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  1. I guess I halfway expected a cancelation for our February cruise but honestly I’m disappointed in how it’s being handled. I’m sure I’ll be roasted for this but we had a five night cruise with $500 on board credit. Now if we rebook the same cruise out onboard credit will drop to $300. Yes I know I can just take the refund but that stinks also since this was such a good deal with excellent OBC. This is only our second Carnival cruise so I’m just unhappy about it I suppose. Our cruise on another line was canceled and handled in a way that was equal to what we booked. Oh well, I guess we have a li
  2. We sent our GE apps in (first time applicants) in February and are still waiting. I expect to have to wait longer than a renewal but your post gives us hope, ha ha! It’s been almost 9 months as I think we sent them in February 2nd.
  3. Thanks, I really just was not sure if things were different or the cards being issued were different during the crazy cancellations!
  4. I have a coworker that is elderly and had her Carnival cruise form this summer cancelled. She says that due to her age and concerns over the corona virus she plans to never cruise again. The issue is that she has a gift card from the cancellation with about $1700 on it and she wants to sell it to me since she knows we cruise and it would get used. Plus she would get some cash back instead of having a useless card. I have never tried this before, are the cards specifically linked to the person they are issued to? Would there be anyway that this could cause a problem for either of us? I do
  5. My husband and I applied for GE in February of this year, before Covid hit, and have of course been pending ever since. I do not expect approval until sometime next year. Hopefully before our November 2021 cruise🤦🏼‍♀️
  6. We have never needed a special, pricey international phone plan before. The wifi options have always been great for us. If you have an iphone you can text other iphone users with only wifi (onboard or at home) and those with other phones can use the WhatsApp or other similar messaging apps to text and it is not cost to either of you aside form the wifi plan. As for calling you can use apps and the wifi plan for that also. We usually only text/message back and forth with family and the pet sitter but haven't ever needed an international plan. We also use cases and lanyards as our phones ta
  7. Luckily we renewed our passports a year ago but we applied for GE in February, before Covid hit. Ours have been pending review since. I am certain that an interview will be required for mine at least because I have been a victim of identity theft and I am escorted through customs after each cruise (I either get a call the night before saying we have to meet security down front to be disembarked with security or we get the dreaded BONG as our passes are scanned and then get the escort). The customs officer has to interview me and ask for my password each time...so embarrassing because the sh
  8. We did a L&S for our November 1, 2020, cruise out of San Juan and had a similar experience. My son called first to move their reservation and the CS agent wanted to put him/us on an Allure cruise to totally different ports out of PC in October 2021. He texted me while on hold and I told him to ask about the 11/28/21 sailing out of San Juan that is exactly the same as our current booking. She told him that was not available to us even though it fits our criteria. She then put him on hold to ask why and they were disconnected of course...so I called and got a different agent (within two
  9. No, I waited to pay in full for this cruise until now due to Covid and the CDC situation. We were actually checking our balances since final payment is due soon and it had not been canceled yet. I will call today when I get off work and see what the word is form Royal.
  10. So our November cruise on Freedom out of PR has disappeared from our account and our son's account but is still available for booking on the Royal website. Curious as to what this means, if anyone knows. I plan to call RCCL sometime today and see what they say but I wondered if anyone here knew (I searched and could not find much). I think there is a high probability that this cruise will be canceled anyway but still...
  11. No need to be snarky. I asked here while waiting for a response from my PVP, thinking someone may know the definitive answer but of course I got more than one answer/response and they were not the same. So which experienced answer should I have believed? I came back and reported what the PVP told me to clear up the issue. It is confusing in my opinion because I specifically chose a Havana cabin and clicked through to choose the "offer" where a guarantee option came up. I could have chosen a regular cabin and then picked guarantee and that would have been understandable but when you pick a
  12. Yes, I totally agree that it is misleading. I will just book a Havana at the higher rate and be done with it but I wonder how many people have been stung by that? Oh well...
  13. I booked FTTF for our February 2021 cruise recently and found it under FTTF in an email from Carnival about excursions/prebooking dining, etc. Later I saw it under the Charleston port as a shore excursion. Just keep checking, even if it sells out sometimes there are more added.
  14. Okay so my PVP got back to me and said that the even though I initially chose a Havana cabin and clicked through to the offers if I choose guarantee at that point then I will only receive a guarantee with the cabin category of my choice (meaning interior, balcony, etc.) but not Havana. It does not make sense if you have already chosen Havana, Spa or whatever but apparently you have the ability to basically drop back to a general guarantee in the offers screen. So thank you all for your help and now we have an answer!
  15. Unfortunately when I looked again today at possibly booking an additional cruise at these excellent rates they had all gone up and the offered OBC had gone down...way down. One rate on a cruise I was looking at (while comparing two) actually changed in the span of about 10 minutes time! Now I’m only seeing $100 OBC being offered and that along with higher rates just isn’t very exciting🤷🏼‍♀️
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