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  1. We booked and decided on March 2023 on the Viking Ra with both Pre & Post Excursions. Excited but this is 2+ yrs away 😞
  2. I think the Viking Nile trip is going to be a trip for 2023 - January. Need to really check out the weather situation looking for 70’s and not 100’s f ....
  3. “HOLLAND AMERICA dropped the ball” really? No they followed every order given by various Govt agencies that failed to follow common sense. Many many Govt agencies dropped the ball and left HAL holding the bag.
  4. When these people flew from their home countries on the 3rd or 4th of March for a sailing on the 7th day there was no Pandemic in North America or South American and HAL assured them it was safe. None of these people chose this ..... this thing moved fast and caught many many countries and experts with their pants down. Blaming the passengers is pointless.
  5. The news apparently missed the part about United refusing to transport?
  6. A Carnival Rep should have been waiting for a group this size and should have had this type of issue handled Long before these folks ever arrived in SFO... unbelievable!
  7. Being reported on FB, SFO United refused to transport Australians headed home from Zaandam 🤬
  8. Of Interest Item 6: Carnival to put an additional ONE MILLION DOLLARS in escrow in or before 5pm Eastern on April 2, 3020. To guarantee expenses of various Florida agencies etc. in receiving and processing ship, passengers.....
  9. Behind a paywall for a newspaper I have never read 😞
  10. That was the St Louis, all those passengers ultimately ended up back in Germany and sent to Concentration Camps and only a few survived the war.
  11. the majority of the current passengers boarded March 6 in SA and that cruise was suppose to ultimately end in FL. correction:
  12. Surprised the few super Critical Passengers have not already been removed from the ship. In fact I’m disappointed this was not done immediately!
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