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  1. I think the problem with this story is that it tells you absolutely nothing about the person other than their age and the state they came from. Nothing about actual vaccination status, comorbidities, what vaccine they took. There is not enough information there to make a judgement.
  2. They just need to make the vaccine mandatory for now and remove the tests and the masks. That's about the only way we are going to get to as close to normal as possible. If you get it and your vaccinated the effects should be minimal.
  3. Yeah not quite the same comparison of a state to a ship. I think at the end of the day its as safe as we are going to get. If everyone is vaccinated and it prevents or lowers infection risk to the point its not an issue then they should just make the ship mask less and go with it. That way we can get as close to normal as possible on the ships. It would also give the countries being visited some peace of mind.
  4. The FDA will probably fully approve the Pfizer vaccine this month. I wouldn't sweat it. As soon as they do just get the kids vaccinated. Then its a non issue.
  5. They are not concerned about verifying as much before the trip. If you end up testing positive they will probably ask you verify the card through your state or government. If you don't they will probably ban you on any affiliated lines.
  6. We didn't make them emperor as most of their responsibilities are just guidance with the exception of international travel and ports. But because it was passed by congress and the president it is in fact empowered by the constitution under the commerce clause.
  7. I think that is overkill personally, but I chalk the decision up to the bean counters to try and filter as many bad apples as possible before the cruise. I can understand the virus mutates and all but if its nothing worse than the flu with the vaccination they should just let it ride and confine people to their quarters if they get it. We knew covid would be around for a while and we would live with it once we had a good vaccine. We have that now and people who have it should be able to not have to jump though hurdles to go on a vacation.
  8. The hybrid model would be best. Some people would get tested in advance to speed up their boarding process. Others would just wait and do it at the pier for convenience. At the end of the day the cruise line bean counters have determined it's in the cruise lines best interest(bottom line) to make the passengers do this on their own. I am personally hoping they just remove the testing once they can sail 100% vaccinated and if someone gets sick just quarantine them to their room till the next port or the cruise is over. If everyone is vaccinated on the ship there is very little chance of anyone becoming seriously ill in the first place. That was the main reason to get vaccinated in the first place.
  9. They can afford it if the ship is full and they can control the amount of infected people. I am sure the bean counters at these cruise lines have calculated the actual number and what steps need to be taken to keep that number as low as possible. It always comes down to the money. That is probably why they have mandated why everyone has to have a covid test now that is not on their dime. Increases control without adding to the bottom line.
  10. That's because the cruise lines know they will have to deal with the CDC for a long time. Governors come and go but the CDC will still be there.
  11. I would almost say this is a guarantee. We are way above the limit they set on infections per 100000 to be allowed.
  12. I think Carnival thought that if they had the 95% threshold they could let the rules slide with regards to the virus. If it was the original virus that is probably true. But as it mutates it becomes a more effective killer and the safeguards you thought were going to work before will not work in the future. With this variant we are seeing that.
  13. I am still stunned at this point since we are pretty far into this pandemic that they haven't come up with a fast 5 min PCR test. That would solve a lot of these issues. Then the timing thing would be irrelevant since they could just do it quickly at the port.
  14. It also doesn't help that the D variant has about 1000 times more load than the original version of the virus. Apparently its as easy as getting chickenpox now.
  15. I thought that to even take an international flight to Europe you needed to be vaccinated. If that is the case what is the point of the mask? I mean, isn't that the goal of getting the vaccine in the first place, to put yourself in a position to return to normal. Seems like the mask thing is overkill is that is the case if Rob-Rob is vaccinated.
  16. I think NCLs goals are 2 fold. 1) Go with 100% vaccinated and run 100% capacity so everything on the ship is the same as before. 2) Challenge Florida's law that the state can interfere with their business on their ships. If #2 is successful in court then any follow up laws will be ruled unconstitutional.
  17. While technically that may be true now. When the CSO goes away then I think they won't need to do this since the CSO made the requirement I believe.
  18. If there is a threat to the state the state can take action just like last year. But I think the more likely scenario would be the CDC would not allow the ship to dock until all the passengers and crew are tested.
  19. You are correct the CSO invalidated in federal court means its invalidated in the whole US. I also believe the ATRA is also invalidated since the ships can't get a CSO certificate now.
  20. This is the basic inevitability. There is no reason to mediate based on the judges stance. Because anything mediated on would be non-binding since the judge basically said the CDC can only make recommendations. The judge just wants a settlement so it won't be appealed. The CDC will just wait and go to appeal and ask the appeals court to hold the CSO until the appeals court rules.
  21. If the ATRA requires a CSO certificate and no one can give them a certificate because of this ruling the whole bill is dead. Congress will have to pass a new law and hopefully ratify the CDC authority more explicitly this time so judges don't get confused.
  22. Its going to be a long haul on this one. We won't know the actual results of all this probably till after or near November. The appeals court will probably hold up the CSO while it decides the case from July 18th on and even then it will most likely go to the supreme court.
  23. Since the judge says the rules will be non binding. What are you going to mediate on? The only reason he wants mediation is a settlement so it doesn't go to appeals. But the CDC is just going straight to the appeals court on July 18th. They will go to mediation but will not negotiate on anything. Why would they do that when its all non binding anyways? Appeals is the only way forward. Its silly that the judge is even trying to get a settlement when he said what they were doing was unconstitutional. If he believes that, he could have killed the CSO now and the CDC would have appealed right away. I suspect they will need to pass a new ATRA bill and in that bill they can lay out the authority the judge is looking for since the last bill was destroyed by this ruling.
  24. Well I guess they will have to add language to expressly ratify the CDC CSO when they pass a new ATRA bill now that the old one is dead. Then this ruling can just go away or the Alaska season can go away.
  25. The scary part of that waiver is the close contact and being denied boarding at a port. So theoretically if you are on a excursion with a passenger that test positive after an excursion you could be handed the same fate.
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