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  1. Fuzzyape

    Breakfast in a dining room

    Well stated reedprincess. Always check the patter, and if that doesn't have the info you are looking for, check with the purser's desk. Especially in the beginning. That way you can get an issue corrected. Hope you enjoy your trip! Counting down the days.
  2. Fuzzyape

    Is Princess turning off their customer base?

    You are correct, Anubi! I find it amazing as the ships get bigger that the focus becomes the ship...not its itinerary. There were a lot of posts that I found interesting. In my opinion, you have to find a ship that has the amenities you want. To me that's why each of the lines have what they have to appeal to the market they want. Though I know the market shifts, as do the passengers. I guess I'll just have to keep my eyes out for the line that suits me best. I'll let you know when it isn't Princess. By the way, full disclosure, my first cruise was when I was in my mid to late 30s. Take that information in whatever way you need.
  3. Fuzzyape

    Whale watching excursions

    If you're looking for whale watching in the Caribbean, I recommend Dominica. DW and saw more whales during our excursion there than we did in Hawaii or Alaska. I realize that luck can play a big role (as the captain of the boat mentioned they were out the previous day and didn't see a one). We saw many pods, and 400 and some odd pictures later DW had a huge smile! Good luck to the OP on whatever trip you are taking and may you see many whales. Counting down the days.
  4. Fuzzyape

    Tours on Christmas Day and New Years Day

    I hadn't thought of the possibility that many things will be closed on Christmas. Makes sense. Might mean two less stops to plan for, TwoCruisers.
  5. Fuzzyape

    Casino rate

    I think if you use your cruise card in a slot machine (or maybe register with the casino at one of the windows) you've joined? But maybe others have more and better information.
  6. Fuzzyape

    Pacific Princess casino question

    Never a worry Spunkie. Good question I had assumed they worked that way already. It's been that way on our last several cruises as someone already pointed out. Thanks again for all the help! Counting down the days!
  7. Fuzzyape

    Coffee on Pacific Princess

    G&T check out the roll call for the cruise. I too am aboard the Pacific Princess in December. Hope to see you! Counting down the days!
  8. Fuzzyape

    EZ Air?

    I'm trying EZAir for the first time. One of the folks we are cruising with speak very highly of it, and have had good experiences with it. Our next cruise isn't until December so it will be awhile, but have enjoyed changing flights to cheaper ones when/if the flights get cheaper. Counting down the days.
  9. Fuzzyape

    WiFi calling with Verizon

    Thanks for the reminder to log out. Hopefully this will help the op. Might have to try it myself, though I agree with Thrak, I'd hate to lose connection in the middle of a call.
  10. Fuzzyape

    WiFi calling with Verizon

    I wondered about this also. Did some googling. I would definitely check this out, because it's over a year old information. Again VERIFY WHAT I'M SAYING, would hate to have you incur a large bill. Prior to going on the cruise download the google talk application for sending text messages and phone calls. You just go to wifi settings turn it on/ find princess name. Then under internet.princess.com Once connected, use the google talk app to make a phone call using the internet Hopefully there are some folks who can debunk my info or verify it, or share their experience. By the way, iPhone or Android, that might change the information on how you go about this. Counting down the days.
  11. Fuzzyape

    first time princess cruise

    That reminds me of another tip. It will depend on how you feel about it. DW and I try to take the stairs anytime we go to dinner or anywhere else. I realize this isn't an option for everyone. It might keep that size increase down :) Counting down the days!
  12. Fuzzyape

    first time princess cruise

    Davidoneman, hope you enjoy your cruise! One thing you may want to check is the roll call section. Further down on the boards page are the roll calls, click Princess, then find Sapphire Princess, then find the cruise you are on. You can chat with others on the roll call. Sometimes they do a meet and greet or plan other things for the people who are on the board. It's a nice way to get to know some of the folks. If they do a meet and greet, I'd suggest going. It gives you a chance to meet the other people you chat with on the boards. I do have to put my vote in for you to leave the auto tip on, but that's up to you. My only other suggestion is to enjoy the experience, enjoy your ports of call, and try different foods. If you don't like something you can always get something to replace it. Not sure if you're doing traditional dining or anytime dining. I'm excited for you on your first cruise, I do agree you may become hooked! Counting down the days!
  13. Fuzzyape

    Draught beer

    While it's been awhile, I seem to remember Stella available at one of the bars on the pool deck. Of course I've lost track of time, it may depend on your ship as well.
  14. Fuzzyape

    Question about Casino on Alaskan Cruises

    If you can blue cow dog, try a land tour and cruise. When we did ours (other line because others planned it and we sort of tagged along) absolutely loved it. We did the land part first so we could relax during the cruise. Whatever you decide to do you will enjoy it!
  15. Thanks for sharing this information. I find it fascinating. While I don't think I'll ever be invited (just trying to reach elite and it's going to take several more cruises), it's fun to read of other's experience. Thanks. Counting down the days!