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  1. LOL I never want to leave CocoCay....love it there!
  2. I love the stronger flavor in my coffee and find the powder is hard to mix in, I do use a frother sometimes but love the sticks since I started using them.
  3. Yeah , we're past 30 days.....we've done gtys before and they have usually been assigned within a week or two. Just wondering what people are experiencing now.
  4. Anybody know when the guarantee assignments are running right now? Just booked the first leg of a B2B for April 10. Excited to see where they put us.
  5. Hey bug: you might try real cinnamon sticks broken up into smaller pieces to float in your cup. Has anybody tried Monk Fruit sweetner, also no effect on blood sugar and much better taste than Stevia, and it comes in a little squeezy white bottle on Amazon. I use all 3 sweeteners interchangeably, baking you need Erytritol or Swerve(same thing), drinks Stevia or Monk Fruit drops. I use the Swerve and Monk for my coffee. But gee, I sure miss the nasty white stuff. Actually I don't think it's even difficult doing Keto on board. I always go to Caesar Salad because I love it and then meat is a snap, I tell the waiters I'm diabetic and they bring the special menu. Then I tell them don't bother bringing any bread or desserts at all. If the menu happens to have an egg custard or Brulee that's sugar free, I have it. I think one could follow without cheating with no problem. Even drinking, we order a regular martini straight up, no olives, then on Amazon, we found a product that is an Electrolyte supplement, called Ultima Replenish that is lemon flavored, no sugars or carbs, that we add to the glass and voila, a Keto Lemon Peel! I just carry around a baggie of the stuff in my bag. At home we even rim our martini glasses with it. We will be on Vision in less than a month and it will be our first Keto Cruise! Can't wait to get home and find we have lost weight!
  6. You realize that there are only 0.2 grams separating whipping cream from half n half? 1 Tbs of cream= 0.4 grams carbs, 1 Tbs half n half=0.6 grams. anything under 1 gram on Keto is considered a trace and most Keto dieters don't even count it. I wouldn't sweat it at all. I do use cream in my coffee and for baking keto dishes just to enhance the fat I consume. But one week of minute bits of carb will not add up enough to throw you out of ketosis. Oh BTW neither of these have any grams of sugar. As for sweetener, I take a bag full of Erythritol.
  7. Not a shuffling game at all. All cruise lines have a hold on several cabins in different areas of the ship. They have to do this because there are always a few cabins that will require moving for various reasons. People have to be relocated due to plumbing problems etc. We were moved from an inside deck 2 cabin to a deck 8 ocean view balcony in the middle of a cruise due to the impossible noise problem we had from the cleaning crews. Unable to sleep and awakened every morning about 3:00am because we were beneath the deck 3 restrooms. They offered us this resolution, we did not ask for another cabin, but it was available so they moved us. Another great RCCL service story! In any event, they always have cabins available in such cases even though they don't show on web sites.
  8. I've been out on that pier way back when it was still called Fins and Feathers, wonderful snorkeling! And a wall to dive.....
  9. So wish you had your iphone with you. I would have started a video of the table, so I could prove absolutely that violations were occurring. But hindsight......I wouldn't let this deter me from cruising even Symphony again. We are on her in Sept. and will most certainly be at Chops. We'll have our phones with us thanks to your post so don't feel guilty. I am usually very stoic about germs and such but if I saw what you saw, I would certainly report it and follow up about it.,..and tell them I have video to prove it, you would certainly have gotten better results on board if you had. That being said, normally we are very conscientious about washing hands and not touching things because we expect that there might be a bug going around. I might have even demanded that the all the plates be removed and new ones brought directly from the kitchen as we watched. But again, just hindsight. Hope your future cruises are fine. By the way, My mother was 87 on her last cruise on a family reunion on Liberty...no sickness at all.
  10. Watching her go down to the basin for turnaround, also tuned to Twitter in case you scope us! Do something!!!!
  11. Oh you lucky stinker....I can smell the excitement. We will probably never be fortunate enough to be in a loft! Enjoy and Bon Voyage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Below the water, same ole Coco Cay we love...RCCL is doing a good job of minimal impact on flora and fauna.
  13. Here's one of them: This one is from January so not as current but you can see the pool/lagoon:
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