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  1. Why does this subject get everyone's bowels in an uproar? You would think that their kids were being attack. Why call each other vile names? Chill out fellow cruisers.
  2. This is also what I was told by an NLC representative.
  3. Here we go again. No disrespect intended. I asked a similar question and it started quite a brouhaha. My advice is dress like you are going to dinner at a nice restaurant on land. Enjoy your cruise. The Mexican cruises are a lot of fun.
  4. We are taking our first cruise on NCL and wondering if you are allowed to bring on soft drinks and a bottle of wine. Also what is the attire for specialty restaurants and MDR? Thank you for your replies.
  5. Ease your worried mind. The Ruby is a beautiful ship. You will have a blast. Everyone will be super friendly and helpful. The Lido deck is the highest deck that cabins are on. The pools, buffet restaurant, outdoor grill and movie screen are all on the Lido. So you won't be far from all that. Downside is that you may have higher foot traffic outside your room than the lower decks.
  6. joeyancho

    Ideas for Juneau

    Tracy's Crab Shack!!! Worth every penny.
  7. Been on both ships, both are nice. Ruby a little newer. Ruby has Share, Golden has Sabatinos. Both have a Crown Grill. Golden has a covered pool. Golden does not have gelato at the IC. Either is wonderful.
  8. May 6th, 2019, Alaska, inside passage.
  9. I can confirm, no crap table on Golden Princess. Rather small casino.
  10. My experience has been different. Flew to Vancouver for Alaska cruise. While in Vancouver i bought a bottle of cuban rum for a friend. It was taken away at embarcation and returned on the last night of the cruise. Friend was happy.
  11. It is an easy walk to all the jewelry stores you could ever imagine.
  12. Not true, at least in my experience. On the Golden, in May, I simply asked which dining room was open for lunch and I was directed to the proper dining room. I didn't have to demand anything.
  13. The bottled water in the room, on the Golden, was from Australia.
  14. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
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