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  1. Hello All, I want to again thank the folks who answered my question concisely and judgement/lecture free. I have enough feedback to make an informed decision. As you can see with my tiny posting history over 16 years, this question was asked legitimately and with no ulterior motives. I am not bored nor was I looking to create a rabbit hole. Now that the lecturers and would be judges have hopped in, I am hopping out...no pun indented. Good luck.
  2. Thanks to all for the solid answers and observations. Only one lecture...I am impressed.
  3. Thank you everyone for your concise answers. Your feedback is very helpful.
  4. Hello All, I ask from the get go the following: 1) I am not looking for a lecture. 2) I am not looking to start an inflamed exchange. 3) All I am asking is a simple question for which I am looking for a simple answer. We have been on well over 50 cruises ranging mainly Viking, Oceania, Celebrity, Silverseas, and a few Disneys peppered in. We are looking at booking our first Regent cruise for next March. My question is about the after 6:00 PM no jeans policy. I have been wearing NICE designer jeans (some black and khaki) and a spor
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