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  1. Having you considered pre booking a cab to avoid the lines? We have an earlier flight out of Barcelona mid September and have a premium car booked for 50 euros,. Lesser cars will obviously cost you less.
  2. It is Ryanair, not everyone's favourite airline but we use them about 10 times a year as they go where we go and have never let us down. It would take a lot more than this inconvenience to put us off Celebrity. We have made a move up bid for a suite in September and will also do likewise on the three that we have booked next year. I am relieved that this is a very rare occurance, we are a very easy going couple so if it happened to us I had assumed that some of the more deserving passengers would have had similar treatment, but perhaps they cannot read and write so are not on the forum. Whilst I am still confused that security never showed to search the stateroom, which was a condition of us making a claim against our insurers and then it appeared in a back pack that me and my wife had both checked three times each. Rest assured that we do not queue up in GR in front of others to report such a sensitive issue without good reason. Hopefully we can end this thread on a positive note that it was one in a million.
  3. I have just printed off our boarding pass for a flight from Barcelona when we finish our celebrity cruise mid September 2019. We can check in and print the pass up to 60 days in advance. The boarding pass had no value but would make it awkward at the airport. I printed the replacement passes at the IT suite on the last evening, all the other documents such as Taxi bookings and airport parking booking were not touched. We never remove auto grats and are always generous to those that have served us well like the waiters in the casino. The additional tip which would have gone to the butler went to the room steward as she was excellent and very thorough.
  4. Just to clarify, we are not saying ' the butler did it' that would be totally unfair without proof that we do not have. My wife and I are totally compos mentis, I am a managing director and she is a highly paid professional we have cruised at least 40 times before without an issue so perhaps not qualified to have an opinion. We had no need for a butler so why would we complain. We are talking about a large Ipad not a ring or camera. I am not saying that we were on the edge but for those that have been on it they will know how small the safe is. I would like to hear form the few, if any, as opposed to the millions that have not that will drown out this thread.
  5. Having seen an earlier thread regarding minibar bills and possibly vindictive staff we are reluctantly asking this question. We love Celebrity as it suits us very well compared to other lines we have tried. A couple of months ago we sailed in a suite which was the first time having won a move up bid. We are a very easy going couple and avoid confrontation on holiday as life is to short and generally at home our stress levels are to high. The butler we had presumably knew we upgraded so treated us with the contempt we deserved. We had no need for a butler and the room steward was fantastic, she was obviously in fear of him. We brought along 2 Ipads but as we only had a single WiFi package we only used one and put one in a back pack, yes it should have been in the safe but that was full of more valuable things. That spare one went missing. We reported this to GR and they proposed to send security to search our room, that suited us fine as we had both looked 5 or 6 times and the stateroom is not a 6 bedroom house! A couple of days later security had not appeared, but the ipad did, in the bag that we had both checked several times, we reported the good news straight away to call the search off. I am meticulous about bring two copies of all the documentation required to get us abroad and to get us home. On the last night our printed off boarding passes for the flight home were missing. I went to the IT suite and printed copies off so no drama, unless I had not checked.
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