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  1. Can someone recently on Joy comment about the Race Track? I have seen “side by side” seating for 2 as well as Solo riders carts. The carts that are “Side by side” work for younger kids who want to ride buy are not quite tall enough. Are the carts for Two still there or are they now gone?
  2. Can anyone comment on the Race Track. At one point I did see “side by side” seating for two in the carts. This of course is ideal if you have a younger child too short to ride. Did they take these out or are they still there? can anyone recently in Joy comment. We are sail Dec 22 with big family group.
  3. Oops you are absolutely right. Steve is in speed dial sorry for the confusion!
  4. This covers 4 people. Insurance covers many things I can afford to loose the cost of the cruise but I can’t afford Evacuation back to the US ($50,000+ and medical bills of 10’s of $1000) a heart attack or a broken bone or a burst appendix these are all the kinds of things I’m worried about. US medical insurance rarely covers medical in other countries. So I’m not concerned about a $10,000 cruise but I am concerned about Medical costs and evacuation. i do not purchase TI from the cruise line. I have always used InsureMyTrip and I speak to Steve.
  5. Just got thru paying $400 for Travel Insurance. Why would anyone buy travel insurance if all you had to do was accuse the Cruiseline of being Heartless and they would refund your money??? You buY TI within 2 or 3 weeks of booking and it covers pre-existing medical conditions. Plus if I fall off a curb in Europe and break a leg my medical is covered. sorry this happened to the OP, sure is an expensive lesson!
  6. Interesting we never had anything but travelers from Canada and New Zealand. And maybe a few Aussies.
  7. You can only get this answer direct from NCL. Do not believe any one on the Forum or even a CS phone agent. You need permission in writing from NCL. The answer to your question is MAYBE or MAYBE NOT.
  8. We are sailing with a large family over Christmas. Will a nicer dinner be served Christmas Eve or will it be Christmas Day? we are trying to decide on a specialty restaurant but didn’t want to miss a Traditional Dinner. am I making any sense?
  9. We also sailed in the Illumination, loved it!
  10. PS we did not wear a third of what we brought! Very casual and laundry onboard was wonderful. Don’t ask the prices because I didn’t ask or look, I was on vacation and didn’t care if i had a $70 laundry bill!
  11. There is a ton of room for at least 4 large bags under the bed. We each had a 25” and a 22” roller bags and they easily fit under the bed. Don’t worry about the bag issue. There is no storage outside of your cabin, but normal bags are fine.
  12. Yes that is exactly correct. Some people left the boat at 3 or 4 in the morning and others left after breakfast. Your tour director will call you a cab if you need one. Fellow passengers staying in Amsterdam will leave when they are ready. I believe we had to be out of our cabins by 8:30 so they could get ready for guests arriving.
  13. You are correct the elevator does not go to the Sun Deck. It’s intended to get someone from the main deck to the lower deck where meals are served and to the third deck of cabins to avoid needing to use the stairs.
  14. Make sure you sail early enough in December that Christmas Markets are still open. By the time an actual sailing on Christmas Day hits you may be very disappointed.
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