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  1. Thanks for the info. Will have to run numbers and see if it makes it better than current package we have our next cruise booked for. Thanks for the info.
  2. We haven't done what you're looking into. But let me say congratulations on the 20th anniversary! Enjoy the cruise and the renewal of vows. Congrats! Counting down the days!
  3. I only have this to say (Jim's answer is more important for your question).....LUCKY ! Hope you enjoy your cruise no matter what you decide 🙂 Counting down the days!
  4. Nice. Makes me wish I'd done the same for my first cruise back in 02 aboard the Dawn.
  5. I agree, riffatsea, but I can see the advantage of not having to carry the money, and having it waiting for you at the ship, if you want to set a hard budget of the amount you gamble. Counting down the days.
  6. One of the things DW and I did when we booked our Xmas cruise (about 18 months ahead) was on the day the sailing left on 2017 watched it depart on the webcam, toasted to our cruise next year, using our favorite beverage. It was fun and a reminder that it was fast approaching. Best wishes, hope everything works. The weather will be great! The adventure fun, and the trip fantastic! Counting down the days!
  7. DW and I also booked Panama in Jan 2021. I do like watching for price drops. But I also like to book early as it we have a better chance to get the cabin we want :). MaiTai, hope you find a journey you like!
  8. I don't think DW and I have done any Mega ships, we've done big ones, and most recently a small ship. We like them both. There may be more amenities on the larger ship (which I'm sure you're aware of). We generally look at the itinerary, the ship is a second thought. Yes I know that isn't the case for everyone. I wish you luck and hope you and your spouse enjoy your cruise. Counting down the days.
  9. Fuzzyape


    Nice Hokie....I guess it all depends where you want to go. DW and I are booked on our full transit through new Panama Canal aboard Emerald in 2021 (it's been about a month or so since we booked). I hope the OP finds what they are looking for.
  10. I hadn't even thought of this. DW and I take our first medallion cruise in Jan 2021. We have used our phones for the patter activities (something I like), but I also like the paper version, which I've started saving and bringing home. Thanks for the topic, and the answers! Counting down the days.
  11. I've never used the atm. I've heard (and this is where I'm probably wrong), that they can be empty pretty quick, and there's not much opportunity to refill them. But again, it's only what I've heard, no first hand experience. Nice list JimmyVWine!
  12. It's never bothered me. As it's always been this way (I think) on the cruises I've taken. But, I do understand your point. I think you can remove them. I have often wondered if you do remove them, does the room steward replace them? Counting down the days!
  13. A couple of things. Normally for DW and I the beverage package isn't worth it. I can't drink that many beers every day to pay for the package. I've purchased cans of diet coke at the bars in the past (I prefer the can over the gun). The only reason we have the package on this cruise is because of the sip and sail sale. Otherwise, we would just pay for it. But lots of good information! Counting down the days!
  14. Thanks for the input. Of course with more than a year, I'll have to keep an eye out for any changes :).
  15. Jan 24th is the one we'll be on...B2B on a 15 day color me envious!
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