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  1. Yup, deck 8 are where the couches are. Deck 7 is lifeboat/tender only.
  2. The dolphins were inside the National Museum of Bermuda which is right across from where the ship docked. Admission to the grounds is $15 USD. The dolphins are part of the "Swim with Dolphins" program that was an NCL Excursion. A bit expensive at $300 per person. I was there first thing in the morning (10AM or so) when then opened and the trainers were feeding the dolphins. After walking around the ground for an hour I came back to the dolphin area. The folks participating in the dolphin excursion were in the water at this point so I took a few photos of that. You can sit there and watch the action for as long as you want to for the admission price to the museum. The clocktower mall definitely didn't open before 10AM while I was there. Not sure about the closing time however. Enjoy your trip!!
  3. Calendar marked. And I do have a large lens for airshows that will zoom in close enough to make out each balcony from that vantage point. If you hold up a big florescent colored sign for example, I will find you! Haha.
  4. Thank you hcat. I live about 1 mile from this vantage point on Staten Island but never paid attention to the ship schedule until I came back from my first Bermuda cruise this past Memorial Day week. Now I'm a bit addicted every Sunday afternoon! Here is a link to my full album of ships I've seen in the NYC area and photos of my Bermuda cruise (where I saw the Summit for the first time). https://flic.kr/s/aHsmE9GLGM https://flic.kr/s/aHsmDYU3rQ
  5. Looking forward to following you along for the trip! Here are photos of the Summit leaving NY Harbor yesterday. The ship was really moving fast compared the the NCL Escape and Queen Mary 2 later that afternoon.
  6. She certainly is. More photos of her leaving NY Harbor this afternoon are on the Cunard board. I was not the only photographer at that overlook waiting for her to pass.
  7. The Escape was in the middle of a conga line of ships leaving NY harbor this afternoon. The other ships were the Celebrity Summit and Cunard Queen Mary 2. I'm sorry to say the Escape just didn't look right with all the toys on the roof! Haha.
  8. And here is a comparison to the Celebrity Summit and NCL Escape
  9. Unfortunately the air was a more hazy this afternoon compared to last week but I made the best of it. Both the Celebrity Summit and NCL Escape sailed out right before the QM2 and it was very interesting to see the size differences between the ships.
  10. Thanks for sharing this video. As a lifelong NY'er, it's amazing to see the changes that has been happening to the skyline in the last 10-15 years.
  11. Interesting numbers. I did notice how relatively expensive the food and drinks were on land. I just chalked it up to being in a tourist area. With numbers like this, it makes me wonder how working folks on the island are able to make a living...
  12. Have a great trip! I was looking forward to seeing the ship pass under the Verrazano bridge this evening but gave up around 6PM when it still didn't move. Looks like you're moving now (8PM EST)
  13. Thank you for this. What a perfect day you had for making this video!
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