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  1. Kim I know this is off topic but my husband and I are setting up our first saltwater aquarium. We have several freshwater. At any rate I remembered one of your reviews had pictures of your aquariums and was going to show my husband if you can remember which review it was.
  2. I thought of this but what about when more than one ship is in port? If they are wanting to keep us in the bubble how can that be when there is another cruise ship there. I have wondered that about alot of the islands where beach space is often shared with another ship.
  3. Such a tough decision. With my Oct. cruise cancelled I had planned to pay off my Transatlantic in 2021. May just take the refund. Booked the biggest suite for our 20th anniversary. I had remained in good spirits until this even after 4 other cancelled cruises.
  4. So one would assume if she cancels then the other person's rate goes up? My husband and I always cruise together so didnt have an answer for my friend on this scenario.
  5. So my friend is booked on a cruise with 2 of her friends. The person that booked the cruise using a casino deal is wanting to cancel. So my friend wants to know what happens to her booking?
  6. We are in the same boat with losing Fascination in Jan. I am waiting for them to cancel October on the Breeze. I would like to not be a debbie downer but I don't forsee them cruising unfortunately.
  7. I am this way until my rebooked January cruise is cancelled. The way the prices are rising right now I just can't justify rebooking if it is cancelled. I feel October will be and plan to move that cruise to one I have booked for next November.
  8. I remember hearing about this when it first started. I wondered then if the Cuban Government seized the land(port water whatever you want to call it) how are they suing a company for using the area that the government is allowing. I could be wrong but I seriously doubt Carnival knew that this guy lost his land in the 60's...
  9. I rebooked my cancelled May cruise for January. Same cruise out of San Juan except for one port that is different. Sept. was cancelled and currently crossing my fingers October is a go. Not planning on booking anything else unless a good deal comes along.
  10. I have wondered how the sail with reduced capacity would work. I am booked in October on the Breeze for Halloween. Booked Feb. 2019. It was about sold out before CoVid hit so don't really see how they would reduce capacity. I would imagine a bunch would be this way especially the cruises on holidays i.e. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  11. I noticed this change recently as well. We always go to the steakhouse the first night but like you have OBC I would rather use as oppose to paying upfront especially now given the cancellations. I guess I will wait and try to book onboard. The free house wine or 50% off other bottles also applies the second night. Ate at Ruth Chris on Saturday at Harrahs. Told my husband that maybe if I swayed back and forth I could pretend I was on a cruise. I still say the Steakhouse is better than Ruth Chris though.
  12. No you lose that previous OBC. The statement said it the new letter supercedes any previous offer. So you just get the 300.
  13. Thanks. Under the travel path however accurate it is showed they had been there since 4/25. Which if so you have to start feeling bad for them. Emotionally this would have to take a toll. And even not they have not been able to exit the ship since they started regardless how long they have been anchored. Think how stir crazy we all were on lockdown but we at least could walk around outside and could drive to pick up takeout. Makes me appreciate the crew that much more.
  14. Wow. I will definitely look into this. Just came back from Orlando today and as we were driving past the exits to Jaxport and Charleston cruise withdraw truly set in hence the need to track the ships at sea.
  15. So just out of curiosity I was playing on cruise tracker to see current ship locations. Currently there are what looks like 8 ships anchored. Among those Sunshine, Paradise, Horizon, Legend, Elation, Vista, Sensation and Fantasy. A little ways over are three Royal Ships. So my question is this, how long are they able to stay anchored in place without coming into port? Sorry I'm dont know much on how power works on a boat. Does fuel play a factor. Not sure if any have an insight on this nor have we ever experienced a long shutdown like this. But I know there are some on here that know the workings of a ship.. I do know that this was would an interesting sight to see out in the ocean with all this ships just sitting anchored in the ocean.
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