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  1. thanks for the info
  2. Thanks for the reply..that's what I thought but msc's comment was not clear...
  3. Maybe it is too early for me, do I understand that if the easy drink package was included when you first made the cruise reservation you can use it at Ocean Cay? Yes or No.....thanks...
  4. Does anyone have or can point me to the above lunch menu for the Allure. thanks
  5. Just checked my 4 meet and greet signups for the sept 19 to the jan20 dates and they have been deleted. Had to go in and sign up again...Be sure to check yours and re-signup if necessary....
  6. OceansOfTravel.....In Cozumel did you dock downtown or which one of the two further from downtown...also do you remember what day and time the black card cocktail party was...thanks
  7. i am booked on a sept. and oct. 2019 Allure cruise and have not received any notice of possible changes. Does anyone know if they will notify us if there are any?
  8. Oceans of travels...thanks for the info about going to black card events with my wife....
  9. We will be on the Armonia and have a few questions. First, my wife is a Black card member and I am Classic, will I be able to go to black club party and the other Black card events with her including boarding on the first day. etc. Also, does anyone have any info on cabin 9001? thanks ahead of time.
  10. ABQrobin: thanks for the review..did you get to meet Steve, the owner? Do you remember names of any of the waiters. thanks
  11. Beamafar.....do you have knowledge about my question about using easy package, can you use it in the dining room at no charge.?
  12. I wonder with the advent of the Music hall, if that means Dazzles, which we love will be gone...Hope not......anyone have any ideas about that???
  13. If you are on the Easy package, can you get alcohol😀 drink in the dining room, which would be covered by the package???
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