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  1. Is there any news helicopter coverage of the Coral's arrival in Miami, like there was of the Zaandam's and Rotterdam's arrival yesterday in Port Everglades?
  2. I also remember reading of situations like that in the Grand Princess. Although I think they were situations where one person was hospitalized. Still, not letting the other partner at least stay in the same city or area is cruel. I hope that is not repeated in the current situation. Edit: forgot to quote bluesea321's post 2 above this.
  3. I have another concern about the debarkation plan. Take the situation of 2 family members travelling together. One fails the Fit to Travel test, meaning he/she must stay on board until well. The other passes the test and is ok to debark. I certainly hope the powers-that-be won't force the well passenger to debark, leaving the loved one alone in an already-stressful situation. Someone please tell me they would never do this.
  4. I, for one, appreciate your cut and paste very much. Thank you.
  5. The Port Everglades shipping schedule currently shows the Coral arriving at Pier 2 on Sunday, April 5 at 6:30am. https://pevvesseltraffic.broward.org/webx/
  6. The above quote is from the Carnival plan for Florida residents. Does this preclude the option of these passengers being picked up at the Terminal by family, who will drive them home? I guess the authorities want to retain as much control as possible over the pax until they get home. I'm guessing the "vehicles contracted by the Company" will be taxis/Ubers/Lyfts?
  7. There's one more ambulance on the pier. Edit: and away it goes. So, are all the seriously ill pax off?
  8. we've been seeing a lot of folks walking off the ship, down the passenger gangway and into the terminal. Very positive sign.
  9. Not likely. More likely, they're port workers coming to work or going home.
  10. You guys may be right. Now that the sun has moved a bit through the sky, some of the "flashing" has diminished, or even stopped. My resistance to the idea of the flashing being the sun's reflection was based on not being able to think of how they could look like they're flashing. Could it be down to refraction of the light through the heat waves between the vehicles and the camera?
  11. I've never seen the sun's reflection off a vehicle appear to be flashing back and forth. Look at the live feed and you'll see these are clearly flashing lights.
  12. Interesting shot of the preparations. Unfortunately, this view will be blocked by the ship once it's docked.
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