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  1. Yes, you are, all you have to do is sign up with Crown and Anchor after your first cruise, when you do that you are officially a Gold member and you will get perks for your next cruise. Sorry Orville shoulda read more...
  2. Please include cabin #s! I would like to book one.
  3. The last renewal, we just got the card. Does anyone know if that will work for Northbound Alaska...Vancouver returning from Seward? Or do we need the book again? I assume since we'll be entering the US from Canada in Seward on our ship, customs will accept the card. Then we fly back home from Seward so we will have already been cleared. Any help will be appreciated, I do have a year to get 'er done.
  4. Not me, don't give a rat's patoot how many there are. WE don't know how many there are right here in my area for certain, they can't even keep up with it accurately. Knowing won't change anything, will it? We've done our part to help keep us healthy.
  5. 14 I think, on same level as top of Solarium They call it King of the World on the deck plan
  6. O yeah, their beans are great, using their Espresso right now, but have used their Super Crema too awesome De'Longhi ECAM35075SI Dinamica with LatteCrema Fully Automatic Espresso Machine, Silver My model is discontinued (3 yrs old) but it's dependable, can be pricey though
  7. The other caveat was you can't have any condition that is considered high risk for Covid, so that left us diabetics out even though vaxd 😆 Thx for doing this one John, very anxious for our Sept 12th. Can't wait to hear all your observations about Allure, been 7 year since our last one on her!
  8. Hubs of 26 yrs! HEY!!!!!!!!! His arms are longer than mine. At least he didn't push me over!
  9. OK this is it, the horse is definitely DEAD...but....couldn't resist...Look carefully at the reflection in my shades too this was Liberty
  10. Well, I found one I was looking for entitled "What animal is that?"
  11. But, come to think of it, they started closing all the Oasis class Heli's except for special events, maybe he was thinking of those. But Voyager class is still open ALL THE TIME for pics of that weather station at the prow. I'm still hunting for that video, maybe I'll find it and start another thread. Now we have all posted several pics to prove that you can indeed get to the tip of the ship...and they are definitely NOT afraid of anyone jumping/falling off. But hey, you just can't fix some things.
  12. This is too much of a closeup, but Todd is joking around with our cruise bud and they were IN FRONT of the superstructure at the tip of the ship. I had to get that close because there was hardly enough space for me to squeeze in, the shadow of the weather station is on Todd though. They were spoofing Kings of the World.
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