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  1. Americans a very adventurous. America has more diverse cuisine than anywhere in the world. Any type cuisine from any culture, anywhere in the world, is available. Give up the stereotyping.
  2. Cleaning the ship is not the issue. This disease is passed person to person. Mitigating that is the problem. Bottom line is that it cannot be done within the confines of a cruise ship without making the experience worthless.
  3. I don't see how anyone could even think about getting on the cruise ship with all that is going on. I know about freedom and all that blah blah blah. But I just think it's crazy
  4. It can't be completely safe but it can be relatively safe. If cruising were to resume today, it would be unsafe.
  5. Hash does have the smell and texture of dog food . However I still like it once or twice a year. Herefords is the best but very hard to find.
  6. 1. The food is good and plentiful 2. The crew is attentive 3. The price is usually cheap Least favorite thing: The coffee, sorry
  7. Good luck wading through that sea of covid-19 to get to the ship
  8. I want one up on blocks in my driveway.
  9. Same guy who said cruising would resume in August
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