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  1. Same here, I've seen two decreases now since I booked, and my final payment is around $300 less for that same 4D - that's the 8/14 sailing - I'm almost to the point where I'm breaking even adding the flight through Air2Sea, which was also less than booking through the airline directly (American wanted around $100 more if I booked on their website).. Always good to see price decreases!
  2. You do have kind of a weird door to your balcony, but not a huge deal
  3. Honestly the corner rooms at the aft of the Voyager/Freedom class are some of my favorites to book - *technically* they are obstructed, but its just superstructure of the ship that really doesn't interfere with your view - 9690 and 9390 get you bigger balconies which are quite nice...
  4. Not that it would be a dealbreaker for most, but Serenade also has shower doors like the Voyager/Freedom class in the bathrooms... Might be worth considering if you aren't a fan of "wearing" your shower curtain (Radiance still has those)
  5. Just got the email too... UGH. Their reasoning for doing so is sound, but these are never fun emails to get!!
  6. I think at this point we have to expect this kind of stuff - the question is not so much, "who tested positive" as it is "what are the cruise lines doing to mitigate exposure"... Even the Healthy Sail Panel acknowledged that its *going* to happen... The biggest question is going to be how the cruise lines deal with it when it does
  7. Mariner is my favorite ship in the fleet.. Can't wait to get back on it, just need for all of the sailings I book to stop getting cancelled 🙄 ...I doubt you will notice a whole lot of motion if you are looking at a Bahamas sailing anyway.. When Mariner changes its itineraries up next year you might hit a little chop going to Cozumel, but it would be no different on an Oasis Class.
  8. I called Guest Services because my stateroom attendant hasn't cleaned my bathroom in at least 3 days... I'll be demanding a full refund.
  9. Yeah, I don't see why this would be a bad thing... It lets the cruise lines generate some revenue while the ships are otherwise would just be sitting, and frees up land based hospital space. Seems like a pretty solid idea. I would have to imagine that the ships would be put through rigorous sanitation before being returned to active service.
  10. I'm personally booked on Ovation in May out of Vancouver... Nothing to indicate it has been/will be cancelled... Also, I can still book the same sailings that were available before and after when I look at CruisingPower.. I wouldn't panic yet
  11. This was interesting... they definitely calculate based on the “post-Amp” GRT... side note, you and I have “upcoming” cruises on all 3 of the same Royal ships, just different sailings! One exception being the Odyssey Inaugural
  12. First, to echo what most have already said - you are going to have a GREAT time! I love to cruise solo because it often ends up being one of my only opportunities to enjoy a vacation with some peace and quiet! Like you said, if you want to talk to people, you will, if you don't want to - that is also fine... I often have dinner in the MDR by myself, and the food is just as tasty as if someone were there with me.. Sometimes I bring a book. I actually ended up grabbing dinner at Johnny Rockets one night on Mariner back in October while watching the sunset in Nassau.. Nothing fancy, which was a p
  13. They do, yes - I almost grabbed one in September, but went for the ornament instead... Navigator and Mariner have both been re-released as the "amp-ed" versions 😎
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