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  1. Thank you all for your comments. Some of them have been very helpful. I will assure you that all of the cruise lines that offer this program for high school bands handle the program professionally. They have performances scheduled in the auditoriums like any other musical performance and there are practice rooms that all the musicians use where the instruments are stored. So don't worry that there will be kids running around the ship with their instruments playing at all hours. I don't doubt for a second that kids will try to misbehave which is why I'm asking for advice from other chaperones on how to lessen the possibility of that happening in this environment. We may do Disney instead, but the director liked this possibility. Just wanted a few opinions from people who have actually participated in the band cruise program. Thanks and happy cruising!
  2. Our High School Band Director is looking into the possibility of taking a cruise trip instead of going to a theme park like we have in year's past. I'm helping organize it as a parent volunteer. There are programs with travel agencies that specialize in high school groups through the major cruise lines with performances and accommodations for the group. So that part is pretty easy. My main concern is the lack of supervision in regards to private rooms. "Most" of the kids are fairly trustworthy (if there is such a thing as a trustworthy teenager!) But I know there will be some who try to get away with sneaking into each other rooms. Plus there is the issue of kids roaming around all night. At the hotel we taped their doors at night, had boys and girls on different floors and had a guard through the travel agency to prevent kids from sneaking around. But they will have 24 access to their rooms and there is no way someone could sit there all day or want to miss out on the cruise! Anyone else chaperoned a group on a cruise and have suggestions? Maybe have chaperones hold all keys and escort kids when they need to return to the rooms? Have a curfew and tape doors? Also, has anyone had experience with the ports of calls with a large group of teenagers? I would imagine you'd have groups with an adult chaperone that have to stay together. But what if some kids want to do excursions or some don't have passports? Did you allow extra excursions or require that everyone purchase a passport? Thanks in advance!
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