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  1. I just saw this in a review of CocoCay The zip line involves three towers, so that means three different zip line rides in total. The views were fantastic
  2. Does anyone know if it is one single zip like Labadee or multiple zip lines?
  3. Can anyone confirm that they have light lunch/snacks at the Havana Bar and also where do you get an omelet made for breakfast?
  4. Yeah,there is a $ sign beside it on the fun times others have posted
  5. Does anyone know how the lunch works at Bonsai Teppanyaki-Looks like it is offered on sea days on Carnival Horizon-do you have to make reservations,is the price the same as dinner?
  6. We just did the Flight Line one(superman type one ) last week and also did the other one-Dragons Breath(sit down one) several years ago Both are great but OMG-Flight Line is so much fun/exciting.The only thing with the Flight Line one is you cant see alot of scenery other than looking down at the water-which is also beautiful.Dragon Breath is great because you can really look all around you_just harder to do on Flight Line cause you are lying on your stomach. If money is no object-do both.
  7. Anyone going to Labadee or that has been recently-trying to get info on the new zipline-Hardly and info on line so far(other than the cruise line description) and trying to decide for my October 7,2018 cruise. It's call Furious Flyer.
  8. Just ordered a Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad for my October Oasis of the Seas cruise.I have been miserable on most of my past cruises-even after they try to make the bed softer by adding mattress pads/duvets/etc.Will let you know how it works,Plan to try it on my bed at home first.
  9. I already plan to buy a internet package ,mainly to email house/pet sitter,but would also like to listen to my amazon music playlist-will I need to surf and stream or will the surf only work? Thanks
  10. Any info yet on the new zip line? Have done Dragons Breath before,trying to decide which one to do on Oct Oasis cruise.
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