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  1. It should be requiring that you select 1 person from your party to assign it to. Not requiring you assign it to 4?
  2. I also wanted to pile on with everyone else thanking you for your review and scopes the past few weeks. Always fun to follow along! You guys did a great job rolling with the punches between the delayed flights and the extended cruise to the MIA (ha - missing in action - not Miami!!) Limo Service - we hope we always handle things with as much grace as you do! Hope that Owen has a great ‘first day of school’ and that the mayhem of fall sports that become winter sports gets underway smoothly! Mostly - I hope that the onslaught of teenage behavior coming your way is managed with half the grace you have demonstrated on this cruise! (My son will be 13 in September - it starts way before 13!). And HOLY MOLY! Thanks for posting this about your cabana!! Our next cruise is Navigator in April as part of a Disney Land and Sea week! Our April Thrill Cabana just went down to $299! Saving us $200!! (Which will offset the price of the drink package that is currently still at $69/day plus grats!). This is Making the cabana only $60 more than the water park passes for 4 - and cheaper for a party of 5! I check this every week or so and I think it was actually $599 last week! (It went up to $799 at one Point!).
  3. Hope you have a good sleep John without too much wind noise or other issues! Stay safe!
  4. They are trying to offer something for those that would like the respite from Florida and the hurricane. The passenger is not at fault but made the decision to cruise during hurricane season and accepted the risks in the contract. They are not going to give you a cash refund - did you not have insurance for a cruise during hurricane season?? Surely Royal offered you this - so it’s only the travelers fault if they don’t have it. Maybe wait it out a little longer and see if things change again due to port access on wednesday. Maybe things will change to offer refunds. Until then - enjoy your sons wedding and make the most of this! Maybe see if you can get him booked on a cruise next week instead with that FCC!
  5. Your travel insurance may offer a refund but the Weather is not Royals fault for the weather. A future cruise credit so that they can enjoy a delayed honey moon or a one year anniversary cruise such that no money is lost due to this act of Mother Nature is perfectly reasonable and likely above and beyond what was in the T&Cs that you signed. Im sure it’s hugely disappointing to have a honeymoon impacted but cruising out of Florida on Monday just isn’t gonna be an option. Were they flying into Florida for the cruise? Has the airline offered change options?
  6. Been following along from Tapatalk and periscope all week but finally logged into the CC Website to reply and wish you all a safe extended journey! I hope you get a great room/rate on the next sailing and think you will have a great time instead of worrying about how to navigate hurricane hotels and planes in Florida! Your comment about the hockey coach is spot on - if they can’t make accommodates for this - your money should go elsewhere. My son (entering 7th grade) just missed fall basketball tryouts for 4 programs (baseball in Cooperstown followed by a week at my parents lake house). but they all were willing to schedule something for him upon his return! I’m SURE Owen will have no issue! Going back in time now that I’m logged in - I have one question from your day at Coco Cay - Where was your cabana specifically and did you like that location? We have a thrill water park cabana reserved for our April Navigator cruise - the food looked good too...Would you do anything different on coco Cay next time? (Besides bring something big enough to carry that awesome table/cooler back home without being noticed!!)
  7. We flew out of FLL in April after our symphony cruise. This is a very small and very inefficient airport. We spent hours waiting in line to check in for our delta flight. The lines were so long! We arrived around 10:30 for our 1pm flight. They would not allow us in the regular line - they made us wait in a separate line and would not allow us to proceed to the counter until 1 hour before our flight time. It was pretty miserable and it meant we could not have lunch before our flight. There were a lot of storms that weekend and every flight was at Max capacity, but you just never know when that is going to happen. When we finally got to the counter the girl told us that it’s busy like this on all cruise days??
  8. I would assume that the reason that Strollers And Assistance Needed Are separated from the others has nothing to do with giving them priority but with the width of the lines in what is now the ‘standard’ line. They must not be narrow and not ‘accessible’.
  9. We visited Marriot in April and had an amazing day...the free beach pavilions were nice (photo taken from the water line), my daughter enjoyed the water (though it is NOT calm) , the pool is fabulous, and we enjoyed the restaurant (amazing coconut shrimp!). At first I was disappointed by the lack of calmness if the ocean but we got over it quickly - beautiful breeze!! the pool has great multiple depths - you can sit in it and read a book in some spots and its got the swim up bar as well. And the loungers with adjustable shades were cool.
  10. Sooo hoping that the Tapatalk situation can be fixed soon or the CC app will return! It’s so much easier for me to navigate on my phone...the boards are nested so low on this site that it just doesn’t make it easy for me. disboards updated hosting software this weekend and its also much easier to use on a phone than CC.. will mods please post here if there is any update to the tapatalk situation?
