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  1. Go on line and find taxi or private van transfer companies in Lisbo. We booked one and they were waiting for us. I think it was 45E cash. The drive is not long. Barring traffic. The airport is insane to get through. Our female driver got us a cart and boy was it needed for our heavy suitcases. We asked directions to the Delta check in /baggage drop off many times. Way in the back with just two counters. The airport is full of shops on the way to your gate another nightmare to navigate. We had plenty of time for a coffee and pastry while waiting to board our flight.
  2. Does any one have a current rate for buying Euros on O's ships? Please share. BofA will charge me $7.50 to ship to my branch unless I get 1,000 E. I do not need that many. The rate as of today is 1.1835. 500 E will cost me $591.75 plus $7.50. I might use an ATM but we are doing so many all day tours and it may get complicated.
  3. Anyone have a contact for a private provider for 2 persons going from the Lisbon Port to the Lisbon Airport. One outfit said we can only being one case per person. I was wanting to use their 8 person Mercedes van. Told her 2 people 4 suitcases. If we were 8 that would be 8 cases. I know in some cities the cars are too small for the luggage we drag along We are doing a back to back and will have two large cases and two wheeled roll ons.
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