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  1. Wonder if there's a website that shows past RCL's promos that you can use as leverage.
  2. It should show on the invoice as others have mentioned. I'm sure you checked your cruise planner as any OBCs from RCL would show. Also, RCL was running non-refundable fares that came with non-refundable OBCs and I got $200 for my past August Anthem 9 niter to NE & Canada. If it was this type of OBC, they should be able to track it down. I believe this program stopped for booking on Nov. 1 (?).
  3. nelblu

    New BOGOF sale?

    There's a better sale going on and It's the 30/30% sale which is the same as 60% off the 2nd Pax.
  4. nelblu

    Ship to Replace Anthem in Bayonne

    I'll vouch for that. Many Canadians love the Jersey Shore stretching from exit 117 on the NJ Parkway to Cape May. The drive from Bayonne to the beginning of the Shore area is 25-30 minutes and to Cape May/Wildwood is an additional 2 hours.
  5. nelblu

    Ship to Replace Anthem in Bayonne

    The same question was asked at the Captain's Q&A on my August Anthem sail and he mentioned the same thing without hesitation.
  6. nelblu

    El Loco Fresh

    Try Hormel, they have chili with or without beans. Ps. Beans are a good source of roughage. Blazing Saddles, anyone.
  7. nelblu

    RCCL ends association with Dreamworks

    What comprised the non-D parade? Would kids under 10 enjoy it.
  8. nelblu

    El Loco Fresh

  9. Here's communications from RCL for a cruise scheduled for April 2020. Dear Guest, Before you set sail on your Harmony of the Seas vacation, we have an update about our onboard programming. At Royal Caribbean, we regularly review and refresh our offerings to ensure that we provide diverse and exciting experiences. That said, as of April 1st, 2019, we will no longer have DreamWorks moments as part of our regular programming. Rest assured, we have countless, awesome activities to keep you and your family entertained. Kids can live it up in their own dedicated area – the complimentary, award winning Adventure Ocean youth program with art, science, games and activities every day. Or dare to be brave on the Ultimate Abyss slide, take a ride on the carousel on the Boardwalk, soak up the fun at Splashaway Bay water park, or take on the rock climbing walls. Click here to check out everything Harmony of the Seas has to offer. Thank you for choosing Royal Caribbean International. We look forward to welcoming you onboard very soon. Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International I'm assuming they are ridding of the DreamWorks characters altogether from their fleet. It's too bad as my Grandkids really enjoyed them, especially the Parade.
  10. To all. stop reinventing the wheel! If you want the DL to be less crowded, maybe RCL should go back some 15-20 years ago practice and only have wine and some munches in the DL To Biker, beating a single dead horse does not do it anymore-I Guess you need to come up with a double dead horse.
  11. Not necessarily true. I've sailed on Oasis & Allure during Easter week and the DL was basically empty. This past Easter week on Allure, the kids were welcome in the DL and there were plenty of empty chairs. Sailed on Oasis & Allure on other times and never that crowded that we could not find a seat. Yes, sometimes there are those that park themselves and don't leave.
  12. As others have said, limited but expensive even without any taxes. Suggest bring what you need on board and only use RCL store for emergencies.
  13. Don't listen to the gloom & doom crowd. They have been bitching & complaining for demise of the D from the DL for the 5 years.
  14. Maybe I should have said one of the smallest in the fleet. As Biker reminded me for the size of Oasis class.