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  1. I really like this; https://www.trustthebum.com/collections/baby-bum/products/baby-bum-spf-50-mineral-sunscreen-lotion-fragrance-free-3-oz Make sure to read the ingredients - not all of Sun Bum's products are reef safe. I have sensitive skin, and this stuff wins the prize for not breaking me out AND smoothing on nicely.
  2. Seriously? I can find better food any day of the week in Boise than I've had on the mass market cruise lines. If I were traveling for food, I'd book a ticket to Barcelona, or Rome.
  3. If you have some time after your tour, find your way to Le Relaise Josephine. It's a bar with an absolutely fantastic deck overlooking Tiputa Pass. The local wine (grown on Rangiroa) is really good. (The photo is Bob, my travel buddy, with a glass of local wine on Josephine's deck.)
  4. The buffet is perfect for days when I just want to eat and get on with other stuff. I don't always want to dine. The buffet fills my needs perfectly when I just want to grab a meal.
  5. Same here. But I just cannot get used to wearing shoes all of the time. It's an awful cycle.
  6. I'm a Duluth Trading Post Dry on the Fly pants fan. The things are excellent! I do shop at Costco - best price out there for decent dog food - but their clothes just don't fit quite right. I'll buy pajamas there, because I don't care what they look like, and multi-packs of basic gloves and stocking hats to stow around. Otherwise, Costco is just my stop for pet food, cleaning supplies, and Cetaphil lotion (the kind in the tub).
  7. I used these in Tahiti for hiking, wandering around towns, and walking on broken coral to drift snorkel. They are not the most attractive things ever, but they sure do a great job. They have a good arch support, a good tread, and are very secure. With the straps, they are also really adjustable for swollen feet, or just really hot and tired feet. I'm really happy with them. https://www.zappos.com/p/chaco-odyssey-sandal-wax-iron/product/9161834/color/792561
  8. I am barefoot as often as possible. Inside, outside, walking the dogs along the canal bank... This isn't always smart - I develop plantar fasciitis and break toes and step on pokey things - but I really prefer barefeet. Anywhere and everywhere.
  9. Up until recently, my vacations involved road trips. Sleeping in a tent along the way and finding a cheap hotel at my destination. It's what I could afford. Now I own a small travel trailer and can fly and cruise, but that sure wasn't reality the first 43 years of my life.
  10. I get this all of the time. Yes, I could afford a much nicer house. I'm happy with my paid-for 1990s modular in a good location. Yes, I could afford a much nicer car. I'm happy with my older Subaru that still runs with no issues. I do not carry credit card debt because I have robust "home repairs" and "veterinarian" savings accounts. I'd like to retire fairly soon, and my big passion is travel, so I live way below my means and sock money away. It's all about choices.
  11. ??? Water runs out of the tap for free. And I have never been charged for coffee. Perhaps she's one of the delicate souls for whom regular brewed coffee is inadequate? And for whom water must come in disposable plastic bottles?
  12. I have dealt with boorish travel companions by looking them in the face and saying "can we please change the subject?" Or "we need to change the subject." Yes, it's pointed. But it works. If I have to do this, it means I won't travel with them again.
  13. Those look great! I wore similar sandals in the evening on my recent cruise in French Polynesia. They were perfect.
  14. Yep! J. Jill Wearever pants are my wardrobe go-to.
  15. If I am packing sneakers, I wear them onto the plane. They don't get packed.
  16. Washing with soap doesn't kill viruses, but it does rinse them down the drain with all of the other stuff that had been on your hands.
  17. Rent a car, and pray for no traffic issues. It's a 2 hour drive if traffic is humming along.
  18. I use whatever restroom is convenient, and wash my hands well.
  19. I recently returned from Tahiti, and lived in my sandals. Even when hiking. My Chacos did really well.
  20. Credit cards, money, and sea pass are in a baggie stuffed into my swim suit. My waterproof camera is strapped to my wrist. The only things left on shore are hat, sun screen, cover up, and sandals - nothing anybody is interested in stealing.
  21. People disembark in Le Havre frequently instead of continuing to Southhampton and taking the train back to Paris. Disembarking a day early in Riga instead of continuing on to Hamburg only to fly back is likely the same scenario. Just let the cruise line know ahead of time, it should be no big deal.
  22. Have the best time! Drift as many times as you can get them to, it is so beautiful.
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