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  1. LOL I was responding to her/his fear of crowding - my perception. I've done this before, but my kids were older - no clue how old these kiddos are 🙂
  2. Seperate the king bed into twins and create two bunks - will be much easier to move around and valuable floor space will be created :).
  3. I think it depends on which pier you're docked at as well - Mallory is in the tourist area so they want the ships out so they don't block the sunset. Naval pier is off by itself so not as big an issue.
  4. We were in 8227 on Pride and loved the view looking out. If you were looking straight down, yeah it blocked the view (see below) but how often do you look straight down?
  5. Our offer was right around 1 year out.
  6. We have been in 8232 and 8227 and we haven't noticed any vibration, but then again we are not sensitive to it. Only exception is when the thrusters are on for maneuvering.
  7. I hope so - cruise before it and after are there but not this one. Time will tell.
  8. Okay, so I'm booked on Breeze for 1/25/20 and the cruise is no longer showing on Carnivals site (it is still on some TA sites). I know that RCCL will pull trips while they are negotiating for charters, but I'm not familiar with how Carnival handles this? Just think it's a little early to be sold out...
  9. We used Glory in 2016 and they did an awesome job! Depending on the size of your group you can make your own itinerary. We only had four people and went to Harrison's, Bathsheba beach and just general touring through and around the island. I use toursbylocals.com to locate them and make all the arrangements. Super easy and great experience!
  10. We did this on Pride in September. It was never in the Fun Times. We talked to one of the mixologists that we'd struck up conversations with (we were at Alchemy every evening before dinner)and he said he would host one for us on the last sea day, as long as we could find six people willing to pay $20 each (I think?). Well since we were a group of four already it wasn't too terribly hard to find two more! The class is cool (we've done similar on RCCL) with lots of interesting tidbits of information (pay attention - there is a 'test'). We didn't actually make the drinks but he did make many different types to sample - don't do it on an empty tummy! At the end he did offer some mixer kits that you could purchase for home use, and since DH has a full bar in his 'Man Cave' he bought one for like $25 or $30.
  11. Echoing Rougeperson - each cruise is unique and different. We are all unique individuals and see things in different ways - like Rougeperson I've been to the Bahamas too many times to count, but it's a stop on the way to somewhere else (usually 😉). We started cruising in 2005 and have been on 14 or 15 now and have another one coming up. Baltimore is a great port to start with because it is so easy to get to and sail from, but after a while if you enjoy cruising you will branch out (we've gone as far as Puerto Rico to board). Even if you go to the same port multiple times you'll never see it all in one 6 to 8 hour stop so there will always be something new to find. We always try to find a local guide to take us to places the cruise ship excursions don't go - off the beaten path so to speak. Go and enjoy your first cruise - you will remember it forever
  12. Honestly, they are more alike than not. Pride offers some really great balconies and lots of price points. As to food, Pride has Guys Burger joint and Blue Iguna Cantina as no-fee - both are really good! Bonzai sushi is as good as Izumi on GOS. I will say that Chops on GOS is better than David's on Pride, but not by much (and I haven't been to Chops since they changed the menu so that may not be the case any longer). Carnival cabins a slightly larger, and the overall feel of the ship is darker than GOS (but the theme is barouque as reflected in the artwork) but still workable. Big difference to me was the fact that Pride has a comedy club every night (2 to 3 shows most nights - family to adult) which is missing on GOS. Oh and the Serenity area - much better than the Solarium on Grandeur - truly adults only. HTH
  13. Grandeur is a very nice ship - we've been on her 3 times, but since DH will no longer do anything other than a balcony on 5 days or longer, we have recently sailed on Carnival Pride out of Baltimore 2x. It's also a very nice ship, but because it has so many more balconies, the price is much more reasonable than Grandeur (supply vs. demand you know). Don't be afraid to look at other options - you may enjoy them just as much.
  14. When you first go to the windjammer have a server get a higher up for you. I have a friend who is gluten intolerant, and they would walk with her and when she wanted something they would get it from a tray under the open server (one in the warmer beneath) to avoid cross contamination. In the MDR they would bring the menu to her the night before so that she could choose what she wanted to eat and they would make sure it was prepared in a clean kitchen and modify the recipe if possible of something that she liked but was not GF.
  15. We are on Breeze in 2020 and got an email offering to move from a cove balcony on deck 2 to a standard balcony on deck 11 for a total of $54, which we took 😉
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