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  1. Cabin # 12-302. For informational purposes, the width of chair is 26' and 12' folded. Your idea of getting rid of one of the night stands sounds good, and if the bed is by the balcony, the wheel chair can be placed between the bed & balcony door. Trying to remember, if Anthem had a cocktail table.
  2. Brillo, thanks for your informative data. Just wondering if it would be easier to separate the beds for storage/moving the folding wheel chair.
  3. Did you call RCL agent and ask if a cabin has been assigned. On our upcoming Anthem cruise, I called them even though no cabin assignment showed in my cruise planner. Sure enough a cabin was indeed assigned. PS. After speaking with agent, the cabin # still did not show up in the cruise planner and I started playing around and I clicked "view more details" and the cabin # showed up.
  4. Probably the quota for on-line bookings has been reached. RCL, usually has 25% of seats in reserve for on-board bookings. Last August on Anthem, there were kiosks and live staff taking reserves for shows, activities, SR, etc. in the 2X70 theatre. Recommend that as soon as you board ascertain where these activities are taking place and take appropriate action.
  5. My choice, after the Oasis class. As I live in NJ, it is so convenient for us and don't have to put up with flight hassles.
  6. Was referring to Trinity reservations with park/cruise pricing.
  7. Any names/locations. Usually they're park/fly, but not too many park & cruise other than one in Staten Island.
  8. However, even with the adjustments, the ramps can be quite steep. Also, on our last August cruise in Halifax, Paxs were using the same ramps for getting on/off the ship.
  9. We have a tour reserved in Boston titled "Discover Cape Cod" and was wondering how far/close the tour busses park near the pier/terminal. My wife recently had hip fracture surgery and can walk a bit with a cane, and wondering if she can make the distance. I should know as I did this tour a few years ago, but can't recall some specifics. Hate to cancel it as we were looking forward to this tour.
  10. Never thought of the size/depth of chair. Thanks. Yes she can walk a bit of a distance and no problem to fold the chair and she can walk in. Regarding the tour, It's called "Discover Cape Cod" in Boston.
  11. We are sailing on Anthem this August 29th and my wife recently had a hip fracture operation. We will be using/bringing a wheel chair and have a regular ocean view cabin and wondering if we need to pre-inform RCL of such. Also, I'll be checking with the Northeast Port(s) thread and wondering if anyone on this thread knows how far from the pier the tour buses park as she still has limited mobility.
  12. Yes, you are right. Loved the seafood tower skewer, but then the half lobster tail became the size of a large shrimp.
  13. And before that there was Portofino. If RCL drops Jamie's & Giovanni they should go back to the Portofino name.
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