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  1. Leatherback is awesome!! Great beer, constant new brews and flavors, great atmosphere and service, tasty food. Go check it out!
  2. It can be done, not sure how easy. ~$25 and about half an hour. Maybe longer if you take the scenic route.
  3. No I would not say that's accurate. There are plenty of shady spots on board both vessels.
  4. I love my town and I think you would certainly enjoy it. Lots of great little shops and boutiques, restaurants, bars, and beautiful churches. You can absolutely walk around and explore.
  5. Yes, I recommend you take a taxi. Should be less than $10 for 2 people.
  6. I don't believe I've ever been on board with that many but I'm sure the boat could handle it. The half day is aboard the Adventure, it's a 42' catamaran with a wide beam, plenty of room for everyone. They take you to the beach first where everyone gets comfortable with snorkeling for a little while (some people are first timers). Then they take you around to the reef where you snorkel from the front of the boat. Both of the Big Beard catamarans were custom built for snorkeling at buck island, the stairs were well thought out.
  7. Absolutely! The ATV tour is a blast, there's no better way to see the rainforest.
  8. Yup, grab a taxi bus tour from in front of the pier.
  9. Prince does great tours (340-642-3811) Or Sweeneys.
  10. I'm sorry but I don't know anyone for that.
  11. Big Beard is the best. End of story. Not sure who the cruise ship is using these days but they won't be as good.
  12. Snorkeling is amazing at Sandcastle! Head south of the beach to see interesting stuff. Take a cab please.
  13. Honestly hard to say if he will be there or not, besides Braata and AgFair he is also opening a new restaurant on the north shore right now, I imagine that is taking a lot of his time. That being said the restaurant is still great even if he's not in it, they have a great team. As far as I know they are open for lunch on Saturday.
  14. They are still renovating but they do not do construction when there is a ship in town.
  15. Excellent info! I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves. They really are not supposed to stab umbrellas into the beach there but people certainly do.
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