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  1. A few more points. The Torshavn bar is a nice, smaller venue that hosts late night music and other smaller events. Open to anyone. Also, PV cabins (and I think some "below" that) have booze in the minibar. It's not high end, but you can request which you want to have, including the sodas/mixers. Then you can carry that drink anywhere on the ship. They are accustomed to people mixing their own, either from the minibar or bottles they bring on board. No shame or problem doing that. We took G&Ts to Explorer's a lot, and they provided the wasabi peanuts while we enjoyed the views. The indoor pool is kept pretty warm -- too warm for people who like to exercise in it, IMO (like me). I'd guess it's upper 80s. As for activities, on our 93-day Grand Pacific Voyage on Viking Orion, we also saw some hilarious (but well-done) dance classes run by the vocalists (a TERRIFIC group of young performers), Dancing Under the Stars (Live band playing 50s/60s music with a dance floor by the pool in the evening), various small-cast "shows" with talented singers and band, and some funny sea day stuff like a Viking Cook-Off (crew competition), Trivia, etc. Note that our cruise was 93 days, but many people were getting on/off the ship in 14 day intervals, so none of these was because it was a "long" cruise. As for expensive drinks. If you order something that uses three shots, you can get an $18 drink. I did. And it was fully worth it, and no gratuity added. Viking --You'll love it. Can't WAIT to get back on board. Praying for next June...
  2. Has anyone (U.S.) gotten terms for making a booking for 2020? How much deposit and when is final payment due? This is just short of 3 years away for the Arctic cruises. If it's like the first summer on the Star, we'll be paying in full before there is one weld made on building the ship... Enticing, though.
  3. Just finished 93 day grand pacific voyage with my DH on Viking Orion. Definitely doable in penthouse veranda. That’s the room that has a couch and chair in seating area. All one room but more storage and “elbow room.” Closet in a better location in PVs It gives you a great place to. hang clothes you don’t want to put through the dryer ( along the wall next to the bed). Our cabin steward taught us that trick. We also used the many public spaces to relax. If you are solo, regular veranda probably OK too. One of our cruise friends was traveling alone and had the smallest room. She did spend a lot of time in public spaces, but I think it was to have company.
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