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  1. We were on the Zaandam several years ago and had a similar reaction to the organ. The those who liked it.......fine............but we thought it was the cheapest looking atrium decoration of any other ship we had been on up to that time.........maybe because on our cruise the organ NEVER really did anything
  2. It's official. SOLD and you cannot book ANY cruises on either ship if you try today
  3. One year our cruise down the West Coast from Vancouver was cancelled when the ship lost an Azipod. We still had plane tickets so flew anyway, rented a car and did a 1,500 mile loop from Vancouver to Banff with multiple stops along the way including Jasper, Kamloops, Whistler and a final night at the newer Chinese sector of Vancouver near the airport. We drove leisurely, saw incredible sights in Banff and north up the Icefields Pkwy and met many interesting people. THAT was a landtour we will never forget.
  4. Must not be many contributors who also sail on Holland America. THEY have modified their buffets over 2 years ago and most of the food in the buffet is dished and handed to you on plates from a server. Many items are all served plated e.g., desserts, salads, sides etc so NO utensils used by multiple people needed
  5. YOU are very naive. If you would like to see it, I will post the study showing the increase in bacterial load during an evening in a bar where there is a common source of snacks such as peanuts or cracker mix. WHERE do you think those bacteria (inc. E. coli) came from??
  6. First, there will not be a buffet as it existed in the past according to Mr. Bayley the CEO........this may be temporary for months to years but will likely depend on the course of CV-19 that is unpredictable now. Second, the "shows" will likely be significantly modified as well when you are stretching cost over fewer paying passengers. Definitely smaller crew for fewer passengers. Things will likely be VERY different to make up for all that space you will be gaining
  7. I was also fascinated to see Icy Strait since it is featured in Michener's book "Alaska". Main feaure is a restored fish cannery that now sells tourist stuff and a few food stands that ran out of food quickly . We went to "town" on the shuttle bus. Don't blink.
  8. Your last sentence sums up why many, many people will probably never cruise again.
  9. You DID ask the question "What keeps you coming back"..........If the answer is nothing then that is a reply to the question asked when the reply is not a gripe just a simple and plain fact: Costs have gotten too high for the product received vs. other choices..............that you apparently don't want to consider since you are apparently already living in FL, a good choice for an alternative to cruising for all us other Northerners.
  10. In our case we are NOT coming back to Celebrity because of the hefty PPPD increase in cruise prices and the additional daily charge pp. This year we did a land vacation to Venice, FL and rented a 1800 sq. ft. house with 3 BR and pool for a daily pp cost of $87;50 with cleaning/taxes/fees all included. We ate great meals at the highest rated restaurants in Venice/Punta Gorda/Sarasota for a heck of a lot less than the difference in a modest $175-$200 pppd cost of a cruise on Celebrity would have been even without including specialty restaurant add ons that we usually did in the past. Continue doing what you like but a 1800 sq. ft. house with really fast and free internet, >150 TV channels, private pool, pond out back and infinite choice of restaurants and shopping nearby was a better choice for us that going to the same islands againn and leaving the theater with ear blasting "entertainment" againnn
  11. "Fantastic value"............instead of a cruise this December we did a land trip. We rented a 3 BR, 1800 sq. ft. house on the West coast of FL within 5 min. drive to a great beach. The house had a pond, a private heated pool and all conceivable kitchen amenities to prepare meals inside and outside the house. We dined out often at the best restaurants in the area and visited local museums and art stores instead of listening to ear splitting "entertainment" in a crowded theater. Unlimited internet use was included along with over 150 Comcast TV channels and movies. The cost was about 40% of what we would have paid on a 7 day Celebrity cruise to live in a 200 sq. foot " verandah cabin" with the privilege to pay extra for drinks, restaurant meals and daily cabin service. Celebrity is off our list
  12. 3* Mariners are given almost NOTHING compared to similar status earned for the same number of cruises on Celebrity or Royal Caribbean. We will likely be on our last HAL cruise starting in a week from Quebec City. The only reason I chose HAL over RCL from the same port and itinerary was the schedule for departure allowing us to visit Canadian friends.............SAD how the amenities on HAL have been diluted and loyalty rewards diminished.
  13. I suggest you go on TA and look at the reviews for this garden. We will be in Montreal for several nights prior to a cruise and I was planning to include the Botanical Garden in our travels until I read several review which were consistent in their appraisal of the current state of the gardens.
  14. Ruth it is a pleasure to see that you are still around. YOU have been on several of the same cruise we have and on even more boards than I can count. Stay well and stay cruising
  15. We will be on the Zuiderdam in October. What is the current cost for a bag of laundry?
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