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  1. What happens after they run out of Greek Alpha.😄
  2. Unlike the original "Open Bookings" don't the present ones have an expiry date. I have one of the originals that's 8+ years old.
  3. I had to bring one for my wife. The only good thing was that we sailed from Bayonne and drove the scooter.
  4. You think that's bad. I'm scheduled for Oasis Sept. 5 sail from Bayonne, but the test cruise wont end until August 28th. It is still listed as a live cruise, but wondering how will all of the coordination be accomplished. When will the next round of cancellations be announced.
  5. I'm totally confused and whom do we believe and get a straight answer. Shouldn't the requirements be documented at the check-in process.
  6. Also, another advantage is only requires a $100 deposit and if you cancel it's a smaller amount to worry about than the mandatory $250 per. I do it as CigarKing mentioned, transfer to your TA and reap those rewards offered, if any.
  7. FYI, it took almost 3 months to get my T&F and cruise planner refunds back in mid 2020. Also, my experience is that they will be in many different amounts credited to the CC. One of them was for $.30.🤪
  8. Quarantined is considered treated with kid gloves. How would you have handled this situation. Just wondering, what are the CDC protocols when you vacation outside the USA.
  9. Wow, that is an experience of a lifetime. I would be p___ed. not knowing where or how I contacted it. I'm vaxxed and claustrophobic and don't know how I would handle a small jet. When I traveled for business, my first option was the equipment and everything else was secondary. Unfortunately, more & more vaccinated are being diagnosed as positive. The Yankees were 87% vaxxed and yet a bunch of them tested positive. Don Mattingly (x Yankee) manager of the FL Marlins was vaxxed and tested positive. I could go on, but. If more and more of these events unfold, the vaccines themselves will be questioned and create a credibility problem. I'm scheduled to sail on Oasis Sept. 5th and I better check with my CC company to see if these types of events are covered under their trip interruption clause.
  10. I'll be excited when I'm Oasis sailing on Sept. 5th. I simply don't know the turn around time as the test cruise ends on August 28th and with the new protocols eg. C-19 tests requirements.
  11. If they say thy will work with you, ask them for FCCs with no expiry date, I wonder what they will say. Maybe, we could employ that Florida ambulance chaser that is always going against the cruise lines.😀
  12. Maybe you should contact your State Consumer Protection. In my case, if I can't sail because of the protocols I'm not planning on losing $10k and will take necessary actions.
  13. I would agree with you if the pandemic disappeared in the next few months, but that is not the case. FCCs have an expiration date and if these protocols are in place for some time the individual(s) will never be able to convert the FCCs into a booking/enjoyable vacation. I've got 4 cabins booked on Anthem Easter sail with FCCs from a precious Anthem cruise. There are 3 granddaughters that will not take the jab. If these protocols are in place, which weren't when I booked, i should be able to get a refund and not a useless FCCs. I don't care what RCL's financial situation is. I can see a class action suit coming if RCL sticks with it's FCCs policy.
  14. You will have to live with the mask, unless you vacation outside the country, as it will become mandatory in the near future. Presently, NJ is simply recommending masks to be worn inside where there are people in the vicinity.. I believe Los Angeles has mandated. I have no problem wearing a mask if that is what it takes to enjoy activities that I cherish, I visit Atlantic City and although it's on the honor system, I wear a mask even though I'm vaxxed. The only problem is that it fogs my glasses.😀 I have 3 pending cruises and 🙏 that they will come off. The first one is Oasis Sept. 5th.
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