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  1. We did the Overlord Tours from LaHarve three years ago with a group arranged through cruise Critic. As others have stated they are top notch and highly recommended. We had eight in our group and didn’t feel crowded at all in the van. We stopped at Normandy and American Cemetery, Utah Beach, Point Du Hoc, and St. Maire Eglise. It was a fabulous day and emotional. I did a video if you would like to see.
  2. We thoroughly enjoyed Mykonos and will be back in September. Here is a link to a video I prepared from our first visit. The video also includes our stop in Santorini.
  3. We have been bumped by Charters on Celebrity twice. All I can say is NEGOTIATE. We found alternatives other than what they offered and negotiated. We are loyal RCCL and had cruise Celebrity numerous times. I even reached out to the President of Celebrity. In the latest we were booked on a B2B2B or 14 days on one ship and the middle cruise was chartered. I found a B2B for 14 days and asked to swap maintaining all my Onboard Benefits they had given to me on the B2B2B. It took some negotiating but everything worked out.
  4. Final resolution is done. Can’t believe it took almost a month to complete. Not sure at this point if the dragging was part of Celebrity or Travel Agent. We had a B2B2B on the Infinity and Celebrity chartered the middle cruise. I proposed moving to a B2B on Equinox for same number of total days leaving on 18th instead of 4th of January 2020. We had booked the Infinity for three Cruises as the Perks were so good. Oceanview for Drinks, tips, & $300 OBC each. On one cruise we even got addl $100 OBC and Internet. I told TA and Celebrity I would not accept any replacement cruise without preserving all Perks. I suggested the Equinox B2B and was will to take Interior Cabin if rates weren’t comparable to the Infinity. Results were we got Oceanview rooms on Equinox, Drink Package, $1,300 OBC but we did not get Prepaid tips from TA, but the fare on Equinox was going to be less than the total of tips for 14 days for two and some so we agree to take the lower fare and pay our own tips. All in all it worked out mutually beneficial to all.
  5. Hence why we booked 5night/4night/5night as B2B2B with $300 per cruise plus Travel Agent provides $50 per as well.
  6. True, but show me a 10-14 day cruise offering $1,000 OBC with Drink Package and Prepaid Tips for under $2,500 for two in Oceanview Room
  7. We have over 60 cruises under the belt. We have done Panama Canal, TransPacific, Transatlantic, Australia, Southern Caribbean, Eastern, Western, etal. We’ve done Norway, British Isles, Mediterranean and more. We don’t cruise for destination that much anymore. We wanted to see Key West and cruise longer than 5 or 7 days. The price was hard to pass with the Perks they offered. They agreed to switch me to B2B Equinox but still working out details.
  8. Celebrity has agreed to switch us to Equinox for B2B in January. Awaiting final details to be worked out with Travel Agent. More details later.
  9. Our easiest resolution would have been to shift sail dates as well but Celebrity has previously set up so many Charters for the Infinity there weren’t three consecutive cruises to shift too. You may find two. We now question even opting for two consecutive Infinity cruises this far out as they are still likely to cancel one of them for another Charter.
  10. A statement within the notice of cancellation letter they agree to reimburse for up to $150 in airline fees domestic and $200 international. So unless your tickets are refundable you may not be wholly covered.
  11. I do appreciate your perspective, however if you open your eyes a bit to understand the impetus for booking a cruise is based upon an “offer” the cruise line makes. Once you book you are locking in a contract to pay. Yes the cruise line can cancel the cruise but not your individual contract. You can if abiding by their rules cancel your cruise but nowadays not without harm as most good deals came with non refundable deposits. It’s a win win for them not the consumer.
  12. Thank You for your post. I decided to forgo waiting on my Travel Agent to resolve and took actions on my own contacting the Celebrity Reaccomodation Dept myself. I feel my Travel Agent is doing the same but I wanted them to hear direct from me. The person I spoke with listened well, heard my suggestions for an equitable resolution and what my limits were and agreed to reach out to their Revenue Dept. it would appear Revenue might be making decisions based on numbers and not emotions and is not factoring the loss or gain in goodwill an equitable but not according to rules would be. Still awaiting the results of Revenue Dept. i am not sure Celebrity is taking into consideration the cost of losing or replacing a Loyal customer.
