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  1. Glad to see this thread resurrected. I had given up on bringing my bike on Princess, but who knows after this all shakes out Princess may be more amenable to allowing bikes. I initially wanted to bring my touring bike, but I now that I have done the research, I may well purchase a folding bike. I really cannot see why Princess would object to this. The bike would never be used on the ship, and it would be the equivalent of carrying a suitcase on and off the ship. Thanks for everyone's support.
  2. We have several cruises still booked. Lost two to the shut down, but I will rebook them. Princess has done quite well through this crisis, and has done a great job of taking care of their passengers. There is one area that Princess absolutely has to improve the cleanliness of the vessel. The handwashing and table wiping etc. needs to be reexamined. The two sinks at the Horizon Court did not cut it. Many people walked by because there was a line up or they just did not bother washing their hands. Tables were often reused without wiping, and the self serve in the buffet
  3. I figured this was coming. The threat of quarantine alone was enough to make most cruisers think twice.
  4. I would not be surprised to see some consolidation in the cruise industry as well. Highly leveraged, cyclical companies that rely on continued cash flow do not weather events like this very well. Carnival is probably best set to handle this. Have not looked at Norwegian that closely, but my assumption (possibly wrong) is that it may be the weakest of the big three North American cruise lines.
  5. At the very least there should be a quarantine reward system. Say you are quarantined twice, you should have your third quarantine for free. Maybe make quarantine cruise cards and people can get all uppity if they have been quarantined more than 15 times or 150 days and they are now considered elite quarantiners.
  6. You misunderstood me. I have been looking to buy back in and dollar cost average, but I would like to do it when it is not in free fall. As far as all stocks rising again. That is not a given. Carnival is highly leveraged and relies on cash flow. That is a perfect recipe for bankruptcy. I doubt it will happen, but still a slow and shaky recovery is a very strong possibility. I am willing to throw enough money in to buy another couple hundred shares when the price gets low enough, but I am not near confident enough to put real money into Carnival now. I h
  7. Yep. I hate to say it but this is not the bottom. We are in at $45. Cost averaging only works if the stock rises again.
  8. Still not safe enough. We will never be in the cabin at the same time. We will sleep in shifts. Once again, you can never be too careful.
  9. You can never be too careful, so my wife and I are going to be requesting two tables for one.
  10. We are booked for an April cruise to San Francisco. At this time, all the people around us seem to have cancelled. There is no on within 6 cabins of us on either side anymore. We won't have to worry about social distancing, and if we are quarantined, we can probably have access to a whole section of cabins. Also, getting a seat in the dining room should be easy. I will be able to run the Promenade during the day because there will be hardly anyone walking. Using the gym and the pool should be a breeze. Best of all, I am looking forward to winni
  11. We are going on our cruises in April and May, but we are quite young (and apparently healthy) for people on this board. The way things are going, by then, you will be as likely to catch it at home anyways. My father and in-laws are not going. You will have to decide your own tolerance for risk. As others have said, if you have underlying medical issues, I would not go. Also, if you would worry the whole time, it would best to pass on it. Of course, I have concerns about being quarantined. While I like trying new things, that is one experience I think I will take a pass
  12. We bought in at around $45. So we have taken a bit of a paper loss. The nice thing is how much can you really lose if you only bought a hundred shares. I would think at this time both the dividend and the OBC may be in trouble for a while. Carnival is going to be hurting for cash flow. I started thinking of cost averaging down, but I can't really see a bottom at this point. I agree, I don't see bankruptcy as an problem at this point, but it is certainly going be an ugly ride for the foreseeable future.
