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  1. Yeah, I don't see why this would be a bad thing... It lets the cruise lines generate some revenue while the ships are otherwise would just be sitting, and frees up land based hospital space. Seems like a pretty solid idea. I would have to imagine that the ships would be put through rigorous sanitation before being returned to active service.
  2. I'm personally booked on Ovation in May out of Vancouver... Nothing to indicate it has been/will be cancelled... Also, I can still book the same sailings that were available before and after when I look at CruisingPower.. I wouldn't panic yet
  3. This was interesting... they definitely calculate based on the “post-Amp” GRT... side note, you and I have “upcoming” cruises on all 3 of the same Royal ships, just different sailings! One exception being the Odyssey Inaugural
  4. First, to echo what most have already said - you are going to have a GREAT time! I love to cruise solo because it often ends up being one of my only opportunities to enjoy a vacation with some peace and quiet! Like you said, if you want to talk to people, you will, if you don't want to - that is also fine... I often have dinner in the MDR by myself, and the food is just as tasty as if someone were there with me.. Sometimes I bring a book. I actually ended up grabbing dinner at Johnny Rockets one night on Mariner back in October while watching the sunset in Nassau.. Nothing fancy, which was a pleasant shift from dinner on a family vacation cruise. I also find that traveling solo can be much less stressful since I am the only person I have to be responsible for - so much easier than having to "count heads" to make sure everyone made it on the plane, or is back on the ship on time, etc. Have a wonderful trip!!!
  5. They do, yes - I almost grabbed one in September, but went for the ornament instead... Navigator and Mariner have both been re-released as the "amp-ed" versions 😎
  6. This is a true statement of any of the Promenade Cabins because you have the extra sitting area in the bay window... I was on Navigator a few months back and the cabins on Deck 7 were identical to Deck 8 (maybe you had a different experience), but IMO, the Promenade Cabins are a great way to squeeze a little more space into an Interior Stateroom budget. I usually always do them when I cruise solo.
  7. I agree with what Bob said about Deck 7 - I love Promenade cabins on Voyager and Freedom Class ships as that does seem to be the sweet spot. You are close enough to be able to walk to the Promenade on the stairs (I hate waiting for elevators), but there is a one deck buffer that seems to filter out just about all of the ambient noise from the common areas, plus the views are usually "just right".
  8. ...Unless its a sailing that goes to CocoCay - then assume $65 👍
  9. They are permitted only in the smaller of the two splash pads (the one on the starboard side), but definitely are not permitted in any other area - saw the lifeguards enforcing this on several occasions.
  10. Everything I have heard so far is that the lineup will be very similar to the post-amp Oasis (Portside BBQ, El Loco Fresh, Playmakers). We will probably get firm details a little closer to the drydock. 👍
  11. I do know that the last time I was there (end of October) it worked just fine without a VOOM package. Funny thing is that the network name that showed up on the island was still "Mariner-Wifi" like on the ship... Had full access to it all day long though.
  12. Royal is also changing their stateroom categories on all ships Radiance Class and larger in the very near future - what you are seeing may be virtually the same layout just with different categorization. I'll be honest though, I do not recall off the top of my head when this goes into effect...
  13. I've actually been searching for it as well... I still have not found it, but if you have a few minutes to kill, this is a pretty cool video that someone did about Song of Norway https://youtu.be/j1A8AXGvam8 ...There are some pretty cool shots and old footage of the ship in port and dry dock.
  14. Yeah, we lucked out with Indy and Mariner... at least for now!
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