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  1. There seems to be a 2 week gap between 7 November in Rotterdam and 21 November in London. My travel agent has tried and failed to get further info from Seabourn. So it could either be a charter (eeeek) they don’t want to tell us about, or dry dock?
  2. I wish the authorities would take such a firm proactive stance on airports where even basic screening and other precautions seem to be non existent in many cases.
  3. Of the 21 confirmed cases on the Grand Princess, 19 are crew members. Something to think about. I assume these individuals are being quarantined on board but it must surely affect the day to day operation of the ship so I doubt it will be “business as usual” in some respects. And if more and more countries are not allowing cruise ships to even dock then the problem of reprovisioning food, water and fuel arises. Until the media-led hysteria, fear and panic subside and we are able to make informed decisions about our future travel plans our own plan is to stay put on home soil, keep calm and carry on. And wash our hands!
  4. Let’s remember that this rapidly evolving situation affects all cruise lines worldwide. Not only do they have to adjust/change itineraries or even cancel cruises, they have to try to position ships ready for the next cruising “season” in Alaska, Mediterranean, Caribbean, etc. It’s a logistical nightmare and I’m sure they are burning a lot of midnight oil trying to minimise the disruption to everyone involved. Looking at the bigger picture, if the covid-19 outbreak is indeed an uncontrolled pandemic then I’d be cautious about travelling anywhere, let alone international flights and cruises.
  5. Or they don’t want to look. Or maybe they have the same reporting system as North Korea which also has zero cases. Allegedly.
  6. I can highly recommend the daily YouTube posts of Dr John Campbell, a UK MD who explains the whole covid-19 situation very clearly and in layman’s terms using reliable data.
  7. As I say, the genie is out of the bottle and it’s only a matter of time before cases pop up in the rest of Europe, and then worldwide. Not a good time to travel anywhere unless absolutely necessary. I have anecdotal evidence from reliable sources that as things stand, in some countries cases are being significantly under-reported for various reasons or not reported at all. ZERO cases in Indonesia? Seriously??
  8. We are currently booked on the final sector of the world cruise, Sydney (now Auckland) to San Francisco departing 29 April. We live in Australia so the amended embarkation port is more an inconvenience than a major problem. A bigger problem is trying to predict how this whole covid-19 outbreak will spread (and it will spread, the genie is out of the bottle) so we can expect more travel restrictions and the risk of quarantine almost anywhere. Ships (and aircraft for that matter) are basically germ/virus factories and doctors I’ve spoken to say that any international travel should probably be avoided until this current outbreak is under control. It will eventually “burn itself out” as all these things do, but it’s impossible to predict when that might be. At the moment Seabourn is offering refund/compensation/credits so we are seriously considering our options. We also have good insurance as backup. As things stand and without a crystal ball to help us, we’re probably going to stay home and put the $$$ towards another cruise later in the year when the situation should be much clearer and I suspect there will be some fabulous deals to be snapped up as the cruise companies try to lure their customers back.
  9. By all means let’s have a firm but fair policy (1 hour is reasonable) applicable in all venues across the fleet, but most important of all it must be consistently enforced. This seems to be where the problem lies. Oh, and inconsiderate, selfish people who don’t believe the rules apply to them or choose to ignore them. I think if chairhogs actually saw the policy being applied they might think twice. As things stand they know they’ll probably get away with it?
  10. It’s a depressing sign of the times I’m afraid.
  11. The whole concept of the Retreat is flawed and many people have let Seabourn know this loud and clear, so far to no avail. We’ve even been offered a “freebie” day - not sure why - but said “thanks but no thanks”. We had also seen how empty and abandoned it was on the several times we checked. It seems that most people have voted with their feet. It only remains to be seen how long Seabourn will continue to ignore them.
  12. We’ve sailed with Chris before and he’s an excellent CD. We’re looking forward to seeing him again in Singapore. He could give Handre a run for his money - now there’s an endorsement!
  13. We’ve sailed Silversea twice, mainly for the itinerary, and regretted it both times for all the reasons posted above. But the clincher was the rude, almost hostile attitude of our fellow pax. Yes, our trips happened to be segments of world cruises where this childish Us (whole tripper) and Them (segmenter) behaviour sometimes applies and we’ve witnessed it elsewhere, but it was much worse on Silversea to the point we were intimidated into keeping well out of the way. We found the whole experience rather depressing.
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