  13. I think the death rate is presently far overstated. Right now we know about the people who were hospitalized and died. Easy numbers to get. Most of these events far overstate the death rate until after the total number of people who had the disease are counted. I think, in the case of COV -19 there are going to many, many people who have it right now that are not being counted because their symptoms are so mild. I am not trying to minimize the severity to those impacted, just trying to look at the situation realistically. Despite this, if I was older or had a suppressed immune syst
  14. Star is fine. Some people just look for problems. Go with the idea that you will enjoy yourself and you will.
  15. Yes. I agree with you. That is a real problem. My wife loves cruising. I am okay with cruising, but I much prefer adventure bike touring. I think after our next family cruise, I will go on some bike trips by myself. The idea of a quarantine or missing seeing the ports (the thing I enjoy most about cruising) is my main concern. I fear this disease far less than I fear peoples' behaviour. Can you imagine if this coronavirus had the lethality of ebola? I hate to think how people would behave.
  16. How about sporting events, schools, work etc.. My point was that if this disease is going to be everywhere, a cruise will be as dangerous as going to a movie etc. We cannot all just sit in our houses for 90 days or so. If it spreads everywhere, it will be equally dangerous everywhere. I am not going to worry about it until that time comes. You can worry yourself to death on this. It is still not as dangerous as many things we have come to live with. Smoking, diabetes etc. will kill many more people than this disease. I cycle a lot, and I know people that have been str
  17. Figured they would do this, but it is an interesting time. Taken a bit of a loss on this, but will probably cost average sometime in the next bit. Personally, I think we will probably see a dead cat bounce next week.
  18. Why not make it a year? If it is a 90 day incubation everyone is going to get this because it will unstoppable. You would need to carry this quarantine over to planes, buses, trains, work, school - life. There is no way that the world can stop for that long. I agree with you that they don't have a firm grip on the incubation period, but seriously how long can you quarantine people? The panic and disruption to the economy are the true dangers of this disease. I hope that the remdesivir or something else pans out soon because otherwise this is going to go global and
  19. So true, but if you are the type of person that would worry about getting sick the whole time, it would ruin your trip. The only reason I would not go is concern about the behaviour of other passengers. If I was cruising with a large number of masked passengers, or ports etc. were cancelled, I would rather stay home. I am far more worried about ending up in quarantine than I am the virus. To be honest, I don't think I would get that sick. I am young and in excellent shape. I never get sick. I would be far more concerned for my parents and grandparents. One silver linin
  20. We will be on the Star on her first cruise after this drydock. A three day Vancouver to San Francisco. Will be interesting to see what they have done.
  21. You could be right. It was a number I found when I googled. I had no personal frame of reference, but it seemed to be a hard number to pin down. I don't think the cruise lines really want to advertise this darker reality of cruising.
  22. There is no use arguing with you. Your decision is exactly why the gratuities should be made into a hotel charge. I can see your point. Good service should be rewarded. Unfortunately, the crew is not paid appropriately unless the tips are given. The entire system is totally ridiculous. I am just trying to interject some morality into what feels very much like a very unfair pay system.
  23. I believe that it around 200 people per year die on cruise ships. Nevertheless, this is very sad. I really believed that this situation on the ship would get better, but it has been (apparently) so poorly managed that this was almost inevitable. I posted very early in this thread that I did not believe this virus was going to be a huge problem. I thought it would follow the same pattern as zika, SARS, MERS etc. I admit now, I was wrong. This is much more transmittable than I thought it would be. My heart goes out to the families of the two passengers and all
  24. I am sorry that you had such a bad experience, but what happened to you would not happen to me because I would politely talk to the steward about his behaviour, and if it was not corrected I would take it up the chain of command. Princess would have dealt with it immediately. I think the speed with which they followed up your email shows how important Princess views the behaviour of their employees. Not only is pulling your tips not really punishing the steward, but you had to put up with, what sounds like unacceptable behaviour. I hope if this ever happens
  25. Almost impossible to believe that you tip as much as the gratuities are, and even if you do, it is not being distributed to the crew who are working hard behind the scenes. And the good old days weren't all that good for the crew. My dad says that a lot of passengers skipped the last night in the MDR so they could skip tipping. My understanding is that the crew rely on the tips to move their remuneration up to reasonable levels. The crew is paid a very minimal amount without the gratuities, and the gratuities make up the bulk of their pay. I do not begrudge them a reaso
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