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  1. That's weird. We did the opposite and it was fine. I boarded at our allowed time with the kids and hubby boarded 2 hours later despite us all having the same check in time and my daughter being in hubby's cabin. No problems at all I just said yes my husband will be checking in later.
  2. Just got home from my Ovation cruise. We were always sat with just the 4 of us. Never asked even if we wanted to sit with others. Most of the time tables were spaced out from others.
  3. Usually the fruit is three thin slices of melon. Maybe its listed as melon plate or something like that on the menu.
  4. Thank you everyone for the info. We will investigate all the city center drop offs. And definitely consider the drop off the night before.
  5. I cruise because it is an easy to plan vacation. No picking out various hotels, rental cars, etc. Also, I like the ease of trying out various locales without having to lug around luggage to and from car/hotel. Added bonus is that I love the entertainment in the evenings and that my husband and I can have different schedules so easily. I get up early and eat in the windjammer. Then read until he wakes up. Then I join him for breakfast in the dining room but don't order more that a piece of fruit. I go to shows while he goes whiskey tasting. We don't have to compromise for a change.
  6. My family of 4 will be arriving in Seattle several days before our cruise departs. We are renting a car so that we can visit friends around the Puget Sound area. We are staying in a Hotel near the Space Needle. Our current plan for cruise departure day is for DH to drop myself, kids, and luggage at the Cruise Port 91 and then drive to SeaTac to return the rental car. Then take some kind of shuttle/uber back to the cruise port. Is there some kind of easier way? This way means kids and I are just loitering around with our luggage waiting for his return for an hour or two. I have thought about changing just his boarding time, but my daughter is officially in his room and I am not sure if they would let her board with me (not the adult in her room).
  7. When I went on a cruise as a young person. I was happy enough just playing trivia, shuffleboard, ping pong, and watching movies in the theater. I guess I was easy to please and just happy to be on vacation. I didn't really do many shore excursions either because I was too poor to afford them. I just had fun walking around port wherever we were. My husband and I shared an ocean view cabin with my sister and her husband. We were packed in, barely able to move at all, but we all have fond memories of the trip.
  8. I just wanted to share what an great experience I had today when I called the Crown and Anchor Society for questions about my family's member numbers. Firstly I got through to an actual person almost immediately. The person easily understood my question and helped me get my entire family signed up to the program and credited for their previous cruise taken 5 or so years ago. All done very quickly and efficiently. Such a positive experience I had to share. So if you need help, a phone call actually is an efficient way to get the help you need.
  9. So if you know ahead of time you are over the weight limit is there a way to indicate that. Seems like that would be helpful to tour operators. Tall DH with dad bod. Too bad we can't weigh as a family as my slender teens are far under the weight.😃
  10. Clowns are discerning customers too. Don't put down clowns, some of us are sad enough already. I can't speak for cheerleaders. 🤡
  11. Agreed. It is a collared button down shirt which is clearly acceptable. Lumberjacks are handsome and snuggly why turn them away?😄
  12. I am excited to learn that people in the same cabin can have two different drink packages. I was wondering if I get the premium non-alcoholic drink package and then order and alcoholic drink if I would just pay the difference between a set price or would have to pay for the entire drink? Mostly I like smoothies but might have 1 or 2 cocktails during the duration of the cruise.
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