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  1. I will echo some of the sentiments here. We have done the Key before, but inly when it was pretty closet the internet package price. The included lunch is nice but the limited hours for said lunch can be a PITA if you aren't boarding early-ish. We don't like letting go of the carryons wither as they typically have meds/whatever jewelry we may wear/passports/electronics, etc. so that is not a benefit and few tender ports when and where we cruise. Also getting onboard takes very little time now so the priority there is devalued, IMO.
  2. We were on her next to last sailing when covid hit, I believe. Disembarked March 7th and all hell broke loose shortly thereafter. We really enjoyed the small ship, and the staff was terrific, even though we are mostly big ship people.
  3. Radisson Resort at the Port offers this. We stay there anytime we cruise out of PC and did it for our cruise this past January. So unless something just changed, check the website and when you book there is a rate specific for this option. After booking you call the resort and they take care of making reservations for the airport pickup and the cruise shuttle transfers. I suggest calling immediately after booking to get scheduled. And you chat with them online to confirm the shuttle options are the same as they were when we cruised last.
  4. This. My husband searched forever to find one specific Omega that he was in love with. The cost was mind boggling to me but he finally found what he wanted and got it. I looked up that watch recently after a convo with some friends about the cost of lux handbags, watches, etc. The same model is now selling for over $3,000 more than he paid for it...last year! And this is at an Omega store. He and my son are the watch fiends but they say costs are rising and no one seems to be stopping. Rolex has a ridiculous waiting list for many, many models too.
  5. It is literally called "Purse Forum" 😆 The creativity is endless!! Ha ha. I have surfed that forum before and it can get catty and snobby for sure.
  6. When did you cancel? As most everyone else here has said, they will likely be refunded with a week to 10 days.
  7. We bring, or used to bring, a regular square “box fan.” To each cruise we take. For the white noise and for the air circulation/coolness. I sleep hot and am in menopause and helps a lot. If we fly we just ask for one on the ship. Not nearly as crazy as you think it is.
  8. I have no idea what the beach is called but I promise, you can’t miss it. When you get off the ship there are signs for the water taxi, it’s usually about $7 pp for the whole day (go back and forth as many times as you like), or ask someone where the water taxi is. It’s easy to find. While on the taxi they will likely tell you to “my cousin David is to the left, see him for a good deal” or whatever and they’ll say he’s on the left/right. As soon as the water taxi docks you will see what I’m talking about here but it’s beach to the left and beach and to the right. You truly cannot miss it. Coming off the dock, people will be there selling excursions too. But we turn right/left and someone will approach you with an offer for one of the restaurants or resorts.
  9. We usually turn right, just decided to try something different this last time.
  10. We took the water taxi over to “town” and turned left, lol. Usually we go to the right but we mixed it up this last trip. The resorts and restaurants have people renting out the chairs and they usually include use of their facilities with the chair rentals. So we rented from the white resort on the left. Can’t remember the name but they had very clean bathrooms and a nice dining area outside. It’s easy to see if you taxi over.
  11. I feel like chair rentals are priced within reason in most ports. For example, we rented chairs, again, in Saint Martin. $40 for two chair with umbrellas and a bucket of drinks (whatever you like, sodas, beers, etc.) and wifi. Pretty reasonable to me.
  12. Word mistake and I couldn’t edit it so I corrected the quote. It should read no more than 1 standard drink per hour, 2 per day when drinking daily and no more than three on any given day. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  13. Plenty of people drink more on a cruise than they normally would at home. My husband, for example, never drinks unless on vacation. I rarely drink unless on vacation. When we do cruise, we can have 5,6 or even 7 drinks a day and not “get a buzz” everyday. We tend to not only eat more but also get more steps in (walking in ports, taking the stairs, etc.) so a “buzz” isn’t happening all day, everyday. And actually, anything over 2 standard drink per hour, 2 per day or 3 on any given day (no more than 14 total in a week) is a problem that needs to be addressed. Women often need to adjust the guidelines as in most cases, women has less body fluid than men. So if you have a medical condition, take medications, chronic tiredness, etc., you would also need to make adjustments to the guidelines. Anything over 3 standard drinks in a day can raise your tolerance level so no one should be having four drinks per day in “real life.” Quantity and frequency are the biggest issues to be aware of, along with heredity. Biology sets your trigger point, your choice move you closer or further away from that trigger point. Biology, meaning do you have a close family member with A&D issues, sets where you begin. Choices, high risk or low, determine if you hit the trigger point. biology+choices=outcome All that to say, just because someone buys a drink package and takes full advantage of it on a cruise does not mean they have a problem or are staying buzzed or drunk the whole cruise. Comments like these are a pet peeve of mine so I feel like I need to respond.
