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  1. You can buy a beach club access for the 9th guest, and then they can join you. Technically that’s not allowed but you will be 100% fine. When we had the cabanas we saw huge crowds at others.
  2. Did Adventure on 8/21 with my kids, just a q-tip tickling the nose. Practice at home, but it's definitely not a 'tickle your brain' test. Same for testing on-board. All no big deal.
  3. I don't mean to make this into a big Covid or vaccination discussion (yes, I read the red banner). However, my wife and I are struggling with future cruise planning. Both of us are fully vaccinated, and we have 3 children under 12. We did the Adventure cruise last month out of Nassau, and everyone had a blast. The testing was not a big deal. We are planning 2 cruises (one for summer 2022, one for winter 2023), but we decided that we will hold off on vaccinating our children - initially. This is a difficult topic, and I'm sure every parent can relate to a certain degree. Down the line we'll probably vaccinate them but for now the risk/reward simply isn't there. And speaking to multiple parents, we're not alone. So here's my question: do you think Royal will mandate children to be vaccinated when the vaccines are approved? I'm sure this question will give Michael Bayley a few more grey hairs.
  4. I asked at the resort, and there were also a few locals on a day pass. You can email Kessa to confirm: Kessa Minnis - Kessa.Minnis@margaritavilleresortnassau.com
  5. I thought in Adventure out of Nassau everyone 12 and up had to be vaccinated. Interesting. I appreciate your updates, what a special time to cruise.
  6. I sailed on the 8/21 Adventure out of Nassau, and I thought it was one of the best cruises I've done. Empty ship/excursions (CocoCay) and exceptional service from the crew. The testing protocols really were not fun, but that's the current world we're living in. Would do it again in a heartbeat. What are YOUR thoughts?
  7. Hi all, I wonder about any final thoughts from the 8/28 passengers? I am glad we sailed when we did with the new incoming protocols for September. Already missing this:
  8. I have 4 unopened eMed tests purchased on eMed (had to buy two 6-packs), these are the proctor kits used for pre-cruise testing (I used them myself). If you're interested in any (1-4 quantity), PM me. I'll sell these at cost ($28 each, which covers the $25 kit and shipping to me, plus add actual shipment costs to you). I'll throw in a Floxflex test also per kit shipped (this can't be used for cruising, but is handy if you want to do a pre-test). Hopefully this post is allowed here: trying to help others and recoup some of the money I invested.
  9. When I did my Sat 8/21 AOS Cruise in Nassau, Royal only tested unvaccinated children with an antigen test (no PCR). All adults were not tested, but had to be vaccinated, showed proof of vaccination. All passengers required an antigen test 3 days prior to sailing: my part of 6 (3 adults, 3 minors) did the eMed test on the Wednesday 8/18 which was accepted by Royal.
  10. Yes. The actual test kits are not tied to a name. You need to provide names when ordering since technically it requires a prescription, but just like with a real prescription: if you have the bottle/box in your hands you can share it to whomever you like. So no worries, you'll be fine (and yes, I used these tests for a party of 6 including 3 minors).
  11. I submitted mine to my insurance before I went on vacation (8/14). I'll report back the results.
  12. The Beach club is worth $70 or so at most. However, get one of those water cabanas… And I agree Freeport is a terrible port.
  13. Correct. Party of 2 USC adults, 1 EU adult and 3 children under 12. Was able to board the RC AOS.
  14. That is absolutely incorrect. The kits are not tied to a name. The registration online is a technicality. I know from experience, curious where you get your information from.
  15. I am on my way home, typing this from my NAS-JFK flight. Internet was only $5, not too bad. Some thoughts: - NAS airport around 2pm wasn’t too bad. I arrived 3 hours in advance and had plenty of time to eat. Good food options, too. - Used my Thursday Covid test to board my flight Sunday - Couldn’t see Adventure leave (had dinner at that time), but took a picture of Mariner of the Seas which looked nearly identical - I can’t stress how nice Margaritaville is, located near the Hilton. They do day passes also ($35 child, $74 adult). The hotel is brand new and rooms are absolutely gorgeous. - My cruise, in fact the entire trip, was fantastic. - Please keep on posting about the 8/28 cruise, I am following these with envy
  16. To those on the 8/28 sailing, I hope to catch you sail away. Will def take a picture. Right now I am enjoying a bonus vaca day. Tip: right down the beach from the Tiki Bar is a hut called Salty Crab. Great food and cheap beer (3 Kalik for $12 with a free shot). A beer at our resort is $7 each. Cheers!
  17. Just checked in to Margaritaville, beautiful place. Much nicer than Hilton in my opinion! We will be leaving tomorrow. Guess who just sailed into Nassau?
  18. Update: heard that we had 1 passenger tested positive for Covid on our 8/21, not 0. Still not too bad. Finished my final WJ breakfast, and need to leave. Another positive Covid change (besides the muster station, and the new departure process) is the omelet station. No more waiting in-line, you simply place an order and get a buzzer to let you know when it’s ready.
  19. Tomorrow I am getting off the ship, but I am staying one more night in Nassau (Margaritaville). Here are some final thoughts on-board, but I am sure I will be back: 1. Heard there were 0 Covid cases on our sailing, awesome! 2. The Covid testing and protocols really are not a big deal. 3. As someone who has done 12 cruises I can’t consider myself a veteran, but certainly not a noob either. This was hands down the best service I received on any cruise. 4. The cruise was empty and sometimes felt like it, sometimes not. However, I will probably will never have this experience ever again. And 2 days in CocoCay? Lucky us. 5. I met 2 cruise critic-couples on-board: love the cc community. 6. Freeport is a terrible cruise port and really should be deleted if you ask me. Nassau is soooo much better - and Nassau is still a 2/5 as far as ports go. We did Caves and Beaches in Freeport today and underwhelming is an understatement: drove 45 mins to see 2 small caves (what’s up with the “largest” cave system?), followed by an okay beach? 7. Something is hanging from my ceiling?! 8. We lucked out with Hurricanes and TS this week. Seriously. To everyone on the 28th Nassau AOS sailing: enjoy your day experience/cruise/B2B. I am jealous!
  20. Had to take this one at the elevators.. Guess I can walk around without a mask while drinking my beer (j/k of course).
  21. Ordering the test kits and testing itself is different. Each test kit can be used for anyone, even someone not listed in the order - that’s why I am selling my spare. You basically order the kits, make an only account and when you ready to test the proctor scans the barcode. It is absolutely not linked to a name.
  22. You will need your own login but you can simply logout and in.
  23. I did them in the morning, and it took less than a minute to connect to a proctor.
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