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  1. Love it. Yes, one's hiney can get beyond itchy at the bother of it all. For my part, recently I accepted (in my seventh decade, right?) that I am a process person. Relevance here ... If you're on our particular TA this autumn, you may see me at a Lido table grinding three measures of fresh beans into a pourover cone, with steam wafting from my special kettle waiting its turn. So, come over and say Hi and be welcome to bring your cup/mug and try it yourself.
  2. First of all, I appreciate these comments, all. Now related to ski ww's frustration: while I haven't watched coffee prep in either place, I suspect that there's a higher "fussy quotient" in the MDR food culture, than in the Lido. Assuming of course that neither place uses stale Folgers brand, there's a lot to be said for servicing one's brewing equipment regularly, checking temperatures, swabbing out accumulated residues. All of which must be tough to accomplish when literally hundreds of newly-verticle guests descend on your tables wanting their morning cuppa NOW.
  3. I am howling inside, yes, YES! I'm convinced that coffee is an acquired taste, and that there are three sorts of folks who react. Either you are repulsed by the taste (like me with Okra) -- or maybe there are religious strictures implanted; or you endure the stuff for its stimulant benefit, whatever it may happen to taste like; or at some point you began to enjoy java because somebody cared to use freshly roasted beans, newly ground, prepared in clean apparatus with care and, yes, even affection. That would be me, among this latter bunch. But without any sort of pretentious palate. Would never refer to the liquid in my cup as buttery or piney or with hints of banana and overtones of yellow curry (?) for instance.
  4. Thanks for thoughts here. Yes indeed, the MDR brew is excellent, as I recall as well. The item I mentioned would have been in bags displayed in the Explorations Cafe (library region), I should imagine. Interesting.
  5. Has anyone tried Holland America's Rotterdam 1873 coffee beans? Either onboard in a specifically identified cup or at home using onboard-purchased beans? If so, please share your impressions. Probably it was good; but was it worth the investment, did you think?
  6. For reasons of budget we generally fly economy. But then one year, anticipating a long return from Paris, we were happy to have accumulated bunches of air miles -- and so we booked Business Class on Air France. It was upstairs in one of their 380s, whoa. Thinking we'd get plenty of rest; their powered seats were said to just accommodate a 6'5" fella (which is me), and what downside could there possibly be in that? Well, there was zero downside. It. Was. Wonderful. Beautiful Gallic attendants presenting the luxury: the food, the linens, the aperitif offered, the fresh pillows and blankets, the music ... I could go on. Yet for the sake of sleep, all that amazingly exquisite, premium stuff WAS the downside. There was no way I was going to close my eyes and miss a minute of it. At last there we were on the tarmac at SFO, wide awake but ecstatic at the pleasure of the just-completed sojourn nonstop from CDG. And completely fatigued. And of course we would do it again. Your results may vary.
  7. Two thoughts (which may have covered in the previous pages, but here goes just in case). One, your travel agent should be able to mix/match flights any way you like, and likely for less than you'd be able to do yourself online. Second, check out British Airways economy plus. More legroom, and if you reserve early enough for good seat choice, you can easily find two-abreast up in that part of the plane. No, it isn't Business class, but it is luxurious by comparison with regular Economy class. And you can probably go both directions this mode, for about the same price as one-way Business Class. Have fun, regardless! Sent from my SM-G965U using Forums mobile app
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