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  1. So why don't you be that person? You call, get the policy and then you post it for the next guy...Just sayin'
  2. We've done this as a post cruise trip. Look up Gopuertoricoshuttle.com (if I remember correctly - this was 2013) and see if they can do it privately. I'm not sure how long it took to get there from OSJ but it most certainly was not 2 to 3 hours - maybe 45 minutes tops (thought their roads make it feel longer)? The rain forest is beautiful and well worth the trip. The 'forced' stop at a souvenier shop on our trip was a visit to the visitors center for the forest - they allow vendors there and there are some small food outlets.
  3. Guys I think the OP is asking to see if this is a work around for the all parties in the stateroom over 21 must buy Cheers if one buys Cheers rule. I have no input to offer, as both DH and I drink so we buy it before to save the $70. But maybe someone else can help him?
  4. This. The VISA company allows any authorization to be valid for six months after obtained. What this means to you is that if they fail to claim it initially, they have six months to do so. Had this happen to me a while back - DH was going over our Amex bill and asked when I'd been to Ocean City (local beach town). Took me a bit but remembered that my sisters and I had gone for a girls weekend in January and I'd put the room on my card. This was May or June and the hotel had just 'found' the slip (yeah this was when slips were manually created).
  5. I don't know about you guys, but I generally do not share my vacation plans with my boss, so it is understandable that they might not know the ins and outs of my travel plans. I see no problem with them asking if you can change your vacation, BUT once informed that you cannot (for whatever reason, provided or not) that should be the end of it.
  6. Years ago my company was going through some staffing issues. My manager emailed me to let me know that she could not send me extra staff and that my assistant would just 'have to reschedule her trip'. These people are clueless. I quickly pulled up the HR policy about the company having to cancel preapproved vacations and sent it as an attachement to an email that said something along these lines 'while I'm sure that <name> will be upset, since the company would be responsible for all of her non-refundable costs (and she is flying to PR, with a B2B) it would probably work. Please let me know if you want me to notify her'. Never heard another word on it - my assumption is that my boss didn't know what she was talking about and didn't realize that the company would have to cough up money.
  7. On Pride last year I wanted a margarita from Blue Iguana. I asked for Patron instead of whatever (Cuervo?) tequila the drink was made with. Bartender initally said no, to which I replied nevermind then because that particular tequila gives me an almost instant headache. At that time the bartender then said since it was a reaction to the normal tequila she could now replace with Patron. YMMV
  8. LOL I was responding to her/his fear of crowding - my perception. I've done this before, but my kids were older - no clue how old these kiddos are 🙂
  9. Seperate the king bed into twins and create two bunks - will be much easier to move around and valuable floor space will be created :).
  10. I think it depends on which pier you're docked at as well - Mallory is in the tourist area so they want the ships out so they don't block the sunset. Naval pier is off by itself so not as big an issue.
  11. We were in 8227 on Pride and loved the view looking out. If you were looking straight down, yeah it blocked the view (see below) but how often do you look straight down?
  12. Our offer was right around 1 year out.
  13. We have been in 8232 and 8227 and we haven't noticed any vibration, but then again we are not sensitive to it. Only exception is when the thrusters are on for maneuvering.
  14. I hope so - cruise before it and after are there but not this one. Time will tell.
  15. Okay, so I'm booked on Breeze for 1/25/20 and the cruise is no longer showing on Carnivals site (it is still on some TA sites). I know that RCCL will pull trips while they are negotiating for charters, but I'm not familiar with how Carnival handles this? Just think it's a little early to be sold out...
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