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  1. Yep, early savers only. I have so much difficulty understanding their pricing online - this 2 category upgrade but then you select your cabin? I've given up trying to understand that one... SMH
  2. Royal did allow after final pay but I think that ended around 2007? I know because I got quite a few on a trip in 2006 but can't remember any since then 😞 Plus then final pay was a lot closer to sail date so time frame was longer. Oh well, times they are a changin'
  3. The last one I got was good for any trip - used it to book the one that starts Saturday. If it makes sense to cancel and rebook I guess that's what I'll end up doing.
  4. So I am already booked for Horizon in 2021. We will be on Breeze this coming weekend. My question is I know I will get a 'bounce back' email for a discount on another trip. Can this be applied to an existing booking (assuming makes sense and price hasn't increased that much)? Also does Carnival have onboard booking and would that be beneficial also? Thanks!
  5. In 2013 my group was booked on a RCCL excursion in St. Kitts. It was a boat ride to St. Neves beach day etc. Well day arrives and first thing is we are notified tour will depart about an hour later than originally scheduled. Okay. We go to meeting point and are then led through a maze to get to the boat. It looked shall we say a bit worn. Moving forward - obviously they were trying to make up time so they were hauling butt across the water - causing everyone who was in front of boat to get soaked because it was raining (no fault of RCCL here). Reach St. Neves and the hits kept coming. One after another - highlight of the day was the lunch (followed by beach time on a beach littered with broken glass and needles - yes needles). Make it back to dock to head back to St. Kitts to reboard boat - our boat cannot reach the dock to pick us up because smaller craft are docked all along it. Wait for other men to hop into said boats and move them (again not RCCL fault - but it all adds up). So once again we are late - hauling butt across the water. I am sitting in back again (on other side cause this girl understands how water works 😉 ) - watching the outboard continually come out of the water and suck air in. Not good. As expected the engine stalled and we are now sitting in the middle of the water. Oh and topper? The disreputable captain is circulating during this abomination of a trip asking for tips!! We finally reached the dock about 20 minutes AFTER the ship was supposed to have departed. Got off the boat pretty much fast walking across docks to ship. There were about 35 of us...as last one WAS ON THE GANGWAY they pulled it in radioing that all were aboard. As the ship had already dropped lines, it took off before the door was closed behind us. Let me tell you I have never been so happy that I booked thru Royal for this one. After I calmed down I went to GS to complain about the substandard trip. After a bit it came to be known that the provider had over booked so they got a 'buddy' to use his boat (not approved by CL) to take a second trip (hence later departure) and then had a bunch of cabbies just 'tour' us around. We got 75% of our excursion refunded.
  6. I know what you mean. Pride looks good inside and the added venues (Alchemy, Guys, Blue Iguana etc.) are fantastic! The staff is friendly as all get out and obviously enjoy their work. Love the Headliners club (spent most nights there) and the comedy. We've also done Grandeur a few times (living in SoMD it's easy to hit B'more) and love the more intimate feeling of this size ship, but once we sailed Pride won't go back to Grandeur again 🙂
  7. WWe have been on Pride twice and she is a lovely ship BUT the last time (late 2018) there seemed to be a lot more rust on the balcony than before - lots of missing plating on the underside of the balcony above too. Don't get me wrong - I would sail on her again in a heartbeat BUT she is showing her age and needs a little exterior TLC, JMHO. The two pics below show a lot of rust - kind of sad 😞
  8. Yes, like Nic6318 says you can bill to whoever's account you want. Just click on link to reserve and tell how many diners (hint: most steakhouses offer a promo on wine the first night of the cruise and the first formal night). They'll email back and confirm the number and time you request.
  9. When I'm on the ship I don't carry a bag of any sort with me, so carrying my own straw would be very inconvenient and I would have to return to the room to clean it and leave it there - oh no wait! I want another drink - back to the room I go. I understand the environmental impact of straws but there has to be a happy medium - get rid of the stupid stirrer straws and only offer straws where appropriate - you do not need a straw for a soda or tea, even most drinks BUT you for sure need a straw with a frozen drink! I personally don't like sticking my nose in my frozen drink or having it all slide onto my face while trying to get some!
  10. When you log in to your trip, you should see a tab at the top that says 'Booking & Order details". This will show anything that you have already paid for, as well as offer links to prepay your gratuities. As for the specialty restaurants, they are charged to your seapass the night you visit (I know there is talk of that changing, but as of two nights I booked last week for our 1/25/20 trip on Breeze they are not prepaid).
  11. Check with your TA - a lot of the time their final pay dateis earlier than the cruise lines, so you may still be okay. Don't waste any time!
  12. Several years ago, we were calling an Antigua and had an excursion scheduled for an off-road type trip for a group of 8. Something I ate at breakfast did not sit well with me, and I decided not to go because of possible continued 'issues'. Later that morning (well after the trip had left with the remainder of my group) I went to the excursion desk and explained the situation and they actually refunded my excursion amount. I was very happy, but would have been understanding if they'd said no.
  13. This - if you are going to go for the extra points, make sure you have the right person in the solo cabin. Sometimes one spouse will have more points than the other so make sure to maximze the solo points!
  14. On our upcoming trip we were offered an upsell from a cove balcony to an 8G on deck 11 for $27 per person, which we took :).
  15. No, multi person drinks are not part of the Cheers program.
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