  11. Okay - so fine - they probably can’t be there a day early! Hahaha - great reply! i like the suggestions of going to a restaurant that overlooks the pier / water etc. Have a hotel bellservice hold the luggage, enjoy the mid-day escapades of the ships heading in/out, as after Lady Allure arrives - head to the port for check in?
  12. OP - I would be really disappointed with that experience as well. We sailed Symphony the week before your cruise and actually experienced several similar issues, but after we had reserved Key seating for the aquashow and we couldn’t get ANY seating - never mind Key seating - for the show 20 min before, we went to speak to the Guest Services Manager Adrian. While Adrian and Kate the Activity Manager couldn’t fix the bad time we had - they made sure that we FELT better - with lots of wine and reserved seating in all of our future reserved shoes. Admittedly - some of our problem was royals fault, not just others. Also - our last cruise was on Liberty and Navigator - and for the first 2 days, I really missed it!!! I did come around to enjoying the ship and it’s offerings and I loved the quality of the shows - but I came to realize that I also really like Liberty/Freedom and also Voyager(Navigator) class and will definitely make sure we go on those ships again!! I think that you should give cruising another try because you did have such a good time before! Ship wise - maybe a voyager or freedom class would be better than Oasis class? I will say though - We are trying to decide our next cruise and I am eyeing the amped 3 or 4 day cruises also. I’m thinking we might start with the 4 day during the week to avoid the ‘long weekend party crowd’ just to give ourselves the best chance to avoid some unhappiness.
  13. Thanks for sharing and for the info/pictures from your room! We were on this same cruise and I was trying to convince my kids that they could live in a boardwalk balcony - but my daughter - who is 8! - is concerned it won’t be quiet enough for her. I believe this is nonsense but she has a strong opinion! Besides during shows - how was the noise? Did you hear the Abyss sound? Was it hot or was there some moving air up there? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. The shipboard pricing for Symphony 4/13/19 for 20 pictures was $250 and all photos for $299. The first 3 days onboard offered a $30 discount. Our cruise planner had the 20 photo package for $199, I don’t remember seeing the ‘all photos version’ on the planner. Our group got 94 photos for $299 across all 3 rooms and all shots were there regardless of age.[emoji2956] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I took this photo of the policy as stated onboard Symphony. Our group leader did purchase the full photo package and we had our 3 rooms linked. Your mileage may vary wrt whose photos are included - but those are the official rules [emoji2956] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. I just drove from Orlando to Miami on cruise day! It was 3.5 hours from Disney to the MIa airport where I was dropping off my car. I would drive 9-10 hours on Friday, stop somewhere in Florida for the night and drive the rest on Saturday morning unless you wanted to actually visit somewhere for the day on Friday!! (You could them drive 5-7 hours Thursday night, crash somewhere, hang out Friday, and drive more Friday evening/night etc...). This is a very personal preference! I always bring snacks when my family travels. I don’t bring meals - but I bring some waters/gatorades/Mountain Dew, goldfish, cheese-its, granola bars, nuts and pretzels...this way no one is starving or complaining about dinner before the driver is ready to stop for it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. I got the invite but it was for 9:30 on Day 2 in Jazz on 4, and I wasn’t able to get there in time so bailed and just went to the Top Tier event at 10:30... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. When we booked our cruise it was the full day but my understanding from the letter we got about the change it’s that Symphony has to be back to Miami earlier due to a new process of getting the ships all turned around at the port or something like that? I think it stinks! I mean - if they have to leave at 3:30, fine - but at least get there by 9 am then! What also blew my mind was the sheer amount of guests who got off the ship! It was like a ghost town! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Going on your own is sooo smart! The timeline for the cruise excursion was ridiculous! My friends were on it and they had to be at the meeting spot on board at 9:30 - to not get there until 11! Lame!!! What was the cost for doing it on your own? Was there a full vs half day rate at Atlantis? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Now - after we were outside, used the rest rooms, and said farewell to our friends- it was time to call for Uber... Multiple attempts kept failing...with alerts like this...