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  1. Was the coffee too hot.☺️ There was a case in which a lady visiting Harrah's in Atlantic City had coffee and was going to her room. While navigating her bag, coffee and keys to the room, she spilled coffee was scalded and sued Harrah's. Of course even though she was at fault, she sued. She got rewarded and can't recall if she won the civil case or there was a settlement. Harrah's provided free coffee and hot water for tea to it's visitors. The coffee & hot water urns were placed by the entrance to parking. This perc was especially useful to those daily gamblers/visitors
  2. You accomplish trip by the Worm Hole. Also, you don't have to go far. Kyrie Irving, basketball star of the Brooklyn Nets, is a flat Earther. 😄😄
  3. I went for my annual physical (Had to wait a couple of months due to C19) and this medical facility had all of my medications on file. At least in NJ, there may be some sort of database that physicians are able to tap in.
  4. Are we talking about a 24 hour shutdown. See the article below and not for a day or 2. Also, targeted another 3 cities in Essex County , NJ No Official Order Issued in Newark’s Local “Lockdown” — For Now | TAPinto We will either get infected from C 19 or go nuts!
  5. I'm assuming you mean Covid is raging. By the way, it's raging all over the world.
  6. What I find amazing is that the Chinese initiated this mess and should be way ahead in identifying the complete make-up of Covid and haven't come up with a vaccine of their own. I guess they are waiting for the West to expend it;s resources and gain from it.
  7. We go on and on and simply speculating on what will be mandated by the cruise or governments. We will eventually reach as "herd immunity", until the next pandemic.
  8. At least in the US, if a vaccine has been approved by the FDA, rejection would lead to lawsuits.
  9. Supposedly, airlines are the safest due to their constant venting of air. Again, supposedly.
  10. I'm not sure that HIPPA laws apply to whether someone had the vaccine or not. If I'm not mistaken, I believe the law applies to the details of the illness. Plus, I read that some states the vaccine will be mandatory, subject to constitutional issues. See the following link that I posted earlier, https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/other/ticketmaster-to-require-proof-of-vaccine-or-negative-covid-test/ar-BB1aVnzE
  11. Can anyone help me understand the logistics. Will the government procure the vaccines and allocate to the states and they in turn, upon request, to the various outlets that will do the injections.
  12. When I get the flu shot, I have no idea who the manufacturer is or where it's manufactured.
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