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  1. The tweet is days old at this point ... five hours ago she tweeted that Dad is doing well, no pneumonia. NOT a new case from today.
  2. I just read it as a United States agency communicating with United States passengers about how things are going to go, including the bit at the end about logistics back to the United States. I would imagine this is a bit of a bureaucratic nightmare on top of everything else.
  3. The CDC is a US organization and the letter is addressed at the top to US passengers.
  4. That’s been done for big sports events like the Olympics and the Super Bowl. Off the top of my head I know the NCL getaway went to Rio.
  5. Do you ever wonder why we’re still trying to talk any sense? 🙂 People are going to go insane over the new numbers from the new clinical diagnosis, and I think I probably better call it a night and watch Netflix. Good luck if you carry on, and thanks for trying.
  6. Humans are notoriously bad at risk assessment. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-inertia-trap/201303/why-are-people-bad-evaluating-risks
  7. Even the stock market knows that this is going to be plateauing soon. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/cruise-stocks-shrug-off-carnivals-coronavirus-warning-to-trade-higher-2020-02-12
  8. This couple is in the hospital and already recovered ... which means this all happened early in the quarantine period.
  9. Yeah, mine turned red a few days ago but doesn’t do anything, I don’t think they have the booking stuff online yet.
  10. But it's more fun to allude to a cover-up about the 'true numbers', and call other people naive! 🙂
  11. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/cruise-stocks-shrug-off-carnivals-coronavirus-warning-to-trade-higher-2020-02-12?mod=pulse_full_story
  12. Now the same people who were yelling about the 24 day incubation period yesterday are going to come back and claim that this is obviously the Chinese government trying to silence the info.
  13. There were fewer new cases announced today than there were yesterday.
  14. You can call up VV and request or change your cabin number. They definitely have the ability to do it. They are nice folks on the phone.
  15. I'm stopping myself from continuing to ask you tech support questions. 🙂 Sorry I don't know you IRL or I could try to do more. Good luck w/Virgin and their IT (sincerely). The exact same problem was driving me nuts for a while, but it was just the one device.
  16. If you guys don't have any bookings/money in the game, seems like it could work, if Virgin CS is even able to do that.
  17. I'm not trying to 'blame the user', I'm just in IT myself and also had the same issue. Had your husband logged into the virgin site on that phone already?
  18. The ship only went into quarantine one week ago ... still within initial incubation period. Still only a fraction of the 3700ish people aboard. Infected persons are being removed from the ship. No need for the bold-type red-font antics.
  19. I also tend to blow off the 'OMG CHINA IS UNDERREPORTING' stuff, and the panic when they were building the emergency hospitals, for the same reason. (They don't want to look bad again after SARS.)
  20. This happened on one device of mine. I had to clear all cookies and logins from the site (through the browser's tools). If your login is in the state mine was in, you also can't successfully 'log out', right? You mentioned multiple devices. Is it possible they are sharing cookies/login info between them? I know you tried incognito mode, but do you have another devices (like a phone) on which you've never logged into the site from? If it works on this other totally new device, it's a problem with the browsers on your other devices, not your VV account. Also disable ALL your ad-block while testing.
  21. Conversely, in my experience (which doesn't include Asia), ship internet connectivity is usually much better when in port. I guess that might not be the case now (or when they go out to take on fresh water), or the availability of streaming services is affecting it.
  22. Anyone able to book anything yet? It was supposed to be 'go time' two days ago but the button doesn't work.
  23. I'm quoting myself above so as to give credit where due for the following. http://crew-center.com/diamond-princess-crew-get-two-months-paid-time This is the kind of thing I meant, not better training and gear.
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