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  1. Yes. It looks like all cruise companies have made mistakes one way or another during hurricanes so with the 25% I feel MSC did right to us. The cruise itself was fine, I liked the international crowd, the ship is beautiful and the food was good. Icing on the cake is the fact that MSC in general is cheaper than others.
  2. An update for those (including myself) who were on the 8/24 Seaside sailing (that got stuck in Miami). Just received this email which I greatly appreciate from MSC: "We hope you enjoyed your time aboard MSC Seaside! Due to Hurricane Dorian and the direction we received from the U.S. Coast Guard and other relevant authorities, we unfortunately had to miss our stop in Nassau and return to PortMiami a day early. While this was due to circumstances beyond our control and decisions were made based on the safety and security of our guests and crew, we do apologize for the last minute change. We hope that you choose to sail with MSC Cruises again and are pleased to offer you a 25% discount – good for any ship in our fleet, on any sail date, and any category of stateroom, with no expiration date. When you’re ready to book your future cruise, please call 877-665-4655 and make sure to reference your booking number from your MSC Seaside cruise departing August 24, 2019. The 25% credit discount will then be applied to your new reservation. "
  3. I can only reply to #1 1. Are there size and/or age requirements for the Aquaventure Park? To me it looks more like a playground than just waterslides, so I was wondering if my 4.5 year old and 2.5 year old would be able to play on it. Yes, your 4.5/2.5 year old will have a blast. It's a waterpark with mini slides for your 2.5 year old, a shallow pool. Your 4.5 year old might be tall enough for the bigger 'brown' slide.
  4. I took a Lyft (in NYC Lyft is usually a bit cheaper than Uber, FYI) when I arrived in LGA last week. The meeting area is in the parking garage, about a 5 minute walk from the terminal.
  5. I agree, but travel around LGA can be terrible due to construction there. I would play it safe, and use MSC.
  6. You need to learn how to read. I didn't mention ANYWHERE that I was annoyed by the different languages, I also didn't mentioned it bother me my kids were kept awake. What I did notice is that the 2 hour long announcement blasts (and they were also in your room), was another part of the Thursday night chaos. Take a chill pill. In fact I'm an European-American and very used to different languages being spoken around, in fact I speak 4 myself.
  7. You really had to be on the Seaside to understand what happened. Thursday around 8PM the captain made an announcement about a change of plans. Then for the next 2 hours we were blasted in 5 languages about 'options' we needed to make before 11PM (I will leave out the fact that my 3 young kids stayed awake because all of these messages). The options were: 1. Disembark on Friday 2. Stay on ship and be brought to a safe place. The ship's decks were a zoo Thursday evening. Confusing people all around us. My family decided for option 2. Come Friday, the ONLY announcements in the morning were barking orders to get people off the ship. Finally around 1:45PM (60 minutes after the last people left) we heard the announcement we would be staying in port and disembarking as scheduled. No apology, no compensation. On Friday we couldn't get off the ship, could not use the restaurants until dinner, kids club was closed until dinner, all pools but one were closed and probably a bunch of other stuff too. We were 'lucky' we didn't spend hundreds of dollars on a Friday night hotel for those who left. My biggest problem is (forget about the above for a second): if MSC knew on Friday morning (they must have) that the ship was to remain docked, why didn't they announce this early morning? THAT is the thing that bothered me the most: not me having a underwhelming Miami day, but the poor people that rushed off the ship on Friday.
  8. Listen, I missed a day at Nassau and had a crappy Friday stuck in Miami without most cruise benefits. However, about 1,000 left the ship and paid for hotels. They were rushed off the ship as late as Friday around noon while MSC already knew the change of plans. That should be unacceptable to anyone reading here.
  9. Ssm I assume you weren’t on the ship? Easy to write this criticizing us as passengers, instead of how MSC communicated on board. I got more information from here then from the Captain
  10. Think about the people who disembarked this morning thinking the ship would leave (probably with a Saturday flight). They might have had the expenses of a hotel or stayed in the airport? Not a single word this morning we would stay in Miami, just every 30 minutes a warning to get off the ship before 12:15pm at the latest. I understand Mother Nature is outside of MSC’ control and yesterday they really had the best intentions but they screwed up royally today.
  11. Dining room was open only for dinner. Buffet for breakfast and lunch. Only one pool was open. Kids club was mostly closed. Plus the stress of us having to see if we can make it home before a major hurricane instead of us being able to ride it out at sea (as promised by MSC last night). And not a single apology let alone any compensation. Yes, that’s not great MSC. Not good.
  12. Right. And CF, not only did we lose a day but we started to make alternate arrangements for the prolonged stay onboard. I almost cancelled my Saturday Miami hotel stay! Although I fully understand this was mostly beyond MSC’s control they should have communicated better and earlier. Why didn’t they announce this morning before people disembarked that we might stay here? I even felt we didn’t hear a simple “Sorry for any inconvenience”. Yesterday and today were extremely stressful and today a total waste of a cruise day. Money doesn’t make things right but whatever they are doing now is even worse. Hopefully they will reimburse the internet package that was supposed to be free. I want to betcha that will be another mess.
  13. They just announced onboard our cruise ends tomorrow, so the 8/31 cruise is a go. I am very disappointed they didn’t provide any on-board credit for those impacted.
  14. Listen, I understand. But they are telling us they will take us out to sea, or you can disembark today. “You are family to us” they said. Now plans are changing and the only information I am getting is from here. MSC needs to be straight up with the folks on-board and in my opinion provide compensation for a totally wasted day. Everything except the buffet is closed today.
  15. They can’t have both the 8/31 cruise sail and keep us on board at the same time. But I feel your pain too as someone ready to set sail. The hurricane shouldn’t impact your itinerary . I have a feeling they will disembark us tomorrow, which makes the most sense for MSC, 8/24 cruisers be damned.
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