(and no - my phone was not in airplane mode!) I think that this is some combination of the volume of people, the huge building we were in, and uber being a little overloaded! We eventually got connected with Uber and got a price confirmed for Uber XL -4 person but it fell thru a minute later. Then requested again - took a few minutes to connect us with a driver. Then our driver was stuck in traffic for a while. The sea of people and luggage trying to get a ride share could be daunting if you are not prepared for it! We called our driver just to make sure we had a good meet up spot. We got ourselves to a curb side location at station 9 and around 10:15 he made it around to get us! Once in the car it was a quick 35 min ride to FLL. I was NOT prepared for FLL. We got inside to get boarding passes and drop off luggage. Our flight was at 1pm. No trouble getting our boarding passes printed - then we went to the bag drop off line. Delta was a MESS! The regular snaking Lane was overflowing and they had someone at the end of it checking your boarding times. If you had a flight more than 1 hour away - you had to go to the holding line across the way! What?!?! Yup - not going to be allowed into the line until our flight was closer! So - at 11am we got in the auxiliary Line. We started almost all the way back by the newsstand. We noticed that they were calling folks out of line once their flight was an hour away - so at least we weren’t worried about missing the plane as long as security was manageable. At 11:35, I took these photos...we had not moved very far!! I didn’t do a good job on the photo behind me as this line actually turns towards the right and goes past the bathrooms there too.. At one point I was ready to volunteer my services to Delta to help them take everyone’s bags! If they checked ID and printed the tags - I would have put the stickers on and tossed them to the conveyer belt. The guy in front of me split his family up and they were trying the porter line outside. They waited in the porter line for almost an hour but eventually joined us a few moments before they called us out of line at noon! Eventually at exactly noon they started calling folks from our flight out of line so we ran up to the line and got rid of our bags. When we were finally able to meet an agent - Our time interacting with an agent was done in about 2 minutes! The person next to me was pretty irate about the situation and asked and the agent said that due to the delays plus it being ‘cruise day’...umm - it’s cruise day both weekend days at FLL - surely they could have an extra agent or two helping out these days?? It was 12:25 when we were done with luggage and security and bathrooms..as we were in line to grab some chips they told us that our flight was delayed to 1:15...eventually it kept getting delayed until 2:15...the plane was there but could not get to the gate as the departure before us was delayed. It wasnt very bumpy but we did have some bonus circles around Albany before we were able to get into the Logan landing pattern! Eventually touching down at 5:28! Bottom Line - be patient with Uber if you have a later departure that overlaps with folks arriving at the port as well and plan accordingly if you are flying out of FLL! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. On Day 6, we got our Key debarkation paperwork. I don’t have a photo handy but will try to add it later when I copy this to The Key thread. The letter said breakfast was on deck 4 until 9am (this is later than main dining) and we had our Key Luggage tags. The letter states that they will take groups from the dining room off the ship in groups at half hour increments. On Saturday we were all ready and headed down to breakfast around 8:25am. The staff couldn’t get us a table for 8, so they split us as 6 and 2. Immediately behind us another group of 8 showed up! The poor guy! But they found them seating that worked as well! Breakfast was excellent - but it did take almost a full hour and our orders weren’t exactly correct but it all got sorted out. What’s not shown in this photo is that it came up with a cup of REAL Whipped Cream!! Sooo good! They also brought a full plate of excellent crispy bacon for the table to share! A+ on perfectly crispy bacon this entire week! They forgot the fruit for my daughters pancakes but she got a cup of the REAL whipped cream from someone else at the table and was happy enough! I was able to get decaf coffee with soy milk although it did take a little while. At 9:30 we met the group to disembark. Important note: the bathrooms at Deck 4 were closed for cleaning at this time!! Plan accordingly!! (They were open around 9am when one of us used them) The escort brought the group up down the elevator from 4 to 5 (well - some of us walked up since we didn’t all fit in a single elevator!), and then they kept the group together as we signed out on the promenade. There were still a fair amount of people lingering on board even though all groups had been called. From there we traversed the walkways and down the elevator to get to our luggage which was conveniently right there! From there they took us to the right hand side of the line to sign out. My daughter and I have US Passports so it was a super easy process to just do the facial recognition and out we went! FYI - The bathrooms are outside the terminal street side - and they were GROSS. There was someone trying to clean them and she even went to get help! Of the 6 bathroom stalls- Only 1 was truly clean! A second one my friend cleaned with paper towels enough that folks were willing to use it. The others were NOT okay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. We are finally back ‘home’...in quotes because we are already in route from MA to CT for Easter and to get my son! Hopefully I can get a few more thoughts in here before we arrive! But these will probably be somewhat scattered!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. On Liberty we had the option to have volume in our rooms or not. We didn’t have many announcements on Symphony this week that I noticed. I think CD Mike made two or so each day plus the cancelation Of Aquanation and would list off the activities coming up. We didn’t have the annoying ‘Bingo Bingo Bingo’ announcements at all! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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