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  1. Just read that lawsuit brought by family of daughter who died when falling out of window, while being held by grandfather was dismissed by judge. Tragic event, but decision seems to be the right one....they say they will appeal.
  2. Oxo.......in your 1st post on this subject, on page 1, when RCCL went through the changes , they mention some that would be temporary, those are the ones I am referring to, not all the changes since they did not state they would be temporary. What do you think????
  3. Wonder how many of the benefits they say are temporarily suspended will come back in the future?
  4. Do the double points apply to cruises that were booked way before the pandemic started or only those booked after pandemic started??????
  5. No one have an idea why they are not identifying the ship that it was found on.....can't be that much of a secret.
  6. Wonder why they are not identifying the cruise ship name>>>>Why keep it a secret????
  7. I see that Alaska cruises might be starting as early as July. But even with Congress dropping the requirement that you must visit a non us port, I didn't see where the CDC has approved the sailings with all the requirements they have....or did I miss something???
  8. I stand corrected, that back then it was not everyone, only those that were Diamond and above. But my point was now that it will only add to the number of D, D+, and Pinnacle, since I believe it is everyone. My point about the lounges getting even more crowded is correct and possibly going away, even after the virus is under control. Agree?
  9. I understand why Royal are doing the double points, to get more customers to book a cruise...but just like it happened a few years back when they offered double points for cruises in December that year, Royal created a monster and the overcrowding of lounges at the D, D+, and Pinnacle levels was a direct result of that. They won't be able to handle the crowds and the lounges will go away, thereby losing a benefit, even if they give you extra drinks during the day like some people think will happen. Just saying..
  10. so no matter when you booked your cruise/cruises it counts....great..I wasn't sure it if was just for new bookings only...
  11. Question: Are these double points just for new bookings only??? I have 3 cruises for the first three months of 2022 that I had booked more than 18 months ago, way before they first announced the double point program..will they be eligible for the double points????
  12. So, if I had cruises booked for jan, feb, and march of 2022, that I made a year ago, they would be eligible for the double points???? Correct?????
  13. Does anyone know what percent off Pinnacles get on the drink package??
  14. I have two questions and maybe someone can help me...First question is with the new Always included pricing, can you still get a cabin with no perks or do you have to take the Always included pricing? Second question is I have a cruise that I booked last year on the Reflection that includes 4 perks for November 2021, is the price I paid then and the 4 perks still good for this cruise since I booked it over a year ago. thanks for your help....
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