL playoffs at Spice H2O but because of rain we watched from Atrium.
  14. Myself along with several other on our cruise in January didn’t receive our offers to bid until 72 days out. I was getting a little worried too but it was fine.
  15. At embankment in NOLA just inside the waiting area (after security) there was a kiosk set up selling snacks, lanyards.... and there was a cooler with soda including coke products.
  16. Yes I have been following some of your posts, you did a great job documenting the cruise.
  17. Yes we were in 12306, we were at the end of the tour (we weren’t on the list) our cabin was next door to the aft haven that was shown.
  18. Not sure but I think what they mean by booking only 1 show is that you can’t book the same show multiple times. As soon as we boarded the Breakaway in January we went to the reservations stable they had set up (sorry, can’t remember where it was) reserved shows also was able to change dinner reservations times. When I booked them on line only late times were available went ahead and booked them then was able to change once we boarded. Enjoy your cruise, very jealous I still have 301 days till my next one.
  19. We had always had an oceanview room before but we decided we would just book the inside after all we aren't in the room that much anyway and if given the chance to bid we would. Well as the cruise date got closer I started thinking 10 days is a long time in an inside cabin. We did get the upgrade offer and I would go in every day or so and nudge the bids up. I put a small bid in on oceanview and bigger on balcony and spa balcony (didn't really care about the spa). I called several times to see about just paying for an upgrade but it was a crazy amount so I passed. Anyway 10 days before cruise we were notified we had won bid for aft balcony (didn't even know that was a possibility) winning bid was $300 p/person. BTW normally you get the opportunity to bid at 80 days but all the people I know from our cruise got it at 72 days. Good luck!
  20. For the cruise we took in Jan on Breakaway we booked with land based casino offer, we received offer to bid on upgrade and won our bid. Went from inside to balcony. In 2018 we also booked with same offer, bid but didn't win the bid that time.
  21. We were in Aft Balcony on Breakaway in January and loved it. Congrats and enjoy!
  22. Was in an aft balcony cabin on the Breakaway in January, loved it!
  23. For our January Breakaway cruise in which we used the land based casino offer I inquired about the upgrade and it was a lot more than what it was the year before. Called several times to see if the price had gone down to upgrade, nope! Luckily we had a successful bid to upgrade to a balcony, much less than what it would have been to pay for the upgrade outright. Just picked up another certicate tonight, anxious to book another cruise.
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