  13. Thanks for all the offered of replacement cruises. Replacements are not the same as Celebrity allowing me to move to another of their cruises. A replacement cruise in another line doesn’t come close to the onboard Perks obtained in original Celebrity Booking. They gave me OBC, Drink Package, Prepaid Tips, Internet, for Oceanview. To get these Perks I have to stay on Celebrity which no longer is offering those perks on cruises as they have changed their pricing models.
  14. No airlines booked yet so only have deposits paid to get back if I cancel. The frustration is getting Celebrity to agree to a lateral or degraded class and maintain onboard benefits. They did it before and Travel Agent negotiated. Now same Travel Agent is not getting support from Celebrity. Canceling all and rebooking will be our only option and NOT ON CELEBRITY. Their enticing everyone to pay their higher fares to get the Perks they offer will leave you hard to get comparable onboard benefits. It’s why they offer them and build it into cruise price. Ala Carte adding on Perks costs more. i just hate the way Celebrity Charters a ship out from under thousands of signed up cruisers. Their cruise contract allows them to cancel on you at anytime with no recourse.
  15. Celebrity sent letter to our Travel Agent who email the same to us. Then the saga of resolution started. Last year they did exactly what you thought was a fair resolution. This year they are playing hard ball. It isn’t fair to book cruise early lock in fare and come to get bumper facing much higher fares to rebook and even lose benefits since they have changed promotions. We have now learned DONT CRUISE CELEBRITY and more important Infinity short cruises.
  16. I suggested the same, replace 3 cruises on Infinity total 14 days with 2 cruises on Equinox total 14 days. Price for Oceanview on Equinox was $2,000 more than what I paid for the three Infinity. I won’t pay that. Inside was only $200 more which I would be agreeable to pay if they extended same perks they agreed to on Infinity cruises. So far it seems Celebrity isn’t agreeable to do this.
  17. Thanks. If I had only one cruise booked it would be fine, but we book multiple sequential cruises and it causes a mess. Preserving pricing from when we book to time when we have to rebook after charter costs more as rates have gone up.
  18. Infinity - January 9, 2020 - 4 Night
  19. For two years in a row Celebrity has Chartered the Infinity in January, 2020 bumping me from the middle cruise of a planned Back 2 Back 2 Back. Previously was able to substitute comparable cruise similar date and retain benefits from what I booked. Not so with this time. Celebrity apparently with new pricing is being a (pardon French) horses ass. Anyone else in my boat so to speak. What was your resolution?
  20. Greetings Becci Boo, We will e heading back to Galveston in a few weeks for an LOS B2B. Was reviewing this thread since we are beginning to plan a whole family cruise for all 11 of us which includes 5 grandsons. We are excited to learn of the possibility for an Oasis Class ship as that would suit our large family and grandsons. Hope you and Todd are doing well. Brad & Debbie
  21. Seems with the posted $9.99 Surf Only One Device that it is currently a big discount over and above the Diamond Plus discounted daily rate. I am trying to do the math before going onboard. If I go the Clarea suggestion to use two free days for Wife’s first then book 5 days with two free for me at $15.99 it makes sense to wait and book onboard.
  22. Excuse this anal CPA but the current online sale price per day is $9.99 per day. If the price per day is $15.99 with Diamond Plus discount, then even with the two day free use by one and discounted price for five days is more than 7 days at $9.99. Your thoughts?
  23. Wondering if anyone on here has answer to or comparison of discounted prices for Internet Surf Packages as compared to One Device Surf Only prices currently at $9.99 per day. We are Diamond Plus and not sure what our current Net Fee with discount applies would be once we get onboard and book service. Thanks.
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