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  1. Good coffee solutions! DH’s idea of a vacation is coffee in bed. The coffee on HAL delivered to the room when we were on in 2017 was AWFUL! We took our own Keurig and had it confiscated last cruise. Does anyone have suggestions for good coffee besides wandering down to the specialty coffee place? Can you get good coffee delivered to your room for extra money?
  2. We cruise seldom but on both Princess and HAL, but as a favor to the other cruisers; why bring a 12 year old to the adult pool? I am sure she is a doll, but some old folks (like us) occasionally would rather not be around children. We have grandkids and love them to death, but when someplace says no kids; we don’t take them. It is just a courtesy. For some reason, we always felt compelled to give a little extra on some ships and not on others. It is not by line; sometimes on Princess and sometimes on HAL. I don’t feel we should ever need to tip extra. They seem to cover it with the room tips. Enjoy your cruise; it is hard not to!
  3. I was going to suggest UBER also. That is who we used. They took us to the grocery store for some supplies, to the liquor store for wine, and to dinner. We didn’t need a ride to the port, the hotel provided that. So much easier than messing with a car, and probably cheaper.
  4. I have boarded in Vancouver and we had no problem at all. We were on board in time for lunch, and our grandkids had time to investigate the ship before the muster. As for dining in the MDR on gala night, not "galad-up." I just wonder why? It is fun to dress up and see all the elegance. If it isn't your thing, the buffet is always good. Why do people want to push the envelope. When we don't bring our finery, we dine upstairs under the stars.
  5. ljgordon54

    Naples (Pompeii/Herculaneum): Just Got Back

    WOW, Just thanks so much for this and your blog post. So much good information.
  6. ljgordon54

    Just returned - Bergen - Kirkenes - Bergen

    Wow, such good information. You have given me lots to think about. I am so glad I found this thread. I will share this with my husband and be back if/when we have question.
  7. ljgordon54

    Just returned - Bergen - Kirkenes - Bergen

    Thank you both so much for the input. I can do either early October or March 2019 (though I would hate to wait that long!) Would we see NL in early October or is the best bet for that March? That is our quest and bucket list--to see NL.
  8. ljgordon54

    Just returned - Bergen - Kirkenes - Bergen

    We are planning a 12 day round trip next year in Oct-Mar time period. This conversation has been great. I really want to go in November, 2018. Any reports of that time? NL are a MUST! Good weather would be nice, and some fall color.
  9. ljgordon54

    Tour? Santo tomas, guatemala

    WOW! Thanks so much for such a thorough review. I am looking at this port and your helped a lot!
  10. ljgordon54


    Thanks for the ask/answer. I had the same question. See you on board! Janet
  11. We are on the Neiw Amsterdam, and thanks!
  12. Is there a game room or card room? We are going with a couple who loves bridge and card games.
  13. ljgordon54

    Princess Scuba Operator in Cabo?

    Also looking at Manta Divers. The advantage with them is they offer a 3-tank dive, close by. The Dive Cabo only has a 1-tank dive and it leaves about noon.
  14. ljgordon54

    Princess Scuba Operator in Cabo?

    Thank you so much! I will go ahead and book with them. I feel more confident when I hear from a "friend" with similar likes! Janet
  15. ljgordon54

    Princess Scuba Operator in Cabo?

    I have been in touch with Dive Cabo, since we can't dive with the Princess Cruise (my husband is over 65.) They have a 1 tank dive available that should meet our timeline. I would love to hear anyone's opinion of them or who to use. We are sailing Dec. 20. Janet