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  1. Got the email from Carnival today with options to cancel and if you go you get obc. Our 5 day cruise, tomorrow, $150 OBC! Awesome!!
  2. Going to be fun wiping down every slot machine😮 I play on! Maybe I'll stay at one longer than I normally would. This will be interesting, starting Saturday! Can't wait though1
  3. has anyone done a snorkeling excursion here? Any recommendations or thoughts?
  4. Our appt time is 12-12:30 our zone is A06. What do you mean? I don't understand the comment.
  5. We are same boarding time and we are A06 Guess we'll be behind you, haha! Good to know though.
  6. great info to know everyone, thank you! I'm pretty sure our last cruise we paid the same price for all 3 of us. I think the "special" we got it cheaper was a friends and/or family discount.
  7. A couple of years ago we got a special where a third person in your cabin paid 1/2 price. Was great since we took our son along. I have not seen this offer come up again, at all, unless I missed it, which is possible. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has noticed this offer recently or at all? Wish I could find out if that would ever be offered again. Guess there is no way of knowing though. Ok, thanks, just pondering out loud..lol
  8. thanks everyone, good to know info!! By the way Carnival was booking the exact same flight for us, leaving at that time, 10am. I just ended up booking it myself. Here's hoping there will be no issues!! We are also doing carry on only, for the first time, to avoid checking a bag! Yes leaving from Fort Lauderdale.
  9. We have a 10am flight out of fort lauderdale. we are doing self assist. How do we insure we get off the ship asap? Just get in a line to debark or what? Can or do you tell someone you need to get off asap so there won't be a issue getting off early? Thanks!
  10. Whew! Maybe the fact that it's early March (7th) will lessen our odds of that scenario. You do always take that small chance flying in day of, but, still I feel comfortable we'll be ok. Still better than chancing the middle of winter, I think.
  11. our flight leaves 5am, indy to ft. lauderdale, arrive FLL 10am. change planes in orlando. i feel comfortable with that. we have flown to jacksonville same day also. It's also in March. If it was the dead of winter I might think twice. and yes, counting on all going as planned lol...i know stuff can go wrong but chances are we'll be ok.
  12. What if you don't want a casino account. I have friends that barely gamble but will play for free drinks. you can't just cash out and get your remaining cash back without using your card? thank you
  13. we will be on March 7!! Looking to try this....maybe :)
  14. I think that was my original question haha! flying southwest and i just bought the early bird for our return trip only, so i didn't have to worry about it. although i'm not that happy about paying extra $50, but guess it will be worth it. We have to hurry too, our flight leaves at 10:15 am from FLL, but at least I'll be checked in, just hope we make it LOL..unless something goes wrong, we will make it.
  15. Yes please let us know. I have it booked it for March 9 on the sunrise. It was pretty awesome on our Dream cruise last year. We enjoyed it so much we booked it on the Sunrise.
  16. i got mine through my Citibank card. Citi Easy Deals. I think you have to have points on your card though.
  17. I'm annoyed because it says they will email you confirmations and they don't. Same with fun shops, i purchased birday decor and no email or confirmation and not showing on account. i booked 4 for steakhouse and no confirmation.
  18. What is the 3% fee? I don't think I've been aware of this. My hubby plays tables at times. Are you saying if you use your card to buy chips at a table, there is a 3% fee? So you should just bring and use cash and/or cash out at a machine, get cash, use cash at tables, right?
  19. The purpose that I MIGHT need to do it is if I buy the gift card and end up not spending it all. The option to get the money back, that I spent for the gift card, seems reasonable to me. I don't want another gift card that I may never use. I don't see how that is abusing, seems logical to me.
  20. Does it matter how you fund your account, gift card or cash, to be able to cash out any remaining money in the casino? , Do you have to transfer it to your casino account, then cash out? Thinking of buying more 10% off gift certificates, but want to make sure I can get it back, if not used. Was trying to explain to our friends, who want to do the same and wanted to make sure I'm right. Thanks!
  21. Going on Sunrise, 5 day cruise, March 7. Does anyone know what day elegant night will be? Thinking of making steakhouse reservations, but don't want to make them on elegant night. i read 2nd or 3rd night, but I kinda need to know for sure to plan a birthday surprise dinner. Thanks!
  22. i still don't understand why she locked it though. There are lots of posts where the question has been answered ALOT lol..I see no other posts locked. guess she just don't like me. haha!
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