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  1. Speaking as a person who just canceled because of vaccine policy uncertainty in the US: I think those are risks in the short term, and ones that people who are trying to book soon should consider, and read their cruise contracts and travel policies VERY carefully. But I don’t think it’ll be like this forever, no. I will be surprised if it even continues into 2022. (Unless there really is some nasty new variant, and cases/deaths begin to rise again in the U.S.)
  2. I thought they were already off the ship and flown home in a chartered plane? God only knows where I read it, there have been so many threads.
  3. After much agonizing over the last two weeks or so, I finally canceled this sailing at the last minute (er, the last minute before I would incur a financial penalty). Things are changing so fast (the politics at the state and federal level, different cruise lines' stated policies, lots of allegiance-shifting among all of them depending on which way the wind is blowing that day) that it was causing me more stress than enjoyment to have it booked. I thought I knew what I was getting when I first booked, but that was even a different ship when this thread started. 🙂 I'm reall
  4. They weren’t false positives. Subsequent tests were positive. Blaming the testing is not the solution. Also, “they” was the island of Sint Maarten, requiring a negative test for disembark.
  5. On the live thread for this sailing, someone is saying 95% vaccinated. But of course we’re all speculating at this point. Apparently people onboard are now masking up.
  6. Well, that’s disheartening. And we know how well isolation worked on Diamond Princess.
  7. The reps can now manually override (or get someone to help do it) the erroneous charges. If you’d rather not wait and hope it gets automatically sorted before your PIF, you can give them a call.
  8. Please don’t pretend you don’t know that this is political theater courtesy of DeSantis. He reminds us of his stance almost every day.
  9. There was a point where I only “owed” $88. It’s changed a couple of times.
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