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  1. Has anyone (U.S.) gotten terms for making a booking for 2020? How much deposit and when is final payment due? This is just short of 3 years away for the Arctic cruises. If it's like the first summer on the Star, we'll be paying in full before there is one weld made on building the ship... Enticing, though.
  2. Just finished 93 day grand pacific voyage with my DH on Viking Orion. Definitely doable in penthouse veranda. That’s the room that has a couch and chair in seating area. All one room but more storage and “elbow room.” Closet in a better location in PVs It gives you a great place to. hang clothes you don’t want to put through the dryer ( along the wall next to the bed). Our cabin steward taught us that trick. We also used the many public spaces to relax. If you are solo, regular veranda probably OK too. One of our cruise friends was traveling alone and had the smallest room. She did spend a lot of time in public spaces, but I think it was to have company.
  3. We will be on your ship. This is our second Viking Ocean and fourth Viking overall. Preparation is not too bad. Be sure you have whatever VISAs are required for Australian citizens (I suspect none unless you go off on your own in Russia... why would you?). The biggest differences between Viking River and Viking Oceans are the number of passengers (and therefore no "evening meeting" for everyone in one space), MANY more dining options, some ports are closer into town as with river cruises -- and some NOT. Viking handles the customer service VERY well -- just as they do on river cruises. The Viking Daily and/or new shipboard app are vital to keeping yourself informed, and you'll want to get to know Explorer Desk staff (the people who answer questions and help fix excursions, etc.). As always, you get further being nice than crabby! Since we will be the "guinea pigs" on the final portion of our itinerary (Japan to Vancouver), we should all be flexible about possible changes. Viking always learns from the first time they do something, and we are the people who will be discovering what they need to fix 🙂 We were on Viking Star in their first summer of ocean cruising and only the 3rd time they did the Baltic itinerary. We thought they handled the issues that came up pretty well. If you have to have everything P-E-R-F-E-C-T, you might want to add the silver spirits package so you can have a drink 24/7 (just kidding). The cabin space on Oceans is a bit better, depending on your category, and the bathroom definitely bigger. There is a decent amount of drawer space in PV cabins. We are trying to figure out what LIGHT weight gadget we can take to maximize the vertical space for hanging things. It was fine for 15 days. We are facing climates with highs from 45 degrees F to 100 degrees F on the LONG cruise... therefore more clothing options needed. I plan to use a suitcase under the bed! Book excursions and dining options as soon as you are allowed, even included ones. Unlike River cruises, excursions CAN get full. You need to reserve the time slot you want for included ones. Dining.... you can ALWAYS add more reservations when you walk on the ship. Just go to the Manfredi's or Chef's Table desk or call from your cabin any time. There is NO LIMIT to how many times you can to the special dining venues, just to how many you can reserve in advance. And the World Cafe is always wonderful. The grill by the pool offers another lunch time option. MANY more places to eat on board, each with its specialties and all included. Final prep advice: take everything on Cruise Critic with a grain of salt. There is a definite element of panic-or-complaint present here, but MOST advice here is very, very helpful!
  4. This is a question for the veteran World Cruisers from 2018. I have browsed this thread a bit, but it is a bit tough to find a broad answer to my inquiry. Background: We will be "through cruisers" going on the Grand Pacific Explorer in 2019 (93 days Auckland to Vancouver. Some on board are taking one or more of 6 sub-segments). After researching, it appears that about 1/3 of our itinerary will be "first time visits" for Viking (places never visited by prior cruises.) We know from our experience on the Star during VO's first Baltic summer that they later changed some port excursions etc. as they learned what worked and what didn't. We also enjoyed some beers with the gentleman from Viking who had researched and set up all the excursions. He explained about his research and port visits to plan the excursions. We were, however, never in the very FIRST group of passengers Viking had taken to a specific port. We were on the third sailing of that first summer itinerary. So the question: Do you have any advice for those going to a port with Viking for their very first time? (I know you did it a LOT.) How did they handle the inevitable snafus? Thank you for your help!
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