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  1. Interesting--I'm surprised they're still pretending they will be able to sail in Nov.
  2. If someone here really said that, it should have been easy to disregard with basic critical thinking skills. Do you actually doubt that last part is happening? Do you actually doubt there is tremendous political pressure to rush a vaccine to market? I'm not able to parse this one to figure out your point. This is straight from certain segments of the media, but yes, we understand more about t-cell immunity now. Which brings me to my main question, why the preoccupation with the 'meta' analysis of what people are saying on 'these boards'? Just put the people who are annoying you on Ignore, and be the conversation you want to see. Some (smaller) cruise lines already have gone bankrupt. The bigger ones are bleeding tremendous amounts of money every month with no revenue. This isn't doomer thinking, it's just math. Not saying they wouldn't end up re-organizing, or that cruising is over forever, but yeah, this isn't a wildly unlikely scenario.
  3. I don’t see anything like that in this thread.
  4. South Korea had a young population, the best ground game in the world for testing and contact tracing, and unlike many western countries, had a population that didn’t decide that wearing a mask was too much for their “personal freedoms”. They’ve also just arrested a church leader who caused mass spread. Would never happen in the US. Even still, they’ve had flare ups when they tried opening nightclubs. It doesn’t just go away.
  5. I got CCL at 8, NCLH at 7 and RCCL at 20 back when the one big crash happened. I keep waiting for that money to vanish, but I was treating it as gambling cash anyway. Surprised the sale of those HAL ships didn't touch CCL much.
  6. Yeah ... I finally gave up and got my interest-free loan back from them. 😕
  7. On the bright side, with all the money we've saved this year from not being able to travel, dine out, other frivolous spending, I traded in my car and got an (entry level) Tesla. If I'm stuck to the ground I might as well enjoy it.
  8. Perhaps this will help clarify things for you: In Memoriam: Healthcare Workers Who Have Died of COVID-19
  9. Refunds to my CC arrived overnight. It's about $200 shy of what the rep quoted the day I called, but it's made up of a lot of individual charges and she might have just done the math wrong. (It was more than I remembered paying them either way, so ...) Anyway, so that was 2 business days for full refund plus (they say) 25% FCC.
  10. It was more than a downpayment, I had paid off a couple of (short) cruises that were to happen back in March. I believe the fact that those cruises were canceled due to pandemic are the reason I was eligible for a 25% future cruise credit even when I cancelled the subsequent rebookings for a refund. (No monies yet.)
  11. I finally caved this morning. I've rolled several bookings forward already and had ended up in Nov 2020, which I still don't believe is going to happen. I've been (mostly) on hold with them for about 40 minutes now. To be fair, my booking history with them is complicated (suite with two people > canceled for two back to backs in solo (March 2020, canceled by pandemic), > canceled for suite with two people in October > canceled for suite with two people in November > I finally gave up/not sure they won't go bankrupt). Ok ... off phone now, it was about 50 minutes total. It does sound like they were able to clean everything up and issue me a 25% FCC. If you have a similarly complicated history, they can handle, but just be ready to settle in on hold for a while (and it's still that same song ...). They state 7-10 business days for the refund, I will post here when it shows up (or doesn't).
  12. WDW is much closer to, you know, actual hospitals. WDW also isn’t moving around from country to country with thousands of parkgoers. It’s apples and oranges. Note: I also think WDW opening in less than three weeks while Orange County is running out of ICU capacity is bananas.
  13. Lots of people in my neighborhood, including my husband, already wore masks when mowing. Dust, fuel fumes, grass, etc. It's just that now people feel good about noticing and judging it, for some absolutely insane reason.
  14. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/coronavirus/os-ne-coronavirus-hospitalizations-central-florida-20200614-vxrk2t3hdjgcrmt6pyqtdl3r5a-story.html
  15. Or the fact that Arizona, SC, FL all reopened fairly early. The current protestors wear masks. The ReOpen protestors proudly did not. Oh, I guess it’s all good then, pay no mind to the 116k plus dead Americans.
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