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  1. Bizmark'sMom

    Senior singles cruise for my dad

    Is he looking for a singles cruise - where most people are looking to hook up - or for a cruise he'll be comfortable on as a solo? I've cruised solo on Princess, Celebrity, NCL, Windstar, and Lindblad. They have all been fantastic trips.
  2. Bizmark'sMom

    How light can you pack?

    The primary reason I pack lightly and do laundry along the way is that I travel independently before and after the cruise. And that I am usually doing this solo. Everything I pack, I have to carry onto and off of trains, trams, buses... Plus potentially having to carry it up and down stairs if the elevators in the train station aren't working, or I am staying in an apartment instead of a hotel. Laundry costs and extra checked baggage fees don't enter into my thinking at all. It isn't a competition. And it isn't being cheap. I've adapted my packing style to accommodate the way I normally travel. My first time traveling via train with a 40# suitcase was my last. Hauling that thing around was both miserable and painful. It was a spinner - and those are miserable on anything other than the smoothest surfaces. I'll deal with limited clothing choices and frequent laundry in order to avoid that.
  3. Bizmark'sMom

    non-slip shoes

    I second the Merrel brand. I recently returned from a Danube river cruise in the snow and rain. My Merrel mules and hiking shoes were very secure on the slippery cobblestones.
  4. Bizmark'sMom

    So, was the 2018 Rhine / Danube cruise season successful?

    I was lucky enough to be able to sail all of the way from Vienna to Nuremberg. So, my trip was an absolute success. Plan B - making my way from Vienna to Nuremberg via train - would also have allowed me to see and experience the towns along the way. But it would have been a very different experience.
  5. Bizmark'sMom

    Favorite Cruise Ports

    In the Carribean; I absolutely love Bonaire. The snorkeling is truly world class. Barbados. I spent a happy 5 days on the island, and could easily have stayed longer. In the world; Illulisat is really hard to beat for sheer beauty. I fully intend to return for a longer stay at some point. Amsterdam -- I just love the city. Come via ship, stay for at least a few days. The Rijksmuseum takes an entire day all by itself. Via river cruise; Czesky Krumlov. A 1.5 hour drive from the Danube, but oh, so worth it! The city is straight out of a story book. This is another place I need to go back and spend significant time in.
  6. Bizmark'sMom

    Do you regret

    I make notes to myself about places to return to for a more thorough visit. Any cruise will give you the briefest taste of an area. Sometimes, that brief visit is enough. Other times, I find myself interested enough to plan a later land trip so that I can explore more fully. There's never regret. Cruising has taken me to some ports that would never have been on my radar otherwise.
  7. Bizmark'sMom

    Viking offer city tour on debarkation and transfer?

    Viking did not offer this last year. They allow you to hang out in the lounge until it's time to head for the airport. Amsterdam is a very walkable city. If this were my trip, I'd head out for my own stroll and see the sites I was interested in.
  8. Darn it! I was hoping the precipitation would keep coming so the other cruises could go forward.
  9. Bizmark'sMom

    Flying in 24 hours before cruise!!

    How do you cope? You stay flexible and roll with the punches. If my cruise port was in Euurope, I would be looking at train schedules. If my cruise was embarking out of reasonable train range, I would be making Plan B - stuff to do if the cruise is just not going to happen. In my case, I have the time off of work and a house sitter arranged. I'm going on some sort of a vacation.
  10. I've traveled with Viking and with Ama. Ama has better food, IMO. And after the bottomless wine glass at dinner, I had no need to purchase any other alcoholic beverages. Viking, similarly, keeps the wine coming. Dinner takes 90 minutes or so, and any evening entertainment happens after dinner is finished. You also have the option of eating in town, depending on when your ship departs. Your cabin is only private if you keep the curtains closed. Even if you aren't tied up next to another ship, you are cruising through towns and people can see into your window. Nobody really dresses for dinner, in my experience. My river cruises have been in fall and winter, though, when dressing up means finding a clean sweater. Warm weather might bring a dressier crowd.
  11. Bizmark'sMom

    shoes for South America cruise

    I did do some hikes and wandering around on the Valdez Peninsula. Hiking shoes were adequate, and were also my warm shoes when walking around Ushuaia. Other than that, I took leather walking sandals, and one pair of black mary jane wedges. The three pairs completely covered my needs.
  12. Bizmark'sMom

    Cruising without a passport? Read this first.

    Not just annoying, this font is very difficult to read. Even on my laptop. It's impossible to read on my tablet or phone.
  13. Bizmark'sMom

    things stolen - what would you do?

    This is exactly my thought. My assumption would be that somebody disembarked and accidentally left their coats behind.
  14. I tried and tried to log on when in Europe, but was unsuccessful. Our cruise on Ama went without a hitch. We boarded on Dec. 7, and sailed all the way to Nuremberg. The highlights of the trip were Czesky Krumlov and the Thurn and Taxis Market in Regensburg. The weather alternated between rain and snow for us. It didn't stop anything, we just bundled up and grabbed our umbrellas. For everyone still embarking the ships, have a fantastic time!
  15. I am currently in Vienna, and have just been informed by Ama that will be sailing original Vienna to Nuremberg itinerary.