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  1. This is all amazing to me; that adults are whining about their bookings and the for-profit company not giving them discounts. Get used to it. Cruise lines are operating in the red and have massive debts to pay off. Presume the booking was made in earnest. That the then price was acceptable and considered a good deal when booked otherwise you wouldn't have booked. Be satisfied. New Normal!
  2. The problem is a simple one. People do not follow directions and show up well before or well after their assigned embarkation times. Causes massive delays and confusion, not to mention the added threat of mingling closely with others during the pandemic. Please follow directions and be courteous of others.
  3. Global Entry does not identify citizenship.
  4. We just renewed passports and selected to also obtain passport cards. Have had a US passport for over 70 years ad don't leave the country without it! Its your country's form of international identification and citizenship. The idea of getting both the book and the card is to have some form of identification when getting off the shop for day tours. Leave the passport in the cabin safe (except for places like Israel which requires the passport) and carry there card ashore. The card should facilitate obtaining a replacement passport for travel back into the US, if needed. Americans are just not familiar with passports. Almost all citizens of other countries carry some form of citizenship identification from at least the age of 18, many from 16 or earlier. I don't like the idea of "Real ID" since it does nothing to identify one as a citizen. Its much more a political nuisance than anything else, especially in this day and age of near instant electronic identification.
  5. You need to get a USG Passport Card. Same size as the DL, certifies your citizenship and can be used for travel to Canada, Mexico and Caribbean cruising. It cannot be used for air travel into the US. Less expensive that the passport book.
  6. Schedules are flexible. Lost of reasons from aircraft availability to weather to realigned routing. Schedules are nominally released 330 days out. They are a projection, not cast in stone.
  7. The smartest buyer looks at all options from fares to availability to aircraft type to post-purchase support. Have never had any issues dealing through EZAir for international flights and always able to book the exact same seat on the exact same flight as offered by airlines. The additional amenity with EZAir is changeability, usually driven by late flight changes by the airline. EZAir has always worked to make the flights work best for the Princess customer. Case in point: round trip to OZ from the US west coast the airline changed flight scheduling though ATL for connection to LAX and on to SYD. The new connection was exactly the minimum allowed in ATL: 35 minutes. Any flyer knows that Summer travel in the southwest is subject to thunderstorms and rain, which implies delays. Thirty-five minutes implies missed connection. EZAir worked changes for routing from a nearby airport and saved us $500 each. Customer service you don't get from the airlines. Another example: flying from Florida to YQB to catch a cruise (not Princess) the airline routed us through THREE (3) stops. It then called and changed one airport...which had us arriving 30 minutes after the scheduled connection. What a hassle working with the airline to make them understand that arrive 30 minutes after the connecting flight was not practical. Eventually had to overnight at EWR... BL: Don't trust the airline when it comes to scheduling.
  8. My experience exactly. For international flights EZAir is the best way for those of us sailing with Princess to book/reserve air. Half a dozen flights: always less expensive, aways ready to assist with any changes, and the same aircraft/flight available directly from the airline. Have not used EZAir for strictly domestic travel. However, have read that the service does not provide the same level of discount available for international flights.
  9. ...and horribly uncomfortable theater seating. Zero leg room. The Royal class is the go-to Princess ship. Modern, more space, great buffet, excellent layout, etc.
  10. All Princess ships before Royal need to be scrapped. Outdated, horrible ride at sea, claustrophobic, crowded, etc.
  11. May want to put that O2 mask on at 35K feet... The EZAir program offers consolidator pricing for international flights and the ability to make changes, no cost, up to 45 days out. Airlines lock you in to their price of the moment, good or bad. End the end, the seat is the same whether you buy it from EZAir or the airline or a travel agent. Additionally, airlines love to play games with non-frequent flyers by over charging for seats. Same airplane, same seat can cost triple from one airline compared to the code-share cost. Caveat Emptor!
  12. Princess EZAir offers excellent prices and good routing for international flights. Used them across the Atlantic, Pacific and to OZ from the US. They will work with you on routing. Best it to call them direct and discuss your options.
  13. All the whining is amazing. Spend an average $1500 (US) or more for a 7-10 day cruise and then complain about an additional $10-15/day cost. A cost that the same whiners wouldn't even worry about if not on an board. I am NOT a supporter of Princess or any other cruise line pricing. NOT a supporter of the way they are handling cost recovery from the pandemic. Princess, and others, have chosen "get it now" over long-term recovery and long-term loyalty. Their choice. We, as passengers, also have choices. "Marketing" is when you try to convince someone of a "good deal" when its really not in their favor to buy. As old as the hills. And as corrupt, too. I think that most of us who be more receptive to "truth-telling" than deception when buying a product. Marketers believe otherwise. Princess marketers (and leadership) apparently believe that lying up front to potential cruisers is better than being truthful with pricing, perks and benefits. Obfuscate what the real value isn't and you can con some people up front. Problem is, of course, once conned in that manner people take notice. The old "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" adage applies. Potential customers, and we are one having already booked a 2022 TA on Princess, need to throw out everything pre-pandemic, "perks," benefits, pricing, loyalty programs, etc., and look at each potential cruise from the ground up. If the total costs makes sense, buy. If not, walk (or ride with someone else). Cruise lines are going through a post-pandemic shakedown period trying to find out what will entice a potential passenger to buy. Not easy for them - and not easy for the potential passenger with so much hype and "marketing" being thrown around. We have three long cruises booked for 2022, each with a different cruise line. "Loyalty" is not longer a consideration for us and it appears cruise lines (and airlines) believe the same. It price per cruise per cabin type that matters (along with destination). No whining needed.
  14. The question is whether the loss of WiFi will make you reconsider cruising with Princess. Princess is betting it will not. Betting that you will pay inflated pricing for the cruise and once committed, will purchase WiFi minutes and other "perks" provided as inclusive before the pandemic. Every penny counts now and Princess will do whatever is needed to recoup losses from the no-sail period. Get used it it - it WILL be more expensive.
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