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  1. My DH & I have never liked buffets, simply for the sanitation factor. Last time we went to one, I ended up with jelly on my back! (No idea how that happened, yuck). My TA/Cruise Specialist recently told me that the cruise industry has put out a 10-point protocol list, that includes a “no self-serve” order in the buffet. A worker will serve you, wearing gloves. Also, they will completely sanitize the cabins twice daily, older people will require a doctor’s note. Don’t know the rest, but we should be able to look it up somewhere. As for the kitchens mentioned in this thread, I have no w
  2. Thanks so much! I didn't know you could bring on soda. She drinks very little alcohol, but has the AIBP because it was one of the perks. So it will be my two non-drinking daughters and my DH and I (who both drink), and we all have can have 15 drinks per day. Go figure. All in all, we got a fabulous price on this cruise.
  3. I would worry more about the plane trips getting you to the port. We are on the X Edge this Sunday, but we live 45 minutes from Port Everglades so we don't have to fly. My husband is a lung cancer survivor, and has mild COPD. His pulmonologist said "Go and have a good time. Your lungs aren't that bad". I hope I don't live to eat my words, but I think this hysteria has gotten way out of control. Of course, we are carrying antibacterial EVERYTHING, and will take as many precautions as possible, as well as avoiding the buffet. Happy cruising!
  4. I know this seems like a trivial matter, and indeed it is to almost everybody, including us. We are sailing on the Edge March 15 cruise to celebrate my 75th birthday. My 2 grown daughters decided to "surprise" us by booking the cabin next to us. Because of the Corona virus, the cat came out of the bag early, but we are thrilled that they are coming, and it is their very first cruise and they are super excited. Here's the rub: One daughter is addicted to Pepsi (her only vice, thank God), and having been on many cruises, I have never seen it. Of course, I haven't looked for it either. Don
  5. Didn't mean to imply that we are huge drinkers. Just don't want to walk a mile to get one. Don't see the point of short cruises. If I'm going to go through all the motions of packing, transport, etc., we want to have time to relax for a while. Never been on Carnival, but I hear they do some heavy partying, and we are too old for that.
  6. Thanks! Yes, I've done that, but that cute little map they give you when board is what I have with me all the time. Never know where you'll be when you get thirsty, so I'll put a red mark on all the important places.
  7. Thanks for straightening this out for us, Esprit. We are booked on the Edge for Mar. 15, and already had some misgivings such as our IV cabin, noise in steakhouse (which we booked for my birthday), the entertainment, lack of shade, etc. So hearing there were only 5 bars for us, was just another nail in their coffin.... LOL. We did great a great deal though, and always manage to have fun. The OP’s TA must not be a drinker. Cheers!
  8. My DH and I got a kick out of your post. My first visit to Nassau was in 1966.....Terrible poverty and quite a dump. When I went back with my DH a couple of years ago, I remarked how much better it was than the first time I had been there. He looked at me horrified, and said he couldn’t imagine that it was previously any worse. Yes, it was still a dump, but I guess everything is relative.
  9. I'm sorry if this topic may have already been discussed, but I could not find it. We are on the Edge March 15 cruise. Although we have been on 2 previous X cruises, we have hopped around among different cruise lines, and forgotten how debarkation works on X. We live 45 minutes from the Port, and put our car in Park 'n Go, so it doesn't matter what time we get off. Getting off our last cruise (Crown Princess on Dec. 27) was a nightmare. We followed the rules, went to the designated place, etc. etc. Other people didn't, and it became a cattle drive, waiting in a humongous line just to get
  10. We are in our 70's, both with quite a bit of arthritis, going on the March 15 Edge cruise. All the comments about the uncomfortable furniture, and loud raucous music have us a little intimidated. Hence, the above-mentioned blow-up footstools sound great, and I immediately threw 2 pairs of ear plugs in my toiletry bag. We always find a way to have fun, so we're trying to stay open-minded, and look at it as a new adventure.
  11. Will go on Amazon to see if they have your blow-up footstools. Great idea! We like to relax with our feet up. Thanks!
  12. Your review of the Rainbow Cafe on St. Martin brought back great memories for us. We were on a Silhouette cruise about 3 years ago, and Rainbow was recommended to us the guy at the rental car agency. Nice people, great food and fabulous scenery! Have been following your review bc we will be on the Edge on March 15. You are giving some very useful info. Thanks!
  13. Thanks so much! Those pix are really helpful. We sail on March 15, so there's no turning back, and this was one of my concerns.
  14. Looking forward to your future posts. Especially interested in quiet and shady areas. My DH needs to stay in shade, as he has already lost quite a bit of flesh to the dermatologist (lol), but I like to get some sun. From what I see online, the Edge seems to be short on shady outdoor areas. Is that right? We have AQ access to spa, but I don't know if they have much (or any) shady outdoor seating. We've been on the Silhouette, so I think we're familiar with the covered pool. Is it similar? Thanks!
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