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  1. Thanks guys. Have a great trip
  2. Hi there, Does anyone know when the Silhouette is being included on the app? Thought it would have been on it by now seeing as it's back in service this Friday. Much appreciate any replies
  3. First time on the Equinox,, just boarded today. I know it's an older ship than some of the others but the air con seems to be lame. It's like a steam bath on board. Got the switch down full (master switch on), just getting a little tepid air. Anyone else experienced this??
  4. Thank you guys. I kind of hoped the TA grats gift worked the same way as the TA OBC, seems to be the case. We'll bring the booking confirmation with us, good advice.
  5. Hi there, wondering can anyone shed some light. We are booked on the Equinox in July and received our edoc online. I noticed our additional free grats perk provided by our TA (online booking) isn't showing on the document. I contacted Celebrity and they suggested this was nothing unusual as the perk is being provided by the TA. We've only ever received OBC from a TA before (and know it shows up later) but never Free Grats. I know I should contact the TA to confirm but just wanted to ask has this happened anyone else? Thanks in advance
  6. Just had our CC status upgraded to Elite (yay!) and wanted to check..... is the Persian garden on port days still a perk? Think I read somewhere it had disappeared on the Edge but is it gone fleet wide? Thanks in adavance
  7. The 'once per cruise' brunch always seemed a better idea (and less wasteful) than the MB. Shame they did away with that. X has pared it back to an 'extravaganza' lunch in Oceanview. I recall its on the second last day (if they're still doing it of course).... cutbacks as usual
  8. How about staying in one of the upmarket hotels in Miami airport? They're very reasonably priced and it's hassle free getting off the flight. Uber up to FL the next morning. Stay in the Las Olas area post cruise, Riverside hotel is nice
  9. At $150 pp, I'd do it. Bigger cabin (unlike solstice) Concierge lunch Extra CC points I also requested Select Dining times through the concierge, any time we did this, we walked straight in
  10. I'm with wwcruisers on this one. We got off the Reflection in April last year and did the Miami bus tour with drop off at Miami airport. The tour itself we found pretty ok (its a double decker tour with a couple of stops) but the end of tour was beyond a shambles, would go so far as saying stressful. Our flight was at 4.30pm (or a little after), the Shorex brochure said not to book the tour if your flight left earlier (I recall 3pm?). The pick up of luggage was as ww said, we had to line up like sheep and let the guys find our bags out of a truck. It was a scrum at the end and chaotic. It was 2.30 by the time they retrieved our bags and considering our flight time (and still 50 people behind us trying to locate their luggage) we decided to hail a cab (we were lucky). We never contacted X about it, really should have. OP, you probably need to be at the airport by 2.30 or so, my recommendation is don't do shorex unless you've used the luggage valet
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