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  1. We did a 10 day Halloween cruise from Brooklyn, NY to Fort Lauderdale, Fl a few years ago with our daughter, son in law, his unmarried sister with their three kids ages 5, 4, and 2 1/12 We had mini suites on Princess and it worked out well. The two boys spent the day in the kids club. Our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter could not be left alone in the kids club. Everyone had a wonderful time and the kids loved the cruise. When it was bedtime we had plenty of options on who was going to get them into bed. Our granddaughter was in a bed for the first time. One night she rolled out on to pillows placed on the floor and never woke up. She slept the entire night on the floor. My advice is take the grandparents. Hopefully they will offer to pay. Otherwise ask a close friend. Good luck
  2. This past Monday we took our first cruise since the pandemic began. Well actually it was a one hour ferry ride from Highlands , New Jersey to Manhattan for a Dr appointment. There was no dining room, no all you can eat buffet, no shows but they did have coffee for sale which happened to be very good. The sun rising on a clear 50 degree NJ shining on the lower Manhattan buildings was beautiful. The ferry takes you past the Statue of Liberty, under the Verrazano, Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and Manhattan Bridges. The first stop is the Battery in lower Manhattan near Wall Street. The second stop is 35th Street and the FDR Drive one block from NYU Langone Medical Center. If one has to travel to a hospital forget an ambulance. Take a ferry instead. The New York harbor is very impressive. On the return there are many seafood restaurants at the Highlands on the Jersey Shore. The wearing of masks is required. [img]https://i.imgur.com/y05Xw2f.jpg[/img]
  3. No! We do not expect to resume any cruises until 2022 or 2023
  4. Princess Cruises cancels sailings until mid-December because of the pandemic Forrest Brown, CNN • Published 23rd July 2020 https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/princess-cruises-cancels-sailings-december-pandemic/index.html This will most likely be extended well into 2021 Every day that goes by with no national policy on shutting down the US until the falling transmission rate meets the 14 day CDC guidelines means this pandemic will continue out of control and no one will be cruising anytime soon. No other country will allow Americans to visit until the pandemic is under control. No need to start packing perhaps not until 2022? Howard
  5. We currently have three Princess cruises booked in March, August, and December 2021. At this time I do not believe any of them will sail and all will be cancelled? I do not believe cruising will resume until the pandemic is resolved in the United States as well as other parts of the world. Presently US citizens are barred from entering most or all European countries, Canada, the Bahamas, and others. Malls, Bars, Restaurants, and many stores are closed and even if they were to open many would still not enter so who would want to be confined to a cruise ship even if it didn't stop at any ports? We generally sail out of Ft. Lauderdale. Florida currently has a very high infection and death rate from the Corona Virus so who would want to go there anytime soon? It is currently not safe to travel anywhere or send children back to school so I think we all former cruisers will just have to sit tight, save our money and perhaps we can afford the Suite prices when cruising resumes in a few years? If we all live that long! Cheers Howard
  6. Agree! Although we currently have FCC deposits on three cruises in 2021 based on what currently is going on I doubt we will sail on any of them. I think 2022 is a more realistic possibility? Howard
  7. We used https://israeltour.com/israel-tours/ Excellent tour For many years Jewish teenagers could go to Israel free under the "birthright" program. This program now includes adults if you have never been to Israel.
  8. We visited Israel for two weeks in 2015 on a tour with our temple and felt perfectly safe. Our tour included dinner with Israel troops at an Israel Army base. The twenty something base commander told us that we were safer in Israel than we were back hone in the US Our tour bus made a stop near the Syrian border and we could see the lights of a nearby village in Syria. Strongly recommend taking a tour as there is so much history there. We had a great time and if taking a trip outside the US that is the one safe place to go. Howard
  9. Falkland Islands. South American Cruise 2019
  10. Exactly! I posted in detail on another thread how quickly we received our refund for two cabins and two tours on my Princess Visa card on the cancelled Sky Princess April 4th 2020 cruise. I have read plenty of complaints regarding the Barclays Princess Visa Card but as far as receiving my refunds they did an outstanding job. Others who used different credit cards complained about having to provide much documentation. My Princess Visa Credit Card only showed Princess Cruises charges and nothing else was required to process my refunds. Getting some additional points or other promised benefits form other cards is just not worth the hassle when stuff like this happens. I'm sticking with my Barclays Princess Visa Card for any future cruises. Howard
  11. Chef's table I sign up on every cruise. Well worth the money. Howard
  12. We were booked on the same cruise and I received the refund on the two cabins and the two tours we had booked for our grandchildren last week on my credit card and back in my checking account this past Monday. So happy! Howard
  13. I believe passengers will no longer be allowed to touch food in a future buffet. Food will be served to you . We usually eat most or all our meals in the dining room. Howard
  14. If you paid for a cruise that Princess cancelled by a credit card you should contact customer service of that Costco Citi Card and request a charge back for the amount that you paid.
  15. Works in a similar manner when you return an item to Nordstrom. The sales person that earned a commission when the sale was made then loses that commission. Do you keep clothes that do not properly fit or that you decided you no longer want?
