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  1. Yes, all 12 year olds are definitely the same and all of them should definitely be reliable, and also able to comprehend all the possibilities of the myriad ways you can spend money onboard, without making any mistakes. Otherwise the parents clearly failed in some way. Sheesh.
  2. IIRC, the price drops on Escape for the end of June/beginning of July maxed out about one week before sailing. Past that you began to risk huge chunks of rooms becoming unavailable as GTY and bids were assigned, or rooms were filled other ways.
  3. Escape had Brat Pack in 2016, not Rock of Ages.
  4. I saw the glasses and plates all over the ship (and loads of unbussed tables in the buffet) in April. Since I don’t see those things on other away ships with the same customer base, I concluded that the ship was understaffed in the area of cleaning public spaces.
  5. A lot of things get rolled up into your line item “gifts and more” or something like that, but it’s not itemized. For example, a water package and prepaid WiFi service on my recent cruise were not itemized, but the total of “gifts and more” equalled the cost of booth.
  6. I guess, if you need to view life as completely black and white in order to get through the day.
  7. I mean, some things are genuinely accidents, even if we have an automatic desire to cast blame / exact retribution.
  8. Less of a deal and more of a hint I’m going to just drop/hide in this thread. Hopefully it won’t be exploited too much, and if it does, hopefully NCL finally fixes it. On Escape, the starboard entry door to the Studios on deck 11 sticks about 75% of the time and doesn’t lock, so other solos could maybe wander in for some coffee and cookies, or just to chat with other solos. The door only locks if you intentionally pull/push it closed all the way. I’ve noticed this on three separate trips now. If you do choose to take advantage of this, I strongly suggest you be discreet about it, don’t bring your whole family in there for breakfast, and don’t brag about it. (I’ll also understand if someone reads this and chooses to report it to maintenance now that I’ve posted it. But it’s been years now and it still sticks, so ...)
  9. Can confirm they were stickering chair hog chairs last week on the main pool deck. (There was one day (I can’t remember if it was a sea day) where I counted about 12 heated loungers in the thermal suite where people had carefully left personal belongings and then gone off to do something else, possibly somewhere else on the ship. There wasn’t a single one free, and there were more “reserved” tile loungers than there were people in the entire spa area. Come on, guys, don’t do this. I like to swim in the warm pool and then dry off for about fifteen minutes on a tile lounger. You were gone way more than fifteen minutes. Not cool.)
  10. Having returned and recovered from last week on this same ship/itin, I can honestly say I think that photo album was part of what made me pull the trigger (last minute). Everything from the NYC views to the food shots that made me actually visit the MDR more often than I normally would. NCL owes you a kickback. 🙂 (Are you listening NCL? Get this guy the Gambee treatment. 😉 )
  11. I would at the very least order a cut other than the filet. I was on the same cruise, and the filet I had in multiple venues was tough and tasteless. Maybe they will change their sourcing by your cruise. (I’ve never had a significant problem with service at any of the specialties, but I always dine early. Actually, come to think of it, I had better service in the specialties last week on Escape than I did in the Haven restaurant on BA in April.)
  12. Glad I’m not losing my mind re: thermal suite sponsored by Clorox.
  13. Oh please. Long day in port, then showering/using up towels/dropping off pool towels/maybe taking a nap in the bed. Coming back to a clean room at the end of the evening is a sign of being on vacation for me. I don’t drink but I don’t go into the drink package threads and say “I don’t understand why anyone needs Grey Goose to enjoy their vacation.”
  14. Got service 2x a day every day. Didn't ask. Maybe the solo studio stewards haven't gotten the memo yet. I also tipped my steward at the beginning of the cruise. Dunno. But yeah, if they're officially down to one room servicing a day ... well, I was already pretty much done with NCL, so there's no point me threatening to be done with NCL over it.
  15. Just got off the same cruise. Not sure what you mean by 'no turndown service', but every evening I got my room made up, new pool towel and the next day's planner (and one thousand sales flyers) left on bed, decorative throw cushions removed from bed. In fact, I could have sworn from previous cruises that they don't do evening service on the last night of the cruise, but this morning (disembark) I had a card on my door saying they'd tried to service the room last night but didn't because I had the DND light on. Maybe you mean something different by turndown service.
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