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  1. I'm the original poster. I got an email 51 days before sailing. I was in a Sky suite and bid high on a Royal. Well the prices tanked and they did a 3rd and 4th half off . If I had those rates I would have booked the Royal and taking two other people with me. I will love my Summit cruise with the man of my (snoring) dreams.
  2. Before I travel I have nightmares about leaving without my passport . Or packing and the clothes keep going back on the hangers in the closet . Or running down the pier as the ship sails away.. Yep I one sick sailor. (But I'm getting better👽)
  3. You made me go to youtube and listen to Etta James.
  4. I figure I'm gonna go sometime but I respect buffet etiquette. But what really bothered me the last time I cruised and went to the buffet? A crew member cooking on a grill with a plastic utensil that was melting into the food. Not good.
  5. In the past I have visited people in their staterooms who opened the partitions between cabins but they did so themselves. They brought a tool with them. Not saying this should be done, just saying I have known it to be done. And I have no clue what kind of tool it was since I'm more in the habit of breaking things rather than fixing them.
  6. Yes we got the assignment a few days later.
  7. We booked a GTY suite and got an email.
  8. I had two cruises in this dining room and it was so wonderful two years ago I ran out of thank you envelopes and had to improvise. Our waiter told us he was honored to be there. And it was an honor to have him.
  9. I feel pretty If I manage not to take any pet hair along for the ride.🙄
  10. That's what I think you should do...look for the email. If you deleted it sometimes you can search and it will come back. I would search " Celebrity Moveup".
  11. Did you get an email saying Celebrity received your bid? My email shows how much per person was bid and total for two people.
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