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  1. My personal opinion is they are waiting for the vaccine. When it is universally distributed, they will begin cruising with proof of your inoculation.
  2. My personal opinion is they are waiting for the vaccine. When it is universally distributed, they will begin cruising with proof of your inoculation.
  3. Ditto only we were there for a week long diving trip. BOnaire water is exceptional. Klein was awesome...nobody there but us and there were shoals of yellow jack swimming with us in shallow water but we swam with Tarpon everyday off the dock where we stayed. One Tarpon was called Charlie and he loves divers. Observed lots of cuttlefish and squid which were fascinating just at the pier....simply magnifico.
  4. I thought we'd be ok with it but the angst is creeping up now...more than a year without one and we are really missing it. Ports are really no big thing, we enjoy being on the water and ship so we wish they'd get the vaccine already. We've had building a new home this year to keep us busy, but now it's finished and we need a break away for a change. RVing...been there done that, but we did like it, but I have to agree, it's more work than I'm willing to do now. Nothing in our experience is more relaxing than a cruise...even with the return and laundry after. We will be back as soon as is
  5. What's the diff, whether you're on land or sea, gotta wear masks, test with symptoms, etc, etc. So we'd rather be cruising...no changes for us, and we'll get the vaccine ASAP. BTW we were both exposed about 16 days ago from the State Farm Agent who came out to insure our new home...he came down with symptoms on a Friday 3 days after we were with him and tested positive....so far so good..no symptoms after 14 day quarantine.
  6. Well, as scripture tells us, we choose to be offended. And it's easy to get offended sometimes. But I agree with the Word. We can also choose not to be offended...if everyone did that, things would be a lot more pleasant these days. You know...sticks and stones.....yada yada yada These days, online, people get a big charge out of snapier, nastier, snarkier remarks...they hand them out like they are a badge of honor almost. That's what I meant about being kinder. I am just as guilty of snarky as the next person, but it's just getting unbearable in this heightened climate of angst. Can't
  7. We also had Hayward, 3 of them...each one lasted over 5 years, one got fried with a power surge so we then got a power surge protector for our water well pump house that had our electrics in it. Amazon again!
  8. I don't really know, our pool supplier recommended it so skin feels silkier and it adjusts the cyano bacteria a bit. No we didn't have a CO2 injector.
  9. You're welcome. Believe me when I say status was only as good as the discount on fare for us. We cruise because we love it and we wanted the maximum discount, course we do enjoy the drinks too, but not because we have any such delusions of grandeur.
  10. I am so sorry Tree Skier, you took my post in the most negative light you possibly could have. Maybe you didn't even notice I was "criticizing" myself along with humanity. I was not even referring to the "friendly discussion" on this thread but to the nasty comments and boastful rhetoric of some posters who think their status give them the right to Lord it over others. I do not look at you as one down at all, sorry you do. Have a better day...........
  11. Never had to put acid into our pool. Just conditioner at startup each year and a sack of salt every huge rain. Our pool was always perfect...I'd never go back to chlorine tabs.
  12. So they could sell you more chlorine and other chemicals. We have had 3 over a 15 yr span. And the last one we replaced parts, etc. Still....love the water!
  13. I have been reading casually for over an hour this thread and it seems to me, almost all of the posts pertain to a concept taught to me by my Psych 1 professor years (and years) ago. It's called One Up, One Down. More commonly known as "Keeping Up With The Joneses". Human nature has an annoying need to be One Up or put someone else One Down. That's what you have all been saying in a nutshell. It's apparent in all facets of life. You buy better stuff...so you are one up. You wear gold pins...so you are one up. You want to attain higher status and more perks so someone else is One Down.
  14. I tend to agree with you, but I think we'll have many good ones by November...certainly hope so, cannot imagine never cruising again.
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