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  1. Royal's IT staff has just outdid themselves. I did  a check-in for our upcoming Symphony cruise in May. I used the drop-down menu for state and guess what, New Jersey was missing, along with all states starting with "New". I guess geography is not their strong suite either. So I used Nevada just to complete the process. There's no cross checking between zip and state so I got through.

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  2. On 3/30/2024 at 10:39 PM, DragonOfTheSeas said:

    During dinner tonight, one of the crew-members dressed up and walked through the various dining rooms, entertaining the kids while they were waiting in line and at the tables.


    it appeared when he was walking that the alien was carrying him, and then he had a baby doll in his arms that moved its arms and head. It was really something. Ha ha ha.  As if the “my time dining” lines weren’t crazy enough already.😜


    he was happy for me to take his picture



    I've seen him outside the WJ greeting breakfast passengers three different cruises this year. Always friendly and happy.

  3. 6 hours ago, Beer Belly said:

    Looking forward to your semi-live review, will be boarding April 15. Interested in if it is possible to park in parking garage.

    Yes in the fall/winter when there's only one ship in Cape Liberty. In the spring/summer where multiple ships are sailing from there, it is usually just for handicap parking. April 15 should be fine.

  4. 1 hour ago, DragonOfTheSeas said:

    This is the actual itinerary. 😊






    We have been to each of these ports, so we know what to expect.


    At Port Canaveral we have booked the Ron Jon shuttle.  This takes us to Cocoa Beach. I was able to book this on Black Friday for ~$15/pp.  Even with 3 people it is not that much more than RT Uber.  YMMV




    This is a picture of Shepard Park.  the bus drops off a parking lot just across the street from the park--which is really just a small square with a nice bath house.  The small gray tent at the beach entrance is where you rent chairs/umbrellas.  There is a restaurant beside the park and a 7-Eleven beside the bus parking.  We have found this to be a very convenient location and not much parking.  


    At Cocoa Cay we have day passes to Hideaway Beach.  I originally bought the for $75 each on the day the opened.  However, the priced dropped twice since then and we got them for ~$29. That seemed like a good price for an adults only area with a heated pool. Woo Hoo!


    perfect-day-map-marketing-reveal.pdf 1.82 MB · 2 downloads


    I will likely just get off and walk around the new port area in Nassau.  It is not one of my favorite port.  However, I want to see the improvements.





    About a block from the 7-11 in Cocoa Beach is a store called The Lime Shop (or something like that). Great selection inside. You got to try their ice, key lime pie is fantastic.

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  5. 2 hours ago, elizabethbp said:

    There were issues getting off for the ports using the walker.  It was very  disorganized, and  I know people in wheel chairs and some  with strollers were having  issues as well.   Most of the staff actually were very nice but the system to get off was not.   Getting back on using a walker also took time. I had been on the Oasis in August and after having issues, and discussing with Guest Services,  the staff then was wonderful when getting off and on the ship.  Not so on the Anthem.  


       I also found some other cruisers pretty rude because of my using a walker,  but that is not the fault of RCCL.   I  do. not use the  walker all the time but it has amazed me how horribly people who are handicapped can be treated.

    Don't try to get off the ship as soon as it docks, but wait a hour and there's less crowds. The same holds true on return. Sorry to say but you need a NJ/NY attitude to deal with rude people. Don't put up with them.

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  6. 40 minutes ago, elizabethbp said:

    I was on the  Anthem for the last Thanksgiving cruise and I  use a walker.  I suggest you make sure Guest  Services knows about any disability if you did not already let them know.


     I did not find the ship particularly handicap friendly.  


      There is a special tram for handicapped on CocoCay- thought you may know about it already from all your cruises.   


         I really liked the   Anthem.   I am sure you will too.





    We found it quite the opposite. My wife is a stroke survivor. I get her into our room in her wheelchair, and there is a scooter that we rented waiting for her. The whole staff is very accommodating. There's accessible seating for all the shows and designated tables in the WJ. And we always have a table right by the doors in the main dining room. What were your issues?

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