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  1. Yes, a big construction project going on. Sailed on Oasis Sept. 5th and ship was fully vaxxed other than teens as the vaccine was not readily available at that time. No cancellation due to the Bahamas vax requirement.
  2. You know, I did not even look at the date of his response and wished him back.😜
  3. Much better and not blurry. Just a question, drinks for teens if they achieve the various levels.
  4. Put in a bid for a JS on the Mariner OTS and the pricing for the bid calculates x 2. I'm assuming this Is normal or is there a way of get around it.
  5. I got a secret discount coupon for 40% off.
  6. OASIS Fighting QUANTUM In the Colosseum. 😄
  7. Sometimes they are real. Got a secret sale of 40% off where the top is usually 30% off. On top of that, they gave you $10 off if you use the Kohl's card, another $10 off when you spend $50 in household goods and plus I had $5 in Kohl's cash. I'm afraid, they may be on the brink
  8. See my link on post #13. It lists most cruise lines and their fuel surcharges.
  9. I remember being instituted, but were sued by either the state of Florida or US government and after that the surcharge was gone and not appear again. Here's an article from 2008 and cruise lines policies. Fuel Surcharge - Ricardo & Miriam (cruise4lovers.com)
  10. If you are vaccinated the options are available to you-- mask or mask less. On Oasis Sept. 5, vaxxed were on the 3rd deck and masks were optional. For the unvaxxed, the 4th deck was assigned and needed to wear masks and also some social distancing.
  11. Same here. Was surprised that the 4X points were added within 10 days after cruise. Sailing was Sept. 5 on Oasis.
  12. Is Royal identifying the spacing those cabins that have unvaxxed kids. If no, them why are the Paxs in the Solarium one on top of each other. Also, vaxxed in the MDR, Casino, Adult Comedy Show, Theatre. etc. Not even social distancing. Makes no sense.
  13. Is it a studio or priced as a solo for a double occupancy cabin. The reason is that in late August and early September, RCL was having an unadvertised sale in which doubles were being priced as a solo Pax. I took advantage of my January 22 Allure sail and saved some $500 and on my CP balcony adn getting 4X points.
  14. You will enjoy it. When I sail an Oasis class my preference is the CP balconies, especially the ones overlooking the CP cafe. You will also see individuals going thru the water slides.
  15. I got my offer after sailing on Oasis in early September. I was offered an interior cabin for 2 for 4 different itineraries/ships from 2-5 nights. Because of the airfare involved, I selected a 5 night on the Mariner OTS sailing in December 4th. Before calling the Casino desk. I did a mock booking between a balcony and an interior as i was interested in upgrading to a balcony. To my surprise the balcony, after D+ balcony discount, was cheaper by $14. This made my decision easier. The Casino Agent (Ryan) was extremely professional and helpful. He also told me that the best prices offered by RCL is on Wednesday. I called on Wednesdays. Some veracity to his comment as I initially did a mock booking on Tuesday and the balcony was some $211 higher. Also, as I'm sailing solo I get 4X points.
  16. On the Oasis September 5 sail, pools ex solarium was for everyone. There was a 9 person limit on any given time to maintain social distancing. exit to give other the opportunity. The lifeguards were asking those in the pool to please exit and give others the opportunity to use the pool. They did allow some Paxs to sit and bathe their legs. The 4/5th decks in the MDR was for everyone and maintain social distancing. The theatre's upper deck was for unvaxxed and family and maintained social distancing, including mask wearing. The Aqua Theatre had shows for only vaxxed and other performances for unvaxxed and family. WJ was for everyone and social distancing with every other table vacant. Same for Giovanni's and Chops As far as the hot tubs, I did not see any RCL staff member controlling who went in or out.
  17. Same on the Oasis Sept. 5 sail, I had a CP balcony on the 12thh deck and had passengers to right and left. Also, what is even stranger, the ship was fully vaxxed and yet the dining room on the vaxxed only deck (3) the tables for 2 were one next to each other with less than a foot separation.
  18. If the reservations are linked, you should be able to make reserves for any activity for everyone linked to the reservations. I do it when I book vacations for my family and able to book dining, excursions, shows/activities, etc. They are all charged to my credit card on file.
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