  16. Yes I received a full refund for the two cabins booked on the April 4th Sky Princess as well as the two tours that we had previously paid for on my Princess Visa Card last December. Shortly after Princess cancelled our cruise we spoke to Princess and chose option 2. The FCC showed up in my personalizer not long after. A call to Princess Visa customer service initiating a couple of case numbers resulted in refunds of a couple of thousand dollars. It is not a difficult process people! Do not assume your refunds are coming in a timely manner with little or no effort on your part. 1- Contact Princess 2- Contact your credit card company Enjoy your refund Howard
  17. Thank you for your detailed explanation. Your detail taught me some things about using points to their fullest that I did not know. I have learned many new things from others on cruise critic because they have seen lots of new things.
  18. Christine I believe that is in fact the case. Cruise lines require final payment 75 days in advance of your cruise date and tours for that particular cruise are being offered well in advance of the final payment date and many fill up quickly and are charged to ones credit card when booked. In our case that was in December 2019. By using my Princess Visa card to pay for everything Princess related, and the fact that Princess cancelled the cruise I don't think Barclays is strickly enforcing the 60 day rule? I think all credit cards are required to send out the fine print on the terms of use of their cards which most people don't read and throw out as we do so I'm not exactly sure what paragraph in that long document applies when a cruise is cancelled by the cruise line but here is the bottom line. Open a dispute with your credit card company as soon as possible and most likely you will receive a refund. Sorry for my long winded response but hey, I'm not going anywhere any time soon. Good luck Howard
  19. I posted my refund experience in another thread but I'll repeat it here. We were booked on the Sky Princess for our April 4th cruise out of Fort Lauderdale with our three grandkids. We booked two cabins with two different booking numbers. We also took out a travel policy with Allianz for the grandkids. We have a separate annual travel policy with Allianz We booked and paid for two travel excursions in December 2019 and made final payment for the two bookings in early February 2020. Princess cancelled our cruise in early March. We chose option 2 and that showed up in our personalizer in a couple of weeks. We had spoken with a Princess Customer Service Rep shortly after Princess cancelled our cruise in March inquiring about the refund of the cruise fare for the two cabins. She told us it could take up to 60 days for the refund. Everything is paid for on my Barclays Princess Visa card Knowing that most credit cards require any disputes be filed within 60 days, I initiated a credit card dispute of all my Princess charges first over the telephone receiving two case numbers and following up in writing on their web site. On Friday I received all of the funds back on my Princess Visa Card and now have a very substantial credit. Very happy For those that think that they are just going to receive their money back automatically from Princess without filing a credit card dispute you may be waiting a long time or forever. Hope this helps Howard
  20. Thanks for the laugh and you did not antagonize me. We all have too much free time on our hands and I've been wondering how much longer it will take for the complaints to resort back to the missing barrel chairs and deck chair hogs instead of missing refunds?
  21. You are correct! My bad! I added more detail in a subsequent post. After reading so many posts of people not receiving refunds, my initial post was only that I received my refunds on my Princess Visa card after first notifying Princess that we chose option 2 shortly after Princess cancelled our April 4th Sky Princess cruise. I have always been aware of a 60 day time limit to dispute a credit card charge and contacted Princess Visa customer service to open two case numbers for our two booking numbers and followed up in writing by contacting them on their web site giving them the two case numbers and also requesting the two tours that we also previously paid for on my credit card with the dates in 2019 of all the related charges. Again sorry for the misleading initial post regarding my refund Howard
  22. I am sure that Princess most definitely monitors all social media. Prior to retiring from the large call center where I managed the telecommunications , there was a large room with restricted access with many large monitors along the walls where those employees monitored many social media platforms for both negative and positive postings of the company where I worked. Our local NJ newspaper has a bamboozled column that runs a few times a week and most local TV news programs such as 7 on your side assist consumers. Often higher management is unaware of decisions made by lower level employees and step up to correct problems. I have no problem with Princess and will eventually sail with them again perhaps not this year but perhaps in 2021 or 2022?
  23. I thanked Princess because when we first contacted Princess shortly after our April 4th cruise on the Sky Princess was cancelled, the rep that took our call asked for our booking numbers and was extremely pleasant, helpful, and working from home. I'm sorry that my thanking Princess caused so much confusion which indicated to me that many do not understand how the system works? I tried to make it clear in my original post yesterday morning shortly after seeing the money refunded in my Princess Visa account on how to get the ball rolling for those that are just sitting at home thinking that the money that they paid for a cancelled cruise is just magically going to be refunded to them by Princess. Maybe it will eventually but most credit card terms of use give one a 60 day window to initiate a dispute. Sorry if my post was not clear. I always thank all call center reps no matter what company I'm calling as I am well aware of the stress and low pay conditions that they work under. Every call is monitored, timed, and every keystroke is closely monitored. They need permission just to go to the bathroom. It is a tough job and they should be appreciated for the job that they do. For those that are angry their anger should be directed at our inept federal government that bears much of the responsibility for the mess our entire country is currently in.
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