  14. Interior Wow, $7000?? I hope they were not in an OV balcony for that price. We booked the day of release and got an interior plus for $2660 (2 of us). I would pay that again and again but not some of the higher prices I am seeing now.
  15. Depends on the cruise line package price/rules and what you drink. Top shelf and at least 4-5 alcoholic bevs a day? Probably worth it. We buy it each time to never have to even think about it. If order a $14 drink and it isn't to my liking, I can toss it and start over. Otherwise I would feel the need to drink it just to not waste the money. Also, I drink a lot of sparkling water every day. That plus a coupe of diet sodas and my 4/5 drinks throughout the day, a glass of wine with dinner and maybe a drink at a show...we usually save money. Even if it is very little. Hubs is not a big drinker at home but he enjoys some frozen drinks on a cruise and definitely enjoys the fresh squeezed juice at breakfast. On Royal we buy at a price we can live with, then if it goes down you can cancel and rebook.
  16. I have never been on Radiance but on all the other ships I have sailed on, San Pellegrino was the sparkling water choice. I drink sparkling over flat myself.
  17. There is plenty of space to watch on the promenade itself. The pub was a perfect place for us on Wonder as I offered a nice view and we were part of the celebration too. I have not been on Adventure so I am not certain about the layout but I think you can take a look early in the day and then maybe enlist some staff to help you find a good place to observe with your scooter.
  18. Basically, yes. The table(s) have some perks such as the champagne and I think a dedicated server. They may have had some snacks too? I do not remember the exact details but I can tell you that whatever it was, it wasn't worth $700-1000 for us. But the tables were full by the time the party started so I guess passengers were spending that cash!
  19. They definitely required reservations for some venues and tables 2023-2024 NYE. The cost was from about $700-1000 per table and depending on which one you chose, a bottle of champagne was included. Rising Tide Bar, Schooner and some tables on the Promenade had to be reserved. I assume these areas were due to the NYE party on the promenade.
  20. This is a great breakdown! The issue for us, personally, is the we will have 4-6 alcoholic beverages a day. Each one is usually about $14 per drink. Top shelf G&T, piña coladas, martinis, etc, are at the high end. So even with the refreshment package we would spend more. We paid $1271.76, total, for our deluxe package for the August Icon cruise. Besides that fact, it is our 20th anniversary while on the cruise so we thought it would be really nice to not have to even think about it!
  21. We sail Icon in August and paid $76.99 per person, per day. It is worth it for us, even though my husband is not a big drinker, because the package is not just for alcohol. I drink a lot of sparkling water and will have some diet sodas on the cruise too. Most of the top shelf drinks are around $14 each, sodas a few dollars each and San Pellegrino too! We usually have a latte or cappuccino of some sort to start the day and a few alcoholic bees by the pool throughout the day, a glass or two of wine at dinner and maybe even a drink at a show. Sprinkle in the water and sodas and you don't have to be huge drinkers to break even.
  22. We were on Wonder over this past NYE. The pricing, in our opinion, was ridiculous. We went to the pub and found tables/seats right in front of the "window" looking out on the promenade and had a blast. No reservations needed.
  23. Monos Hybrid line. We have two carryons, a trunk and two of their travel backpacks. Have used them for years now and they're great.
  24. I am so tempted to change flights to a 10am departure out of Miami. Delta rebooked us due to a "flight change" and now we have a 5 hour layover in Atlanta and won't make it home until after 10pm. I have to travel for work the very next day so this is a PITA. But I worry about missing the 10am flight and getting home even later, or worse, the next day...🤦‍♀️
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