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  1. I was on the cruise as well and had mixed feelings as well. My wife uses a scooter and we had a full accessible room. About an hour after we boarded, I got a call asking if we really needed the accessible room, that someone else could use it. I said no, that my wife was a stroke survivor and it was essential we have it. I thought it was in poor taste that they even asked.


    The scooter we rented was broken. I asked to have it repaired and was flat out told that they do have to do repairs. I had to call special needs at sea who then told customer service that it was the ship s responsibility.


    I didn't know that the entire casino was a smoking area. I went in there for ten minutes one day and the smoke was so thick my lungs bothered me for two days. You would think a ship so technically advanced could provide a smoke free area. I questioned the casino staff and they copped out saying it was a corporate decision.


    I asked the excursions department if they had any accessible tours and was told none were available. That was disappointing to say the least.


    I thought the entertainment staff did a great job.


    I don't want to come off as a complainer. I have over a hundred days at sea with Carnival and know issues when I see them.

  2. I take offense to the scooter comments as well. How many of you cut in front of people using a scooter because of your inpatience? And how many of you force the elevator door to close rather than hold it open for a handicapped person? And how many refuse to move a little so the scooter can fit in? All my wife asks for is common courtesy.

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