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  1. With 3 cabins and almost $10,000 in cruise fare I appreciate an email from them 🙂 I'll send them a FB message, hopefully they'll respond to that one.
  2. I had 3 cabins booked and want the FCC. Can I do that on the RCI site?
  3. Still didn't get my cancellation email for my 8/30 Oasis cruise...
  4. Wow that’s bad, and probably unusual. Good luck.
  5. if they don’t give me 125% FCC I will request for a refund. I don’t see them changing this policy. I am surprised they are delaying FCC issuing, refunds I understand but they should encourage people to use their FCC as soon as possible, no?
  6. I am booked on the 8/3 Oasis out of NJ and I am awaiting the cancellation notice. Want to use the 125% FCC to book a 2021 cruise. How quickly does RCL issue the FCC certificates? Am I getting the option for 125% for onboard purchases also?
  7. The Oasis is sitting in the ocean now, empty. Even one sailing out of New York is better than none.
  8. I'm on the 8/30 Oasis and I do believe they'll cancel it. You might be okay in October though depending how things are going. Wish that RCL would cancel cruises more in advance.
  9. Final payment was already made...
  10. We are booked on the 8/30 Oasis but I have a feeling it will be canceled. We are considering an August 2021 Symphony sailing. Unfortunately the Oasis trip is labeled Bahamas and the Symphony is Caribbean so I don’t think I can do LaS. So if the cruise gets cancelled, I choose FCC, what happens if I immediately book Symphony? Have to pay the deposit out of pocket and use FCC for final payment? I believe I can also get FCC for prepaid drinks and internet packages, correct? Thanks in advance!
  11. Non-Refundable Deposit OP, did you consider booking with RC directly?
  12. The testing before boarding sounds good (temperature scan I assume), but how effective is that? The incubation period of C19 is a few days so if you get infected in the cab ride from the airport to the cruise terminal, your temperature is fine but you'll be infecting fellow passengers/crew in a few days. Same for port days. So I do expect them to start temperature testing, but it won't prevent anything. Maybe limit it? I can see until there's a vaccine: 1. Face masks are mandatory in common areas 2. Limit number of people in restaurants, theaters and swimming pools 3. To accomplish this, limit number of people on cruises. Maybe they'll stop selling inside cabins.
  13. That doesn't seem right. Did they explain why the upcharge? Maybe you can't get NRD rates?
  14. Even if they bring it for a week, it will be worth it. Right now the ship is sitting empty somewhere.
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