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  1. Our balance was due today. We decided that it is very unlikely to go ahead and even if it does the uncertainty around ports added to mask-wearing etc does not make for a relaxing holiday. We have moved our booking to Aurora’s Christmas cruise next year. Thank you all for your input. 😊
  2. Great info. It seems we are all very compliant. 😬
  3. Hello! Hope you are both well. I hope you’re wrong, but I suspect you’re right. 😕 If we do keep the booking I’m sure we will pay in plenty of time. I was really only wondering if others routinely waited a while to pay the final balance. cant you move your cruise to a later date, Ivor? X
  4. I fear you are both right but we’re happy to go if it does. As they have already cancelled up till November 13th (is it?) I can’t see ours sailing only 3 weeks later but we can hope. 🤞🏼
  5. We weren’t going to pay before the due date. But we do normally pay on the due date (I think it’s something like 6th Sept). Our TA has already said we have “about a week” grace, I was just wondering if there are any rebels who never pay on time? 😬 We are just conscious that it will be Sod’s law that we pay and it gets cancelled the next day then we have another prolonged wait for the refund. 🙄
  6. Hello fellow cruisers, We are due to board Aurora on 9th December and the final payment is due at the beginning of September. We are definitely going to pay as we very much hope the ship will sail (though nor will we be surprised if it’s cancelled). We normally pay our balance as soon as it’s due, but having had a painfully long wait for the refunds for our cancelled April cruises we aren’t specially inclined to be so quick to make the final payment on this occasion. We wondered how prompt others are making the payment? Our TA told us we would be ok to make it about a week later....I suspect we could stretch it to 2 weeks...what are your thoughts? Thanks for any info. 😊 Lizzie
  7. We were due to take our first Azamara cruise on June 5th. I don't want to rub salt in any wounds either, but like Combine, wanted to show there is movement. The refund was requested on 17th April and we have received a full refund today. I really hope everyone gets their money soon. 🙂
  8. Just to update, we have now received the whole refund from Celebrity. It came in numerous random payments but we have finally had it. 😃
  9. At least there is some comfort in knowing it’s not just us! 😂
  10. We got an email from Celebrity. Just after midnight on Saturday night. We also booked with a TA. We’ve emailed them to ask the question too as you can’t get through by phone atm. They have not yet responded. the Celebrity email directed you to click a link for a refund. That’s what we did.....
  11. Did you get an acknowledgement of your request though? We haven’t even had that. We are concerned they haven’t received our request. 🤷‍♀️
  12. Our Apex Cruise was cancelled on Saturday and we chose to request a full refund. We have not had any notification of our request or email to confirm receipt of the request. Does anyone know how long the refund is likely to take to be applied to our credit card? Lizzie
  13. We were hoping for this too. We are currently in an aft Sky Suite on Apex on 1st and 5th April our of Southampton. We had bid up on a number of categories of suite - but having just had X's cancellation policy confirmed by our TA (no refund - payment just transferred to future cruise credit) we've just taken all our bids off. We don't want thousands of pounds tied up on a cruise we may not even wish to take! Celebrity have potentially cost themselves extra money with this policy.
  14. It's open every day - we ate there loads, loved it - great staff too. 😊
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