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  1. The term comes from the days of sailing ships when the place for the crew to relieve themselves was all the way forward on either side of the bowsprit, the integral part of the hull to which the figurehead was fastened. From a Navy terminology website, but it applies to all types of ships. https://www.navy.mil/navydata/traditions/html/navyterm.html
  2. Head=bathroom, loo, restroom, water closet 🙂
  3. Interestingly enough I was thinking this same thing. I read many posts about all the drunk people on cruises, especially when someone complains about a child misbehaving (then you hear "I would rather see a child playing than see a drunk in the pool" type of thing). I cannot think of a time that I have seen anyone drunk and falling down or doing anything belligerent. The poolside games are rowdy but that doesn't mean that the people participating are drunk. Maybe we just have not been on the right cruises 🤣
  4. As of now the package is $56 on our 9/29/19 Allure cruise, $51 on our 3/1/20 Empress cruise and $55 on our 11/1/20 Freedom cruise. We paid less for the Allure sailing on Black Friday last year and were able to get the glitch price for the November Freedom cruise.
  5. We have a 6 day cruise booked in March and this is actually what I am thinking about doing. I plan to try and keep track of what we would have spent on this September cruise to see if the scenario you are mentioning would be a better value for us.
  6. I do not think we will ever really know what happened. He could have been telling you the truth, who knows? I personally lean towards it being a mistake. But either way, I do not think the current package prices have anything to do with the $18 "glitch." The prices have always fluctuated and were doing so before the $18 package. It has just become the convenient excuse for many that are frustrated with the most recent prices. I agree that the higher cost stinks but it has not gotten to a point that I am not willing to pay it...yet. When it does then I will go back to purchasing bottles of water, sodas, coffees and bar drinks individually as before. And if too many people do that then the prices will go back down some.
  7. People can be such jerks. Sorry. Even if I didn't like you and thought your kids were ugly, I wouldn't say so, lol. And for the record, all kids are beautiful, even if they are not! 😁🤗
  8. We cashed in some CC points for OBC months ago for our Sept. 29th Allure sailing. Signed on last night and voila, OBC is there now! It may vary but seems like 2 weeks or so is the magic number?
  9. The most crowded for us was Carnival Liberty and the best was Oasis class on Royal. But, as someone else said, Oasis class ships have multiple pools and a lot more space. What is disliked about the pool area on Liberty was the adults only area. It had no pool there, just hot tubs, but the seats were all taken with all day long chair hogs. Chairs taken by towels, books, sunglasses, etc., and nowhere to sit other than the sectional type couches under the overhang by the small bar. And when sitting by the actual pool no one came by for drink orders so...more space and better pool bar service on Royal for us.
  10. I read this article and also felt odd about it. $10,000 for a cruise and they are complaining about $320 of auto grats?! Our $2500 cruise will cost more than that in grats (approx $210 per room). Elliot did not agree that they were swindled but he does basically take up for them (maybe in the comments, I cannot remember) because he is very anti tipping. He thinks the price should include tips and people should be paid a higher wage or something to that extent i believe. Regardless of Elliot, I just cannot believe this woman was that appalled at the tips and then spent months trying to get the money back and even tried a charge back on her credit card.
  11. Just added a person to our reservation that is a "III" and Royal told me that it was very important to add the suffix to the reservation if his ID and birth certificate showed "III." So far the reservation still shows the suffix though it shows it as "Iii."
  12. As far as the $500 thousand in matching funds that was supposed to be in addition to the $1 million dollars. I am not sure if the meals/equipment/supplies, etc. are included in the initial million though.
  13. I believe the previous poster was referring to the IG post about Bahamas Paradise cruise line that is evacuating Bahamians to the US if they wish to go and have their passports or BC's. The IG post also refers to transporting Bahamians back from Florida that had left due to the coming hurricane.
  14. Biker19 is better with the details/dates than I am 🤷‍♀️
  15. RCCL cruise documents will not show up until much closer to your cruise date. 30-45 days out maybe? I can never remember the actual timeframe! Regardless, sign into your account and you can manage your cruise from there, you should also have received a confirmation with all the major details when you booked (and each time you have made a payment). The confirmation will have cabin info, ports, dates, etc.
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