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  1. The Custom Form has been discontinued for at least 2-3 years on both cruises and Transatlantic flights into the US (Philadelphia).
  2. It seems as such. Also, heard an ad on radio and seen It being hawked by the TSA line at Newark Airport and the product is called "Clear". The technology is either facial recognition or Iris scan and . It is being used at some 2 dozens airports. Don't know what the annual cost is.
  3. No such animal. D+ are allowed in the DL. On some ships, eg; Anthem, they are allowed in both the DL & CL.
  4. nelblu

    Prepaid tips vs cash

    Oh my goodness, another gratuity thread. Biker, where are you.
  5. Done 4 12 niters Mediterranean cruises. My 1st was on the Brilliance in 2007. The dress code has evolved as in the Caribbean. As others have mentioned, all Euro cruises are tour intensive and many in the Medit. were in the 9-10 hours as the ports are far from the main attractions. For example--Rome and Florence are minimum 1.5 hours from the port of Civitavecchia and Livorno respectively. With regards to air fare--don't book immediately, but just track the fares for a bit. I've noticed, at least in the US, that initially when flights are released (9 mos. prior) they tend to be much higher. Also, see what Choice Air (RCL booking arm) offers. Provides some protection if any problems with flights.
  6. nelblu

    RCCL Miami - global entry

    At Miami, you almost don't need a separate line. I have GE and off Symphony on Feb. 9th and Port had facial image recognition technology and took approximately 15 seconds to pass/clear customs. No passport or any other ID needed. Fastest time from leaving ship (7:15am) to bags and exiting customs. Someone on the radio, was talking about "Clear" program that is being used at various airports that basically uses either facial or iris scan to clear security. There's a cost to obtain, however, can't recall the cost.
  7. You are right, forgot about the dress code.
  8. No. As a matter of fact there's no I/A TV technology on Symphony. On other ships, I was able to make reservations for dining, tours, etc. Also, able to see my cruise planner activities. Don't know if this has disappeared from other ships--missed a few shows. The only ability was to see my folio. If you need to see the menu, you need to go to a dining room and there's a screen that will show not only the MDR menu, but also SR.
  9. nelblu

    Confused on BOGO Dining Option

    As soon as I boarded the Symphony OTS on Feb. 2nd, went directly to Chop's which was the closest to the embarkation deck. Made reserves to Chop's on night 1 and playing ignorant, asked the hostess if she could make reserves for me to Hooked Seafood for a different date other than the 2nd nite. Was successful and got the 2nd restaurant on the 4th night, therefore spreading the 2 nite package.
  10. I've been reading some of these posts and it's mostly wishful thinking by some. We've been talking about Ds being kicked out of the DL over the last 5+ years and nothing has happened. Now kids are allowed in the various lounges when accompanied by adults. Why would RCL allow this if it's such a huge problem. Still waiting for new tiers to be announced eg; Diamond Black (between D+ & Pinnacles) or something of that nature that was mentioned some years ago. IMHO, yes the population of D-P has increased, but also the size and number of ship, and the overall cruising RCL population. I've been on many cruises recently and the DL has been able to accommodate everyone, albeit with the overflow rooms. Just wondering what the ratio of of D-P population to the overall RCL cruising population now as compared to say 15 years ago. Ps. This topic, chair hogs and the grats topics gets everyone so unnerved.
  11. On Symphony sail, the bartenders did not even bother to scan our sea passes for our diet cokes. Asked for and got unopened cans and took them to our cabin. Came in handy for lunch either at WJ, MDR or SR. Also, after the 1st couple of nights, our asst. waiter, had diet cokes waiting for us at our table--no scanning.
  12. Yes, I agree especially the Voyager and Radiance classes. Love the Oasis & Allure DLs, however, I've read on this board that the 11/12th deck (DL) will be converted into Wonderland Restaurant when they come up for refurbish--pity. Symphony DL, no view and small relative to the amount of eligible members. Overflow to Jazz on 4 does not give the same ambiance as the official DL.
  13. In the future, you can go to your RCL account and are able to examine details by type of discount and pricing by individual. Many times when I do a mock booking and see a cruise price, other than a balcony discount, I can't tell if it's senior, resident or some other discount. Also, many times the details show more than the advertised 30/50/60% off discounts. Keep in mind that you need to enter all of the specifics, re: C&A #, senior, resident, etc. to arrive at a total cruise fare.
  14. nelblu

    NextCruise question

    Booked a non-refundable deposit cruise on the Anthem 11 niter. Got $200 + an additional $75 promo and deposit of $200. Overall got $275 from RCL and another $275 from my TA. To me it was worth it as I'm gambling the deposit, if any changes.
  15. Thanks, that is the way I recall. I remember when we became Ds on the Radiance sail, we were so excited to be able to attend certain functions. I can still see this engineering contraption as you entered the room that the D event was held. It was comprised of rails with ping pong sized balls that went around, up & down. Again, also getting only wine, soda, & water along with pretzels & nuts. Nothing like the goodies that is served today in the DL. Also, one of the event(s) that has been de-based is the repeat & upper tiers events. Used to be able to get some nice hors d'oeuvres and drinks. Was able to learn various facts that I could use for future planning--now it's plain blahs with the CD or Loyalty Ambassador doing most of the talking and learning nothing, other than celebrating long time loyal RCL customers.